Handle "acceptable" Wycheproof inputs unambiguously.

This CL updates the JSON conversion to preserve the flags. A
WycheproofResult now captures both "result" and "flags". An "acceptable"
test case's validity is determined by its flags. By default, we consider
an "acceptable" case as invalid, but a test driver may mark some of them
as valid by listing the flags as a parameter.

Previously, some Wycheproof tests (I think it was x25519_tests.txt?) did
not contain enough information to resolve this unambiguously. This has
since been fixed.

This also makes the converted files smaller because we no longer expand the
flags into comments.

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diff --git a/crypto/test/wycheproof_util.h b/crypto/test/wycheproof_util.h
index 4d8a14c..67e0ed3 100644
--- a/crypto/test/wycheproof_util.h
+++ b/crypto/test/wycheproof_util.h
@@ -17,18 +17,31 @@
 #include <openssl/base.h>
+#include <string>
+#include <vector>
 // This header contains convenience functions for Wycheproof tests.
 class FileTest;
-enum class WycheproofResult {
+enum class WycheproofRawResult {
-// GetWycheproofResult sets |*out| to the parsed "result" key of |t|.
+struct WycheproofResult {
+  WycheproofRawResult raw_result;
+  std::vector<std::string> flags;
+  // IsValid returns true if the Wycheproof test should be considered valid. A
+  // test result of "acceptable" is treated as valid if all flags are included
+  // in |acceptable_flags| and invalid otherwise.
+  bool IsValid(const std::vector<std::string> &acceptable_flags = {}) const;
+// GetWycheproofResult sets |*out| to the parsed "result" and "flags" keys of |t|.
 bool GetWycheproofResult(FileTest *t, WycheproofResult *out);
 // GetWycheproofDigest returns a digest function using the Wycheproof name, or