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  1. ea93eb5 pw_multibuf: Deduplicate const+non_const iterators by Taylor Cramer · 14 hours ago main master
  2. 731239b pw_multibuf: Clean up API by Taylor Cramer · 14 hours ago
  3. 6da9d6f pw_string: Support InlineBasicString<std::byte>; InlineByteString alias by Wyatt Hepler · 15 hours ago
  4. 65ff5c3 pw_bluetooth: Add hci_data.emb by Josh Conner · 15 hours ago
  5. 312412b pw_web: Capture browser logs in the log viewer by Luis Flores · 16 hours ago


Pigweed is an open source collection of embedded-targeted libraries–or as we like to call them, modules. These modules are building blocks and infrastructure that enable faster and more reliable development on small-footprint MMU-less 32-bit microcontrollers like the STMicroelectronics STM32L452 or the Nordic nRF52832.

For more information please see our website: