Experimental stuff not yet mature enough to add to the main Pigweed repository.

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  1. 0703c75 [roll third_party/pigweed] pw_rpc: Non-blocking unary RPC by pigweed-integration-roller · 2 hours ago main master
  2. 1b0a994 [roll third_party/pigweed] pw_software_update: fixup update backend API by pigweed-integration-roller · 3 hours ago
  3. a28b6e6 [roll third_party/pigweed] pw_software_update: Improve help strings by pigweed-integration-roller · 10 hours ago
  4. 5037130 [roll third_party/pigweed] pw_presubmit: Use log to write subprocess output by pigweed-integration-roller · 12 hours ago
  5. 5943b4b [roll third_party/pigweed] pw_software_update: Add finalize and manifest get/update for backend by pigweed-integration-roller · 12 hours ago

Pigweed Experimental

This repository contains experimental pigweed modules.

Repository setup

Clone this repo with --recursive to get all required submodules.

git clone --recursive https://pigweed.googlesource.com/pigweed/experimental

This will pull the Pigweed source repository into third_party/pigweed. If you already cloned but forgot to --recursive run git submodule update --init to pull all submodules.