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.. _chapter-pw-minimal-cpp-stdlib:
.. default-domain:: cpp
The ``pw_minimal_cpp_stdlib`` module provides an extremely limited
implementation of the C++ Standard Library. This module falls far, far short of
providing a complete C++ Standard Library and should only be used in dire
situations where you happen to be compiling with C++17 but don't have a C++
Standard Library available to you.
The C++ Standard Library headers (e.g. ``<cstdint>`` and ``<type_traits>``) are
defined in ``public/``. These files are symlinks to their implementations in
.. tip::
You can automatically recreate the symlinks in ``public/`` by executing the
following Bash code from ``pw_minimal_cpp_stdlib/public/``.
.. code-block:: bash
for f in $(ls internal/); do ln -s internal/$f ${f%.h}; done
- C++17
- gcc or clang
- The C Standard Library