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.. _chapter-pw-presubmit:
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The presubmit module provides Python tools for running presubmit checks and
checking and fixing code format. It also includes the presubmit check script for
the Pigweed repository, ````.
Python 3
pw_presubmit Python package
Presubmit tools
A presubmit check is defined as a function or other callable. The function may
take either no arguments or a list of the paths on which to run. Presubmit
checks communicate failure by raising any exception.
For example, either of these functions may be used as presubmit checks:
.. code-block:: python
def file_contains_ni(paths):
for path in paths:
with open(path) as file:
contents =
if 'ni' not in contents and 'nee' not in contents:
raise PresumitFailure('Files must say "ni"!', path=path)
def run_the_build():['make', 'release'], check=True)
Presubmit checks are provided to the ``parse_args_and_run_presubmit`` or
``run_presubmit`` function as a list. For example,
.. code-block:: python
PRESUBMIT_CHECKS = [file_contains_ni, run_the_build]
sys.exit(0 if parse_args_and_run_presubmit(PRESUBMIT_CHECKS) else 1)
Presubmit checks that accept a list of paths may use the ``filter_paths``
decorator to automatically filter the paths list for file types they care about.
.. autofunction:: pw_presubmit.run_presubmit
.. autofunction:: pw_presubmit.parse_args_and_run_presubmit
.. autodecorator:: pw_presubmit.filter_paths
.. autofunction::
.. autoexception:: pw_presubmit.PresubmitFailure
Presubmit checks
The pw_presubmit package includes presubmit checks that can be used with any
project. These checks include:
* Check code format of several languages including C, C++, and Python
* Initialize a Python environment
* Run all Python tests
* Run pylint
* Ensure source files are included in the GN and Bazel builds
* Build and run all tests with GN
* Build and run all tests with Bazel
* Ensure all header files contain ``#pragma once``
The ``format_code`` submodule formats supported source files using external code
format tools. The file ```` can be invoked directly from the
command line or from ``pw`` as ``pw format``.