[roll third_party/pigweed] pw_rpc: Handle replacing a call with an acquired ChannelOutput buffer

- When a pending RPC is called again, move its ChannelOutput buffer to
  the new call object. Previously, the ChannelOutput buffer was left
  active in the original call, which caused crashes.

  Moving the ChannelOutput buffer rather than closing it prevents code
  working with the original call object in another thread from sending a
  stale buffer if the call object is replaced. This is an incomplete
  solution, though, and more thought is needed. If the RPC body uses the
  OutputBuffer before passing it off to the other thread, that thread
  will use a stale buffer reference.
- Rearrange the code that replaces the old call to avoid unlocking and
  relocking, which could cause problems if another call arrived while
  the lock wasn't held.
- Expand tests to cover replacing a call with a ChannelOutput buffer

Original-Bug: 591
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