[roll third_party/pigweed] pw_cpu_exception_cortex_m: Expose LogExceptionAnalysis()

Exposes an internal part of the support backend to log the
exception analysis as an optional utility API.

The cpu_state.cc file is renamed to support.cc to reflect what
the facade/backend that the file is associated with.

The cpu_state.h is pulled out to a separate target to remove
unnecessary circular dependencies within the module.

In addition the last remaining TODOs for pwbug/296 are removed and
the Bazel build files are cleaned up a little bit.

Also updates the docs to include the configuration options.

Original-Bug: 296
Original-Reviewed-on: https://pigweed-review.googlesource.com/c/pigweed/pigweed/+/78860

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  6. pw_board_led_host/
  7. pw_board_led_stm32cube/
  8. pw_board_led_stm32f429i_disc1/
  9. pw_spin_delay/
  10. pw_spin_delay_arduino/
  11. pw_spin_delay_host/
  12. pw_spin_delay_stm32cube/
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Pigweed Experimental

This repository contains experimental pigweed modules.

Repository setup

Clone this repo with --recursive to get all required submodules.

git clone --recursive https://pigweed.googlesource.com/pigweed/experimental

This will pull the Pigweed source repository into third_party/pigweed. If you already cloned but forgot to --recursive run git submodule update --init to pull all submodules.