[zephyr] Roll 54 commits

180f50feda2514b intel_adsp: gpdma: Fix driver initialiaziation
3fc1ccd8e57d8e3 arch: arm64: Include GOT in RODATA
7b1a8f4b8969648 tests: timer: timer_behavior: Fix compile issues
6edcee886cf1f42 doc: release-notes: inform about __ZEPHYR__ remova
6091091103f4e3e include: zephyr: remove __ZEPHYR__
fafb4d70b52cfb8 kernel: Timer behavioral testing
379ca18a935bcc8 kernel: allow k_poll to wait on pipes
7303ac135d9b14a lib: os: spsc_pbuf: Minor code cleanup
716fa446cd0d677 tests: lib: spsc_pbuf: Improve stress test
6928c4a5464cbcc lib: os: spsc_pbuf: Fix race condition
4b5ff413f5e26d3 lib: os: spsc_pbuf: Fix miscalculation in the allo
f02c528aab9884c tests: kernel: workq: migrate user work testcases
b2c64dee27122dc tests: kernel: workq: migrate work_queue test case
d4e2e883d7114ed tests: kernel: workq: migrate workq testcases.
69c89b1acdeca60 tests: kernel: workq: move critical test cases to
7743b6da8559759 doc: Require Python 3.8
5fd3cbf9a7ca9de actions: Make Python 3.8 the minimum required vers
33211b3fb42ba2d cmake: Bump the minimum required Python version to
25db534a07e21f4 west: blobs: Finally fix the --format option handl
f033040812b0ce8 west: blobs: Fix --format handling
8f0af41fd8eb53d scripts: compliance: Add commit range info output
0082dbfbd5da562 scripts: compliance: Remove unused command-line ar
73598db4db563df scripts: compliance: Tiny cleanup for -c
c10a0f28b4c34c2 scripts: compliance: Clean up logging
d160d0c20ce8a65 scripts: compliance: Complete transition to junitp
5ee76c97abfeef3 scripts: compliance: Remove unused variable
689bf9b015c6c4d Bluetooth: Controller: Fix uninitialized adv mode
24594cf7ce41433 dts/arm: stm32f105: enable master can gating clock
dfededeadfcf563 cache: Fix build warning 'No SOURCES given to Zeph
62b7dc2a7f9589b dts: arm64: agilex: add additional cpu nodes
546218ad2b96a8e drivers: sensor: stm32_temp add the ts cal resolut
7b102a99937600a drivers: adc: stm32 init the Regular group for stm
df364cc372863d0 drivers: adc: stm32 init the Regular group for stm
366a32bccf22b97 Samples: sensor: stm32_temp_sensor: Edit the yaml
d97b51d248949da boards: arm: Enable the die-temp capabilities of A
93b4fcc61146959 dts: arm: st: Add adc support of the temperature s
6778393ce3e5a8c dts: binding: sensor: stm32-temp add temp sensor c
32e2e1cb799ecbb dts: lpc55S6x: Add back the USB SRAM region
d400b8135c76e75 arch/riscv: support CONFIG_CODE_DATA_RELOCATION
c30833da3a1218c arch: move CODE_DATA_RELOCATION to top level
9bd46852a39e502 build: don't assume FLASH is the ROM region
3a8c20d849f9b08 build: don't assume .symtab section type
0c198f97a16ff43 drivers: entropy: fail mcux CAAM init on error
598de06165f32fc drivers: ds2484: Fix wrong early exit during suspe
b0564dfd976c7f8 zephyr/ztest_assert.h: Fix implicit to bool conver
09cad20b4890295 logging/log_core.h: Fix unused variable diagnose
60bb5843016b67c tests/drivers/dma: testing mem-to-mem DMA transfer
eed4b43dab78067 boards: arm: stm32u575 nucleo target board has GPD
4d2e57db2ec1e4a boards: arm: stm32 disco kit target board has GPDM
8bc8b8eec1db702 drivers: dma: stm32 Kconfig with the new DT_HAS_<C
3fafe7fdeed2c8f drivers: dma: new dma peripheral driver for stm32u
77b3ab0c02917f0 dts: arm: stm32U5 add a DMA node for the GPDMA1 in
46a8708eec9de7d dts: bindings: dma: introduce a new type of DMA
4938d2a0d44f18c Bluetooth: Controller: Fix regression in overlappi

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