Kudzu PCB Changelog



  • Length match QSPI flash traces.
  • Impedance control and length match USB traces.
  • Length match GBA Link traces.
  • Keep GBA Link and QSPI traces on top layer (directly above ground plane) as much as possible.



  • Added 2.2uF and 100nF decoupling to flash chip.
  • Changed both RP2040 and IO expander pinout to aid in routing.
  • Remove RESET_N test point
  • Confirmed battery connector pinout.
  • Change pinout of display backlight driver to aid in routing.
  • Select right angle LEDs for indicators.
  • Board routed.



  • Pruned unused parts from kudzu-parts.kicad_sym.
  • Updated all parts in kudzu-parts.kicad_sym to pass klc-check/check_symbol.py.
  • Switched to PI4IOE5V6416 IO expander which has programmable pull-up.
  • Removed pull-ups on BOARD_ID*, BUTTON_*, TOUCH_RESET, and DISP_RESET in favor of internal pull-ups in the IO expander.
  • Added pull-up to RESET_N.
  • Removed test points from QSPI_*.
  • Switched to QFN version of MCP73831.
  • Fixed missing pin number on MAX17048 QSTRT.
  • Removed pull-up on 3.3V regulator's EN pin and tied directly to VIN.
  • Added extra decoupling caps to rp2040's 3.3V and 1.1V lines per design guide.
  • Added note to add axis diagram to silk screen on board.
  • Miscellaneous visual cleanup.
  • Added FET on conduction path for system power.
  • Added circuit to charge at 250mA when system is on and 500mA when system is off.
  • Assigned all RP2040 IOs.
  • Created and switched to dedicated symbols for DPAD, A/B, and SELECT/START.
  • Switched display connector symbol for one with a mounting pin.
  • Set test point values to net names.
  • Selected LEDs and current limiting resistor values.
  • Added closed solder jumpers to GBA Link signals.
  • Changed solder jumper on GBA VCC pin to open.
  • Changed LCD decoupling to mach reference circuit.
  • Connected DISP_RD (J9 Pin 12) to +3V3.
  • Connected DB0-15 (J9 Pins 17-32) to GND.
  • Updated 12MHz Crystal (Y1) to correct symbol and foot print.