[pigweed] Roll 50 commits

f1680c2f39968f0 roll: cmake
8ffcb922252c51b pw_build: Add bazel py_proto_library wrapper
9ac553582b75e7e pw_build: Add pw_add_test_group to CMake
ff9a876cfbac2d3 pw_minimal_cpp_stdlib: Disable targets in Bazel bu
47167b9f6dbdbf4 pw_minimal_cpp_stdlib: Expand to cover pw_tokenize
1cad75bc0667dec pw_software_update: Handle `pw update inspect-root
47f897df3dcc5a5 pw_kvs: Fix bazel build
55bb473ef57d17f pw_tls_client: Get the wildcard build to work
f38b6c4e0bf3b19 pw_malloc_freelist: Disable failing bazel test
54f94bb71f11a18 pw_log_null: Fix Bazel build
b3d5cebf02f7b34 pw_cpu_exception_cortex_m: Correct CMake target ty
49747882f459289 pw_build: Deprecate pw_add_test's DEPS and DEFINES
08ef1912ffb948b pw_build: Move generator expression handling out o
bec5c02a01d5612 pw_add_test: Migrate upstream pw_add_test to use P
c14215f928cf244 pw_build: Alter CMake's pw_add_test API contract
218f7c12354cb5d pw_build: Extend CMake's pw_add_test function
c1fe91863bedcc4 pw_build: Fix TODO
c12ba8d171d62c5 cmake: Migrate multiple modules to pw_add_error
c757a34a9398990 pw_build/cmake: Adds pw_add_error_target
7814e0ba78704c6 TODO: Use git blame to assign many TODOs
20b1c239aeda21a pw_env_setup: Roll Python to 3.10
b04586c85344f89 pw_thread_threadx: Fix wildcard build
1b782192f195e17 pw_trace: Fix backends that don't support all trac
3c1d40c80e7ae3f pw_env_setup: Move rust CIPD package to a separate
a1bf41e1cb644f9 pw_trace: Refactor compile tests
44c72047acf41dd OWNERS: Add konkers@google.com
cf2dcbead7efaae pw_bluetooth: Add Sapphire team to OWNERS
47bdce59ade2c7c pw_env_setup: Remove openocd on Windows
14b18eb01f6f3b1 pw_rpc: Disable TODO check in codegen
e2a2c66b450281b pw_software_update: Handle `pw update sign-root-me
5e40c5547815611 pw_perf_test: Switch unsigned to signed
057172e3c58deed pw_unit_test: Add code coverage awareness
b2a670839ede5d1 pw_string: Make narrowing conversions explicit
449069babf2e1d5 pw_presubmit: Add presubmit check for .gitmodules
fcff2e904165413 pw_presubmit: Allow reuse of filtered files
214d603e06dcbe8 pw_thread: Dump raw stack if present in snapshot
083abd03ffa99d9 pw_transfer: Wrap the Chunk proto class with an ad
511adc1e8059b69 pw_transfer: Add `ServerFailure` test proxy filter
638ccbbd2be0e52 pw_perf_test: Removed upper limit for chrono_test
df8432352145a44 pw_toolchain: Add pw_toolchain_COVERAGE_ENABLED
61505262afe5cc7 pw_cli: Expand run_async to support env
c029a05b9587f60 pw_transfer: Test against old client/server
fa5075cd91c1bff pw_malloc_freelist: Provide linkopts in bazel
0c9bb5bab35d355 pw_doctor: Skip overridden CIPD packages
b11dfc5ead58bba pw_thread: Fix uintptr_t hex formatting
d6577b923da7ab4 pw_compilation_testing: Fix link in docs
67507e8b3c04a53 pw_software_update: Handle `pw update create-root-
dadc6e11b85ce27 docs: Myst sphinx extension
865608e7558399d pw_console: Add HTML log viewer that connects to p
13d2053351b9727 roll: gn

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