Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).

This is an automated CL created by the recipe roller. This CL rolls
recipe changes from upstream projects (fuchsia) into this repository.

The build that created this CL was

  1ccd562 (
      Revert^3 "[checkout] Add integration update step after every ji...
  eb317e5 (
      [roll] Update pinned tools

Please check the following references for more information:
- autoroller,
- rollback,
- cross-repo dependencies,

Use to file a bug.

Recipe-Tryjob-Bypass-Reason: Autoroller
Ignore-Freeze: Autoroller
Bugdroid-Send-Email: False
Change-Id: I6e90f70c8a37cd4b1de6c4b6f8bf5a0d7776429d
Bot-Commit: Recipe Deps Roller <>
Commit-Queue: Recipe Deps Roller <>
diff --git a/infra/config/recipes.cfg b/infra/config/recipes.cfg
index 958559f..ead9159 100644
--- a/infra/config/recipes.cfg
+++ b/infra/config/recipes.cfg
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
   "deps": {
     "fuchsia": {
       "branch": "refs/heads/main",
-      "revision": "f8401e03b857e6055700cdb6480cd9defc67ec9d",
+      "revision": "eb317e5abeebc925a067332ef357ee0e390eafb9",
       "url": ""
     "recipe_engine": {