[pigweed] Roll 34 commits

53a0fb17557cb5d roll: ninja
1ad00fe8f5f9ab4 docs: Add favicon to pigweed.dev
97a1fc5a3f81f1b pw_presubmit: Exclude .ico from copyright check
34d3f7309228190 pw_metric: Fix path to MetricService
2b9ac8f0d628914 pw_bloat: Fix double printing ASCII table
4a117c70b621e78 pw_console: Json Log file formatter
9a7e6a4548afa89 pw_bloat: Fix broken size report on pw_bloat docs
25c193a34bc81fb pw_string: Fixed-capacity string class similar to
01d057010189c14 pw_build: Forward 'visibility' variable in pw_exec
399e03928323313 pw_span: Delete unused span polyfill header
e5ed83c11587de2 docs: Fix public headers description
bdcf2402b8e2909 pw_compilation_testing: Relax PW_NC_EXPECT syntax;
b7c7867028a5fcc pw_unit_test: Allow customizing the target type of
e002d814d347c47 pw_hdlc: Overload ReadAndProcessPackets w/o Channe
65c3d9bd7091655 zephyr: Fixup ToT to support Zephyr builds
7681b28af948a7d pw_containers: Add missing dependency
b62a8173185aaf4 pw_bloat: Fix data sources GN template
e7240fd0293a127 pw_span: Remove std::span polyfill
3ab96e449f6f333 pw_env_setup: Switch to Fuchsia bloaty CIPD packag
84632a32cf73c90 pw_web: Fix type definition errors by keeping them
53010f4702f832c pw_console: Use a single global log redraw timer
ea7a1048bfc0ad8 pw_web: Use device API in webconsole and add it to
cdb558fa1076502 pw_bloat: Fix broken size reports
1827725a5376fa3 pw_console: TomlConfigLoaderMixin
2d8a5818fe64746 pw_web: Add a Device helper class to make RPC call
17d9b88febbd7e8 pw_system: Console log files and busy wait fix
63d04ecbdee596f pw_tokenizer: Fix out-of-bounds access
8c5bb4505525be6 third_party/fuchsia: Replace assert() with PW_ASSE
e415fc8d9063c51 third_party/fuchsia: Drop -Wno-nested-anon-types
54270701f4ade45 third_party/fuchsia: Copybara import of the fit li
4899a7fa3c33c1b pw_env_setup: Roll Linux sysroot
a88f9a4855927ed pw_presubmit: Add static_analysis to combined step
ac88b0206188cf9 pw_build_info: Correct linker script name typo
7fdd09cc7a5b594 Add TotalSizeBytes to PrefixedEntryRingBuffer

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