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API changes
* The interface of the GCM module has changed to remove restrictions on
how the input to multipart operations is broken down. mbedtls_gcm_finish()
now takes an extra output parameter for the last partial output block.
mbedtls_gcm_update() now takes extra parameters for the output length.
The software implementation always produces the full output at each
call to mbedtls_gcm_update(), but alternative implementations activated
by MBEDTLS_GCM_ALT may delay partial blocks to the next call to
mbedtls_gcm_update() or mbedtls_gcm_finish(). Furthermore, applications
no longer pass the associated data to mbedtls_gcm_starts(), but to the
new function mbedtls_gcm_update_ad().
These changes are backward compatible for users of the cipher API.
* The multi-part GCM interface (mbedtls_gcm_update() or
mbedtls_cipher_update()) no longer requires the size of partial inputs to
be a multiple of 16.