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.. _chapter-lm3s6965evb-qemu:
.. default-domain:: cpp
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This target is specifically for emulation of the Texas Instruments Stellaris
LM3S lm3s6965evb using QEMU. This may be useful for testing ARMv7-M code without
physical hardware.
This target configuration has **not** been tested on the physical Stellaris
development board.
To build for this Pigweed target, simply build the top-level "qemu" Ninja
.. code:: sh
$ ninja -C out qemu
This target does not yet support automatic test running (though it would be
relatively easy to do so). To run a QEMU binary, see the instructions below.
Executing Binaries
When running a QEMU binary, you may chose to run it interactively with GDB, or
allow the binary to run in a hands-off manner.
Running Without GDB
When running without GDB, the firmware will execute normally without requiring
further interaction.
.. code:: sh
$ qemu-system-arm -cpu cortex-m3 -machine lm3s6965evb \
-nographic -no-reboot \
-kernel path/to/firmware.elf
Run With GDB
When running with GDB, execution of the binary will begin in a halted state. To
begin running the code, you must connect using GDB, set any breakpoints you
wish, and then continue execution.
.. code:: sh
# Start the VM and GDB server.
$ qemu-system-arm -cpu cortex-m3 -machine lm3s6965evb \
-gdb tcp::3333 -S
-nographic -no-reboot \
-kernel path/to/firmware.elf
In another window
.. code:: sh
$ arm-none-eabi-gdb path/to/firmare.elf
(gdb) target remote :3333
(gdb) break SomeFunction()
(gdb) continue