[zephyr] Roll 68 commits

80f848e4a4fea98 tests: kernel: early_sleep: move to new ztest API
a04d06514a0ce69 Revert "intel_adsp: cavs: irq: simplify code"
ca7d74bf76f1717 dts: arm: st: Fix DTC warnings
c76dd1a3bfe0c7f dts: arm: xilinx: Remove improper range property
2a457b5ecf8e608 tests: subsys: logging: move log_syst to new ztest
a5feaa4990861bf tests: sbs_gauge ZTEST API migration
e7591615724894a dts: stm32: l0: Move usb PHY nodes out of SoC to f
a17b30a3111b2d8 boards: stm32f411e_disco: Fix devicetree node dele
be4b6ed45da83c7 tests: benchmarks: move the cmsis_dsp bathmath tes
f0fd78612cd4d0d tests: benchmarks: move the rbtree_perf test to ne
e9a7519ff6f1138 tests: benchmarks: move the dlist_perf test to new
402ebb3df020c71 drivers: counter: Patch for the stm32 counter
cc9b6bb0b4e9bbf drivers: ethernet: patch for the stm32 drivers
b9d393a0917679a west.yml: Update hal_stm32 with recent cube packag
f9c54a0b0760b5e tests: drivers: pwm: add a testcase for pwm_loopba
9ad8dd06bd328e1 boards: arm: b_u585i_iot02a: activate PWM node
e385bf10dc63ecd dts: arm st: u5: Enable PWM support for stm32U5 in
afc784c2ea58aa5 soc: mimxrt1064: Add HAL clock header include
1a9d470faba2a74 sd: fix spelling in sdmmc_decode_csd
6bd5ef313710fdc samples: boards: stm32 serial_wakeup does not chec
db39cd1169b39a4 samples: boards: pm on stm32 boards with serial wa
4f3761cb8d28733 tests: boards: altera_max10: move the sysid test t
5c8080285e7df64 tests: boards: altera_max10: move the qspi test to
4be4376bc46d142 tests: boards: altera_max10: move the msg dma test
ba0e277da2300a7 tests: boards: altera_max10: move the i2c test to
d62223e930519b7 Bluetooth: Audio: Fix unicast_client avail ctx dir
258737b2ef01f0e soc: arm: stm32f4: Add STM32F423 support
2779d8964d2fc71 net: Use DEVICE_DT_NAME
513cd6989ab442c tests: unit: move the math_extra test to new ztest
7133f34c1b16c00 tests: unit: move the timeutil test to new ztest A
8f87885965f04b1 tests: unit: move the winstream test to new ztest
81bb2a026b5bab6 tests: unit: move the cbprintf test to new ztest A
811e691cf6d3b36 tests: unit: move the base64 test to new ztest API
2dcaf08c8b1e1d9 tests: unit: move the net timeout test to new ztes
a729f4d065bc1d6 tests: unit: move the intmath test to new ztest AP
679dc0fe3d17004 tests: unit: move the crc test to new ztest API
8dc769d64c0f505 tests: boards: native_posix: move the test cpu_wai
b5679278d4fdf88 tests: boards: native_posix: move the test rtc to
a120af8f3335474 Bluetooth: audio: ascs: Fix missing metadata reset
c57ba529dc0b700 Bluetooth: audio: ascs: Remove invalid check
5f8168d5dd0dbd1 Bluetooth: Mesh: Health_cli: Fix fault test rsp
649a6250bfa4218 tests: Bluetooth: bsim: Verify multiple broadcaste
e80ff5ff7a3b831 samples: Bluetooth: Refactor observer for bsim tes
a5e62b09c4f571f samples: Bluetooth: Refactor broadcaster multiple
40115f5d623d25d samples: Bluetooth: Add Extended Scanning support
4fd7eb2193b4c3c samples: Bluetooth: Multiple Broadcaster
ce0f65e7681db99 Bluetooth: Controller: Enable back-to-back PDU cha
f736498b2acc069 Bluetooth: Controller: Fix parent PDU's aux offset
a08e8ef88df9bfb Bluetooth: Controller: Use local variable for curr
5ed463008b717a5 Bluetooth: Controller: Fix regression in adding AD
53f2ccf2a2f5878 dts: bindings: serial: Add common bindings for STM
4f84bc8f40311fb scripts/ci/check_compliance.py: Allow to run w/ZEP
3dccd319b6bf179 Bluetooth: Mesh: Cfg_cli: Fix appkey get rsp
115aa7ad8903777 i2c: remove dead code
822c37745e189c3 soc: it8xxx2: pull more function into ram code sec
cb041d062f79eba ITE: drivers/i2c: Add I2C FIFO mode
155f42a9fa7d96b task_wdt: Fix build warning on 64-bit platforms
534d61b48cbef77 soc: riscv: andes_v5: use syscon driver instead of
09e5742d73473e6 boards: riscv: adp_xc7k_ae350: support syscon driv
a718583b46c43d3 dts: riscv: andes: andes_v5_ae350: replaced smu wi
cd739a97574bc30 doc: fix incorrect usage of envvar role
4806e1087eb0eab cache: Fix cache API calling from userspace
318bfce8fbbe015 boards: arm: mimxrt595_evk: Enabled pmic support
802558095caa50d boards: arm: mimxrt595_evk: Added pinctrl support
76e89096582f355 soc: arm: nxp: rt595: Attached clock freq to pmic
2da4de9976f180b dts: arm: nxp: rt595: Added pmic_i2c to the periph
8259931fce1bf9a xcc-clang: Do not used unavailable options
96e988c53a25f02 intel_adsp: Do not use xtensa hal with xcc-clang

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