[zephyr] Roll 43 commits

1c1801ee7ff3b36 drivers: eeprom: Fix format strings
b77a52b1035a89e boards: fvp_baser_aemv8r_aarch32: Fix the board ty
b507365b46c6788 arch: x86: Fix wrong identation
be1380cc51bd872 boards: xtensa: Remove label property from devicet
ccc0315e1434187 ztest: Handle assert failures without signal handl
4a0040f34617123 ztest: Fix logic for SUITE_SKIP
5ff80ef2b1b0952 drivers: spi: Add default char to mcux flexcomm sp
de55dbcbb1c0990 net: tcp: Fix SYN handling after connection is est
aaaed300713d241 samples: openamp_performance: remove sample
4004475e7fbc93f drivers: timer: nrf_rtc_timer: Fix assert conditio
1d844bff265765b dfu: fixup conditional CMake include
83d5402fe830973 Bluetooth: host: Fix SMP local keys check when sta
42e372fc3eddfe6 Bluetooth: audio: ascs: Fix sending invalid ATT_ER
a0ea971e9f28327 Bluetooth: audio: ascs: Use BT_WARN to log peer in
c88b5dab61ee4bc Bluetooth: audio: ascs: Fix handling zero Number_o
4f8c952c4ac1056 drivers: ieee802154: Make raw mode and l2 mutually
bb86f8b967b2a72 net: ip: build IEEE 802.15.4 L2 without IP support
d7727b9415d220d cmake: Use cmake var not env for sdk
cd7c44a152bc446 doc: release-3.2: add a note about LEGACY_INCLUDE_
f9447aeff6cb66e Kconfig: flag LEGACY_INCLUDE_PATH as deprecated
7ebaf1b10b9a584 Bluetooth: host: Fix scan info dangling pointer
f71741cea0c85c7 tests: bluetooth: tester: add support for testing
f896fc2306a07c5 scripts: gen_handles: Sort the device handles
4348cafa195dd11 boards: xmc45_relax_kit: Add led node
af6179d5673c703 drivers: gpio: Add xmc4xxx drivers
a57001347f6e9c2 scripts: west_commands: runners: jlink: support py
54ebcf731885e5e tests: drivers: build_all: ieee802154: remove mcr2
61361e870ba2c95 kconfig: remove redundant IEEE 802.15.4 defaults o
a6058dc4b184dcf drivers: ieee802154: IEEE802154 depends on NETWORK
352c9c34ee779bc drivers: ieee802154: depend on DT status and defau
ada8d72888e1041 boards: remove non-minimal peripherals from defcon
cb448591eddf62e samples: modules: tflite-micro: magic_wand: add mi
c26d7259f870135 samples: drivers: lcd_cyclonev_socdk: add missing
ef8bae711073dc0 boards: mec1501modular_assy6885: move UART_SOC_MAP
991ba97a9b6faad boards: mec1501modular_assy6885: remove redundant
cba17e2c963128d boards: mec15xxevb_assy6853: remove redundant I2C_
4131bff04c022a2 boards: litex_vexriscv: enable ETH_LITEETH(0) and
aeb228048be3e73 boards: ip_k66f: enable SPI if NET_DSA=y
d105556721d00f3 boards: cyclonev_socdk: remove redundant COUNTER_I
bbda65a99a1f608 drivers: counter: increase COUNTER_INIT_PRIORITY
9ba764bbf028dc7 kernel: queue: move queue testcase to new ztest
e7eee79e7e7b87c drivers: modem: gsm: adjust logs level
e12d103a80f36e7 soc: stm32: Remove direct COUNTER_RTC_STM32 to COU

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