[roll third_party/pigweed] pw_env_setup: Pin Python package versions

Add a file to pass to the '--constraint' option of 'pip'. This allows
setup.cfg files to only set actual requirements on dependencies but
ensures the actual version retrieved for a given commit is always the

Added a new command 'pw python-packages'. 'pw python-packages list'
writes the list of versions of installed packages to a file.
'pw python-packages diff' compares the list of installed packages to the
constraint file. If there are new packages or updates to package
versions 'pw python-packages diff' will fail.

Added an option to pw_env_setup, '--unpin-pip-packages'. If this is set
the constraint file defined in the top-level '.gn' file is ignored. This
should periodically be used to update versions of packages in the
constraint file.

Original-Bug: 459
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