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.. _module-pw_arduino_build:
The ``pw_arduino_build`` module contains both the `arduino_builder`_ command
line utility and an `Arduino Main Wrapper`_.
.. seealso::
See the :ref:`target-arduino` target documentation for a list of supported
Arduino Main Wrapper
```` implements the standard ``setup()`` and ``loop()``
functions [#f1]_ that are expected in Arduino sketches.
Pigweed executables rely on being able to define the ``main()`` function. This
is a problem for Arduino code as each core defines it's own ``main()``. To get
around this the Pigweed Arduino target renames ``main()`` to ``ArduinoMain()``
using a preprocessor macro: ``-Dmain(...)=ArduinoMain()``. This macro only
applies when compiling Arduino core source files. That frees up ``main()`` to be
used elsewhere.
Most Arduino cores will do some internal initialization before calling
``setup()`` followed by ``loop()``. To make sure Pigweed ``main()`` is started
after that early init we run it within ``setup()``:
.. code-block:: cpp
void setup() {
// Start Pigweed main()
void loop() {}
.. note::
``pw_arduino_Init()`` initializes the :ref:`module-pw_sys_io_arduino`
.. warning::
You may notice ``loop()`` is empty in ```` and never
called. This will cause any code appearing after ``loop()`` in an Arduino
core to never be executed. For most cores this should be ok but may cause
issues in some scenarios.
``arduino_builder`` is utility that can extract compile and tooling information
from an Arduino core. It's used within Pigweed to shovel compiler flags into
the `GN <>`_ build system. It will also work
without Pigweed and can be used with other build systems.
Full documentation is pending. For now run ``arduino_builder --help`` for
.. rubric::
.. [#f1]
See the Arduino Reference documentation on `setup()
<>`_, and