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Repo is a tool built on top of Git. Repo helps manage many Git repositories, does the uploads to revision control systems, and automates parts of the development workflow. Repo is not meant to replace Git, only to make it easier to work with Git. The repo command is an executable Python script that you can put anywhere in your path.


Please use the repo-discuss mailing list or issue tracker for questions.

You can file a new bug report under the “repo” component.

Please do not e-mail individual developers for support. They do not have the bandwidth for it, and often times questions have already been asked on repo-discuss or bugs posted to the issue tracker. So please search those sites first.


Many distros include repo, so you might be able to install from there.

# Debian/Ubuntu.
$ sudo apt-get install repo

# Gentoo.
$ sudo emerge dev-vcs/repo

You can install it manually as well as it's a single script.

$ mkdir -p ~/.bin
$ PATH="${HOME}/.bin:${PATH}"
$ curl > ~/.bin/repo
$ chmod a+rx ~/.bin/repo