[pigweed] Roll 46 commits

40b2c7586e278fd roll: cmake
842745e5347b3cf roll: rust
e76c4cf4f1b6963 pw_ide: clangd wrapper generators
ca32950567adbdb pw_ide: Manage C++ compilation DBs
2e7d5a25e1c63e5 third_party/pico_sdk: Minor build file fixes
02abd923d8974e5 pw_ide: Add settings
c0ab2ded43e9045 pw_ide: Scaffold new module
830f088c6d8c059 targets/rp2040: Remove extra .elf extension
5bc399c5a61f183 pw_compilation_testing: Fix to work with 3.8
2fb0beee6b469d8 pw_env_setup: Drop compatibility with old arm-gcc
67e71ad7f7a3e8d pw_sync: add class InlineBorrowable
25b197a80c5d3fa pw_presubmit: Allow subclassing Presubmit
cbafaeeaf73a901 pw_boot: Remove duplicate import
afaacb6b3fe2219 pw_rpc: Allow simultaneous calls to one method
a73f1570bf0066c pw_presubmit: Add option to continue on failures
161644d11db9c2d pw_spi: Spelling error fixes to docs and comments
d910aa4f7d1d9bb pw_rpc: Ensure locks are held during Call::Call
1fec0b010e7cd6a pw_bloat: Fix source filter
364991493b41173 pw_protobuf: Distinguish between string and bytes
d4260beae8c08c7 pw_env_setup: Use ${platform} path in compat CIPD
8e2a79e0bec7c18 pw_protobuf: Move classes to the internal namespac
eec77bd1b6df8a2 pw_presubmit: Use 0 for bbid for led tasks
399048cf646a472 pw_rpc: Fix size report
cd52bad9aa4cbb0 pw_console: Log redraw fix
5bef8943865f1eb pw_string: pw::InlineString implicit conversions f
9087b154595b804 pw_thread: Improve docs for thread backends
dbc5612ef1114b5 pw_watch: Watch for changes to *.dts/dtsi files
16a56b3882f97d0 pw_compilation_testing: Improve parsing error mess
9b2397501848e6a pw_presubmit: Add num_jobs member to PresubmitCont
b9626d07e061f40 pw_presubmit: Remove unnecessary default values
631ca66aca03bcd pw_env_setup: Pin Python Proto Packages
7d1c06555217e25 pw_presubmit: Add LUCI info to PresubmitContext
1ac71c198050f42 pw_presubmit: Extend gn_clang_build
0002e287c292d59 pw_build/cmake: Add pw_target_link_targets helper
e2d0d1446bf47d6 pw_string: Implement comparison against null-termi
a3170d082698572 pw_system: Add no-rpc-logging option for console
9185d10e05ab73d pw_system/cmake: Correct dependency for pw_system.
99fb0e76c2c939d pw_software_update: Fix some compiler warnings
7268723116f5d2e targets/rp2040: Auto generate uf2 files
cf4afce96fe9c62 pw_unit_test: Disable non-const global variable wa
7f71689e5613592 pw_web: Add docs and few examples for getting star
d04d7a879aeafb7 pw_thread: Add a py_proto_library target
613b20f4c70e7fb cmake: Extends and fixes CMake support to several
5c97511c1d10c34 pw_span: Rename span_common.inc to span_impl.h
2ab1b2b5b4fd905 roll: go
2db927d10e784e0 roll: host_tools

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