• Pull requests cannot be accepted until the PR follows the contributing guidelines. In particular, each commit must have at least one Signed-off-by: line from the committer to certify that the contribution is made under the terms of the Developer Certificate of Origin.
  • This is just a template, so feel free to use/remove the unnecessary things


A few sentences describing the overall goals of the pull request's commits.



Requires Backporting

When there is a bug fix, it should be backported to all maintained and supported branches. Changes do not have to be backported if:

  • This PR is a new feature\enhancement
  • This PR contains changes in the API. If this is true, and there is a need for the fix to be backported, the fix should be handled differently in the legacy branch

Yes | NO
Which branch?


If there is any API change, what's the incentive and logic for it.


Additional comments

Any additional information that could be of interest


  • [ ] Tests
  • [ ] Documentation
  • [ ] Changelog updated
  • [ ] Backported

Steps to test or reproduce

Outline the steps to test or reproduce the PR here.