[roll third_party/pigweed] pw_preprocessor: Add internal Cortex-M arch defines

Instead of forking build rules to be arch specific, which does not
scale well with the number of CortexM arches, use a common place to
determine the arch macros which can be used by other macros.

Note that these defines are private and internal to Pigweed and
should not be used by downstream projects, they are expected to
be moved and renamed in the near future.

The defines default to the format used by CMSIS, GCC, Clang, etc.
but they follow a module compile time configuration paradigm so
different toolchains can also make the following defines work:

Lastly a helper is provided if any of the above have a value of 1:

Also updates pw_boot_cortex_m, pw_cpu_exception_cortex_m, and
pw_interrupt_cortex_m to use this source of architecture selection
deprecating the previously independent build targets.

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