[pigweed] Roll 38 commits

f6e934737bd126b roll: cmake
3632fb360b61f82 roll: rust
ae6795057b1e56a pw_presubmit: Make keep_sorted check blocking
2069cc228b11a78 pw_{assert_tokenized,presubmit}: Sort keep-sorted
812c7d550e895fe OWNERS: Add keep_sorted lines
eab0917158ac900 pw_transfer: Split/shrink large integration tests
af77ba6ac2ce934 pw_presubmit: Add logging to pragma_once check
56d83168a929822 pw_presubmit: Add keep_sorted check
8a477425a1b4f2d pw_protobuf_compiler: Use .options files in Bazel
e0d6a9f84a812ae pw_rpc: Use LockGuard alias instead of std::lock_g
d056ab3ade374a6 docs: Fix emphasized code line highlighting
d279c5ee1350ef6 third_party/fuchsia: Copybara import of the fit li
b42f9d610ad1dd9 pw_transfer: Remove deprecated Manager class
b7d1dd961ddcb4f pw_bloat: Helper macros to generate memoryregions
71f397302ac364f pw_thread_threadx: Adding missing <optional> inclu
550dde5d85ad068 third_party/fuchsia: Update for renamed files
5e656cfde8e2036 pw_transfer: Test multiple transfers per session
5d07d8af5e07ce2 pw_build_info: Suppress overread warning in GCC 11
7d04ed166a05a08 pw_transfer: Zero-data transfer tests
ffcc56747ca91cb pw_ide: Make activate.py amenable to import
b750dc7a10866bb pw_ide: Fix symlinks on Windows
07fe68bff94c229 pw_transfer: Add client read tests
24c4722fa1f5854 pw_transfer: Make integration tests fixture librar
26cfd3512fd30e4 third_party: Remove most references to pw package
d6f6c78f30d67d3 pw_crypto: Use GN var for packages in docs
89eb7aa0116b8ca third_party/fuchsia: Remove extra paren from docs
fb7ff668dc6172f pw_transfer: Enable protocol v2 in integration tes
cf392ebe712c758 pw_env_setup: Update references to ".environment"
5976c6ace44702d pw_bluetooth: Use pw::Function<T>&& when storing c
0ae91ed7077a03d pw_transfer: Support protocol v2 in Python client
abff23f57f52af3 pw_bluetooth: Support non-trivial destructor in pw
4eb4e56e61f02a1 pw_presubmit: Handle nested submodules
da846e69e34b44f pw_rpc: Publicly expose method_id
9cb89086f186930 pw_ide: Remove redundant Path() wrapping
26ede0a85dcc579 pw_thread_stl: Add missing header include
1422c9ae2f318b2 pw_string: Make narrowing int conversions explicit
405c058ff20a042 pw_transfer: Work around a GCC 11 to 12.1 bug
d1c169211b6c44c roll: host_tools

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