[zephyr] Roll 80 commits

3ba0cb19ea99a8c soc/arm64: Do not allow userspace to directly acce
1e25763f572309c tests: pm: device_wakeup_api: Fix comment on wakeu
57487622f57dbb3 kernel: Init the base.slice_ticks for dummy_thread
6c67239bc9caab0 tests: subsys: pm: Remove unneccessary devicetree
f3e5967cd43503a doc: Updated NXP Docs to indicate entropy support
700745195525f31 scripts: build: elf_parser: use node name for Grap
82d4521c5c2b0a9 tests: eeprom: Add mec172x board overlay
8014a026d1ca8dd drivers: eeprom: MEC172x - Add read/write APIs sup
ccb77af3b79e863 eeprom: Add Microchip eeprom driver skeleton
c24acd0c265f4ee drivers: adc: fix ADC_DT_SPEC* helpers for channel
72a1362eaf71b99 tests: unit: util: Add test for IS_EQ
d98a75a4cb121b5 sys: util: export Z_IS_EQ macro as IS_EQ
9341b98821e5aec sys: util: add a Z_IS_EQ macro to compare integers
cd7dbe92b1eea7d soc: arm: nxp_lpc: lpc55xxx: disabling LPC55S36 IA
28b3f8d3157a5f9 west.yml: Update NXP HAL to get the latest SDK
84fbdf1a23b14ff board: arm: Add board support for lpcxpresso55s36
91f3ffb69b0ffa3 dts: arm: nxp: Add dtsi for LPC55S36
5642d4f805c5f20 soc: arm: nxp_lpc: lpc55xxx: LPC55S36: add device
f7f94dd367ada77 drivers: pinctrl: update lpc iocon to support LPC5
4c326ea5da94ef3 samples: sensor: accel_polling: Correct integratio
9179350c40ec683 samples: sensor: Add 3-Axis accelerometer polling
fd70c4a8e74eb5d boards: Set devicetree alias for ST IIS3DHHC nodes
1ad8bc5194270cf boards: Set devicetree alias for ST LSM6DSO nodes
49fa59b72ce7ac8 boards: Set devicetree alias for ST LSM6DSL nodes
d481a254932e8f8 boards: Set devicetree alias for ST ISM330DHCX nod
d8c57bf9fb378f9 boards: Set devicetree alias for Bosch BMI270 node
9b4c455fc01e3c6 boards: Set devicetree alias for ST LIS3DH nodes
f8e876c06c5d553 boards: Set devicetree alias for ST LIS2DH and com
3dd844b650e7653 boards: Set devicetree alias for ST LIS2DW12 nodes
8277efb96ccfe4e boards: Set devicetree alias for NXP FXOS8700 and
0309b77074083a4 boards: Set devicetree alias for Analog Devices AD
2432555b54e5660 boards: Set devicetree alias for ST IIS2DLPC nodes
342f74a7923acd1 boards: Configure I2C/SPI default for boards with
e6357ae160acbc6 samples: openamp: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
af5310d5000ff1e esp32: drivers: counter: update build references
1c27b4353c0acf3 bluetooth: controller: Expose prpa cache for LLL u
114c133fde485a0 drivers: sensor: bq274xx: Add interrupt trigger fo
27f28f2822c8844 can: remove Kconfig.defconfig setting of CAN drive
a24b2758838a6ef boards: arm64: Remove label property from devicetr
418d601d6d46d0e tests: fs: fat_fs_api: Fix device name for native_
adbf3d9245be3d4 boards: native_posix: Remove label property from d
e289be5f54cdfb2 boards: x86: Remove label property from devicetree
79cf93837886f0f boards: riscv: Remove label property from devicetr
e83ccd5607dafeb boards: arm: atmel: Remove label property from dev
96bca6d6567b4c6 boards: arm: nxp: Remove label property from devic
4764a32d445fcfc boards: arm: stm32: Remove label property from dev
584d1966e4c37ae modules: openthread: Fix building with picolibc
30ccff5cff3d499 boards: nucleo_l11k4: SPI device is missing pinctr
b44572aaeceaab5 drivers: i2c: esp32: fix node identification
745cc6d09982c53 samples: bluetooth: Update central_multilink to su
736a1a9113ad0e1 soc: riscv: remove usage of SOC_ERET
a1a2107b429def6 net: ip: only start IP configuration on IP interfa
6b09d0e7913e247 net: l2: ieee802154: apply clang format
dcb2ead52c25d18 net: l2: ieee802154: rename *fragment to *6lo_frag
2e5e7610743ff06 net: l2: ieee802154: decouple L2/L3 concerns
59be7bfb26f8608 net: l2: ieee802154: improve inline comments
4dbaa170cf58046 net: l2: ieee802154: Improve TODO marker consisten
b707785411505d7 drivers: modem: gsm: Goto fail state if iface erro
a0a80c350c00f35 drivers: modem: gsm: Make the precedence explicit
7685301df666eae drivers: modem: gsm: If condition should be bool
e5fb94e4a05a3fd drivers: modem: gsm: Cast unhandled functions to v
4b59ba8fe35d207 drivers: modem: gsm: Test against NULL
21bf04c29b10f5c drivers: modem: gsm: Rename `r` to `ret`
f5d646e20405931 drivers: modem: gsm: FSM implementation
eb0428a64a0b7ba drivers: intc_gicv3: configuring affinity to PE
43c8bfb3e5179dc samples: net: lwm2m_client: Updated RD client even
ca20462bcc954ab net: lwm2m: Shell helper for pause and resume
ed5f3cdf068ba18 net: lwm2m: LwM2M Pause and resume support
0356e1a9254c203 tests: kernel: context: move to new ztest API
e6a345f9673b32b drivers: ieee802154: uart_pipe: make driver DT-bas
d904b5d908d572a drivers: ieee802154: uart_pipe: split Kconfig
1d6862c4e9a5097 drivers: ieee802154: rf2xx: remove unused IEEE8021
2df965f490bbe8b drivers: ieee802154: nrf5: make driver DT-based
7d5272db62a42ef drivers: ieee802154: kw41z: make driver DT-based
dc0728fb2afbb9e drivers: ieee802154: cc2520: drop IEEE802154_CC252
fb9dbdd60e7efec drivers: ieee802154: cc13x2_cc26x2_subg: make driv
fa168916255517a drivers: ieee802154: cc13x2_cc26x2: make driver DT
1ff6577e30f400e drivers: ieee802154: cc1200: make driver DT-based
69f4fa6a4ede448 west: adding --domain to west build synopsis
71ef669ea4a7349 kernel: Fixes sys_clock_tick_get()

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