##Building In order to build this target, the submodules in //third_party/stm32cubef7 need to be checked out and the following flag needs to be added to your gn args (gn args out)

pw_third_party_stm32cubef7_enabled = "yes"


Images can be flashed using the same scripts as the in-tree variant.

This command can be used to flash the blinky example:

openocd -s ${PW_PIGWEED_CIPD_INSTALL_DIR}/share/openocd/scripts -f ${PW_ROOT}/targets/stm32f769i_disc0/py/stm32f769i_disc0_utils/openocd_stm32f7xx.cfg -c "program out/stm32f769i_disc0_stm32cube_debug/obj/applications/blinky/bin/blinky.elf reset exit"