checkout: Don't rebase merge commits

Detect merge commits based on how many parents they have and don't
rebase them.

Tested with led:

Original build: http://go/bbid/8824406343025130689.

$ led get-build 8824406343025130689 | led edit-recipe-bundle | led launch

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Pigweed Recipes

This repository contains recipes for Pigweed.

A recipe is a Python script that runs a series of commands, using the recipe engine framework from the LUCI project. We use recipes to automatically check out, build, and test Pigweed and downstream projects using Pigweed in continuous integration jobs. The commands the recipes use are very similar to the ones you would use as a developer to check out, build, and test Pigweed in your local environment.

See go/pigweed-recipe-docs for complete documentation and a guide for getting started with writing recipes.

Getting the Code

The recommended way to get the source code is with git.

git clone

In most cases you will need a Chromium depot_tools checkout in your PATH as well.

git clone ~/depot_tools
echo 'export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/depot_tools"' >> ~/.bashrc

Running Tests

./ runs three different sets of tests:

  • Recipe expectation tests (./ test train)
  • Formatting (./black --diff --check .)
  • Dependencies (.recipe_deps/fuchsia/scripts/ --check)

The formatting check will tell you what‘s wrong but not fix it. For that you need to run ./black .. Similarly, the dependencies check will tell you what’s wrong but you'll need to edit the files to fix issues.

If not using ./ you'll need to run ./scripts/ before ./black is present.