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README for git hooks script

git has a way to run scripts, which are invoked by specific git commands. The git hooks are located in <mbed TLS root>/.git/hooks, and as such are not under version control for more information, see the git documentation.

The mbed TLS git hooks are located in <mbed TLS root>/tests/git-scripts directory, and one must create a soft link from <mbed TLS root>/.git/hooks to <mbed TLS root>/tesst/git-scripts, in order to make the hook scripts successfully work.


Execute the following command to create a link on linux from the mbed TLS .git/hooks directory:
ln -s ../../tests/git-scripts/ pre-push

Note: Currently the mbed TLS git hooks work only on a GNU platform. If using a non-GNU platform, don't enable these hooks!

These scripts can also be used independently.