[pigweed] Roll 36 commits

b751008abd2d2b1 roll: rust
16116aee67cefbd pw_span: Add flag to enable asserts
4e7d9a1aec94895 pw_watch: Fix startup exception
40e12bebcb0d6cb pw_function: Run fit::function tests from Fuchsia
93820b0451fdb5c third_party/fuchsia: Pull in fit::function tests
5900a5376639337 third_party/fuchsia: Update pigweed_adaptations.pa
5d0e0abe3160a64 third_party/fuchsia: Copybara import of the fit li
63a2ee5507bf1a9 third_party/fuchsia: Rename function.patch
413cc717c478484 pw_thread: Update service with breaking apart resp
302b1b6e7aaa685 pw_function: Add pw::InlineFunction alias
026f36d18d87ab1 pw_tokenizer: Accept token domain pattern
6ff4182e947a9dd pw_tokenizer: Do not assume git is configured in d
41847680b31e23d pw_tokenizer: add Zephyr support
aa32c672666e510 pw_rpc: Update docs to reference FixedMtuChannelOu
29952ed4a829932 pw_trace: Add compile time trace enable mechanism
889c9b3a65854f6 pw_build: pw_python_distribution package_data supp
59ce3b37fad537d pw_web: Add Device helper for calling ServerStream
121670935e7a4ae assert_zephyr: fix incorrect assert
5c0a760145f8fcd pw_cli: Add env var
8ff6e91f0b2034b pw_software_update: docs: rewrite
9ae1871952396c0 pw_console: Run system commands in the repl
3dd4cf26acdb67e pw_env_setup: Move -service-account-json arg
fc6c8e3cfafdf82 pw_env_setup: Add PW_CIPD_SERVICE_ACCOUNT variable
6296de8eb5d503c docs: Add Pigweed logo
20fd5528207d002 pw_web: Better autocomplete and method arguments f
84884eb9b065395 pw_console: Improve pw console --test-mode
444f88a45405eba pw_protobuf: Fix duplicated WriteRepeatedFixed64()
634eb3bf859eb1c pw_env_setup: Switch to Fuchsia 3pp arm-gcc
35b5dc116256ad2 pw_cli: Log stack trace if there are errors import
fb46413bd25048c pw_thread: Add name filter for Thread Snapshot Ser
cdcd6a2f8fe192f pw_rpc: Remove ChannelOutput arg for ProcessPacket
d4a9abc4d7b42ef Silence Allstar warnings about Binary Artifacts
700b197d2730872 pw_string: Docs for choosing between InlineString
8da9f283e9234e5 roll: host_tools
d7346de17827d95 roll: gn
66268faa0e81aba roll: qemu

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