Add visibility rules.

This change marks public symbols as dynamically exported. This means
that it becomes viable to build a shared library of libcrypto and libssl
with -fvisibility=hidden.

On Windows, one not only needs to mark functions for export in a
component, but also for import when using them from a different
component. Because of this we have to build with
|BORINGSSL_IMPLEMENTATION| defined when building the code. Other
components, when including our headers, won't have that defined and then
the |OPENSSL_EXPORT| tag becomes an import tag instead. See the #defines
in base.h

In the asm code, symbols are now hidden by default and those that need
to be exported are wrapped by a C function.

In order to support Chromium, a couple of libssl functions were moved to
ssl.h from ssl_locl.h: ssl_get_new_session and ssl_update_cache.

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Reviewed-by: Adam Langley <>
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