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.. _module-pw_console-internals:
Internal Design
Threads and Event Loops
In `ptpython`_ and `IPython`_ all user repl code is run in the foreground. This
allows interrupts like ``Ctrl-C`` and functions like ``print()`` and
``time.sleep()`` to work as expected. Pigweed's Console doesn't use this
approach as it would hide or freeze the `prompt_toolkit`_ user interface while
running repl code.
To get around this issue all user repl code is run in a dedicated thread with
stdout and stderr patched to capture output. This lets the user interface stay
responsive and new log messages to continue to be displayed.
Here's a diagram showing how ``pw_console`` threads and `asyncio`_ tasks are
.. mermaid::
flowchart LR
classDef eventLoop fill:#e3f2fd,stroke:#90caf9,stroke-width:1px;
classDef thread fill:#fffde7,stroke:#ffeb3b,stroke-width:1px;
classDef plugin fill:#fce4ec,stroke:#f06292,stroke-width:1px;
classDef builtinFeature fill:#e0f2f1,stroke:#4db6ac,stroke-width:1px;
%% Subgraphs are drawn in reverse order.
subgraph pluginThread [Plugin Thread 1]
subgraph pluginLoop [Plugin Event Loop 1]
toolbarFunc-->|"Refresh<br/>UI Tokens"| toolbarFunc
toolbarFunc[Toolbar Update Function]
class pluginLoop eventLoop;
class pluginThread thread;
subgraph pluginThread2 [Plugin Thread 2]
subgraph pluginLoop2 [Plugin Event Loop 2]
paneFunc-->|"Refresh<br/>UI Tokens"| paneFunc
paneFunc[Pane Update Function]
class pluginLoop2 eventLoop;
class pluginThread2 thread;
subgraph replThread [Repl Thread]
subgraph replLoop [Repl Event Loop]
Task1 -->|Finished| Task2 -->|Cancel with Ctrl-C| Task3
class replLoop eventLoop;
class replThread thread;
subgraph main [Main Thread]
subgraph mainLoop [User Interface Event Loop]
log[[Log Pane]]
repl[[Python Repl]]
pluginToolbar([User Toolbar Plugin])
pluginPane([User Pane Plugin])
class log,repl builtinFeature;
class pluginToolbar,pluginPane plugin;
class mainLoop eventLoop;
class main thread;
repl-.->|Run Code| replThread
pluginToolbar-.->|Register Plugin| pluginThread
pluginPane-.->|Register Plugin| pluginThread2
.. _IPython:
.. _prompt_toolkit:
.. _asyncio:
.. _ptpython: