[pigweed] Roll 37 commits

81a43ff5326f4c0 pw_ide: Replace vscode-gnformat recommendation wit
797535caa6ff13b .vscode: Add owners
ec96e73d455f932 OWNERS: Add chadnorvell@
9ef91a13a3578ba pw_env_setup: Fix order of PATH
f5c5c1f7d14da88 pw_system: Remove use of BooleanOptionalAction
632c6053edaac8a pw_sync: Fixed InlineBorrowable constructor ambigu
8358a0210df93e4 pw_bloat: Enable running size reports using memory
f3c602a7f06f3e5 pw_string: Update expected compilation failure mes
732a16f236b6aee pw_module: Experimental module creation command
a81ed7459b3b454 pw_{hdlc,log,log_rpc,span}: Return pointer instead
b9bc4e28917ea9f pw_{log,log_rpc,multisink,protobuf,span}: Span exp
7bd9f5f44803b7e pw_ide, pw_presubmit: Remove Path.is_relative_to()
b13290a9ab81d26 pw_ide: Remove uses of Path.readlink
43f38351f93d77a pw_string: Implement pw::InlineString::resize_and_
9be09a1fee2f705 third_party/fuchsia: Replace list with typing.List
5b3f0ecce3272f2 pw_sync: Make thread_notification_inline publicly
60498cb65400f90 pw_build: GN template to evaluate expressions in a
566dda4bd355bd3 pw_ide: fix clangd wrapper indentation
fe2bac54dd48950 hdlc: fix incorrect Zephyr library link
13c4afc0a33f80b pw_env_setup: PyPI version bump to 0.0.12
1261f30c84f7b68 pw_ide: Remove Path.with_stem() uses
f90b6ee1b9d7182 pw_chrono: Add timestamp analyzer
ffe518e094474c7 pw_transfer: Refactor Python client as a state mac
8ed25cb2a86b846 pw_string: Initialize values in to_string_test
7644b17131d50eb pw_ide: Visual Studio Code support
4769b27af137433 pw_ide: activate.py
aa2b5e3385c4c9a pw_ide: add setup
1e4847282c9a57e pw_ide: add init & info subcommands
09eec45d0844b8a pw_rpc: Update docs to support concurrent calls
8abcfa737cc695f pw_containers: Fix variables in filtered_view_test
3fcb94379c89e08 pw_ide: Create Python symlinks
2cc1c5bbc85aea5 pw_protobuf: Add some type annotations
55f7eca400f7cdb pw_rpc: Fix __repr__ for UnaryResponse in Python c
bcd53dbe356f9b8 pw_ide: CLI tools for C++ comp. DBs
ef043925474b59d pw_protobuf: Use pw::InlineString for string field
9f03fc0248c38fa roll: host_tools
0550eab2432d71f roll: gn

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