[pigweed] Roll 30 commits

78ad6403cc67600 pw_allocator/cmake: Add CMake support
809a423d7ddf0d2 third_party/fuchsia: Add stdcompat/functional.h
e3d96d371649fcc pw_vector: Add missing modifier member functions
643eb5c586a9256 third_party/fuchsia: Copybara import of the fit li
b49bee784114689 pw_tls_client: Don't update time in every build
16c90ac21b67533 pw_tls_client: Fix typos in names
5133ef1ba4de374 pw_trace_tokenized: Allow event callback to modify
35c0f029b35ab92 pw_rpc: Clean up comments; call MarkClosed() in Mo
de048d847fb53ca pw_toolchains: clang-tidy path support
782bab04def6c7b pw_span: Remove pw_polyfill dependency
a81d3692b6bf4ab pw_rpc: Hide internal function in Server and Clien
b7b0a19a3aa4b81 pw_rpc: Documentation updates
4fdddace5d9772d pw_build: Allow forwarding deps to action in pw_hi
54a2e4165e9c998 pw_build: Add --write-trace option to pw-wrap-ninj
01b7bd968623539 pw_build: Capture Ninja error output in pw-wrap-ni
6af9dbfe17e0ddc pw_build: Make pw-wrap-ninja avoid terminal codes
595ea383848eb3a pw_build: Restore previous Mypy default behavior
f9864011d50c2f1 pw_build: Add option to log action start/end to pw
a76c4216320b9e1 pw_tokenizer: Fix _DatabasePath.__init__()
22372451c544664 pw_presubmit: Add OWNERS check
25719964a8ee6bb pw_presubmit: Use AbstractContextManager
d5f87c8080f72c2 pw_presubmit: Add substeps to system demo
9536fb02d6d01b1 pw_build: Refactor pw-wrap-ninja UI to be event dr
57eb0b0559009d0 pw_protobuf: Add inline option support
f715cbf01ca08db pw_perf_test: Support overloaded functions in the
b0098bf10aead95 pw_rpc: Fix variable naming style in Java client t
4e802589eebe5a6 pw_env_setup: Fix 'pw package' regression
96665e80f341cbe roll: go
0679364d9012abe roll: buildifier
1b3655965bcdbd3 roll: host_tools

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