[roll third_party/pigweed] pw_rpc: ChannelOutput buffer handling fixes

- Ensure ChannelOutput buffers are always released when a call is
  * Release any held buffer when aborting a server call due to an error.
  * Permit calling AcquirePayloadBuffer() on an inactive call, but
    return an empty buffer if it is called while inactive. Previously,
    this was disallowed, but it may not be possible to prevent an
    accidental AcquirePayloadBuffer() on a closed call if it is closed
    by a different thread.
  * Release any held buffer when a client call goes out of scope or is
- Extend locking annotations to cover setting callbacks.
- Expose the function to end client streams as CloseClientStream().

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Pigweed Experimental

This repository contains experimental pigweed modules.

Repository setup

Clone this repo with --recursive to get all required submodules.

git clone --recursive https://pigweed.googlesource.com/pigweed/experimental

This will pull the Pigweed source repository into third_party/pigweed. If you already cloned but forgot to --recursive run git submodule update --init to pull all submodules.