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A small wrapper Bazel module that builds libusb from sources. Supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Getting Started

At this time, rules_libusb only supports bzlmod projects. Legacy WORKSPACE projects are not explicitly supported.


Add rules_libusb to your MODULE.bazel file:

bazel_dep(name = "rules_libusb", version="0.1.0-rc1")

libusb = use_extension("@rules_libusb//:extensions.bzl", "libusb")
# Versioning constraints are optional.
libusb.source_release(min_version = "1.0.27")
use_repo(libusb, "libusb")

Note: source_release constraints follow bzlmod behavior of minimal version selection.

Then add to the tool that requires libusb:

    name = "my_tool",
    srcs = ["main.cpp"],
    deps = ["@libusb//:libusb"],

Linking libusb

The libusb build file offers two targets to help guide link behavior:

  • //:libusb: The generic cc_library for libusb. Most build targets should just use this.
  • //:libusb_dynamic: The actual libusb dynamic/shared library (e.g.

By default, @libusb//:libusb will always dynamically link. This can be disabled by toggling the flag that controls this:

bazel build //... --@rules_libusb//:force_dynamic_linkage=False

When @rules_libusb//:force_dynamic_linkage is disabled, the link behavior is fully controlled by your build system, and can be controlled on a per-binary basis by specifying dynamic_deps on build targets that require dynamic linkage of libusb:

    name = "my_tool",
    srcs = ["main.cpp"],
    deps = ["@libusb//:libusb"],
    dynamic_deps = ["@libusb//:libusb_dynamic"],

Building this repo

To build this repo, run:

bazel build @libusb//:libusb