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> is there a repository I should be aware of when it comes to FreeRTOS Labs?
Unfortunately there isn't. FreeRTOS+FAT has become a bit of an orphan. All time and energy goes to the products in the [AWS/FreeRTOS release](
But I am still actively maintaining FreeRTOS+FAT: implementing requests and fixes.
Please comment your findings with the above +FAT release.
Here is a complete list of all changes since the 160919 Labs release:
● `ff_dir.c : FF_MkDir()`
refuse to create a directory with an empty name
● `ff_fat.c : FF_GetFreeSize()`
in case of an error, return 0
● `ff_file.c : FF_FileSize()`
This function returns the size of a file, or a negative number in case of an error.
Hence, the maximum size returned was returned is 2 GB.
We've added a new function:
`FF_Error_t FF_GetFileSize( FF_FILE *pxFile, uint32_t *pulSize );`
which separates the length from the error code.
● `ff_file.c : FF_ExtendFile()`
Sometimes while building up a file, it may be more efficient not to flush the changes immediately. When defining `ffconfigFILE_EXTEND_FLUSHES_BUFFERS` as `0`, there is no immediate flushing.
● `ff_file.c : FF_Seek()`
Seeking didn't work for sizes larger than 2 GB. Although the parameter `int32_t lOffset` is signed, it will now be casted to 32-bits unsigned:
`ulPosition = ( uint32_t )lOffset;`
All options (`SET`, `CUR`, and `END` ) re-tested.
● `ff_file.c : FF_Close()`
`FF_FlushCache()` is now called at the end of the function in order to also write the last changes.
● `ff_format.c : FF_Format()`
A variable `lRemaining` should have been declared unsigned: `uint32_t`.
Also: a small optimisation for large SD-cards:
"Putting the FAT-table into the second 4MB erase block gives a higher performance and a longer life-time"
● `ff_format.c : FF_Partition()`
`ulHiddenSectors` must be at least `1`
( see [this post]( )
● `ff_ioman.c : FF_CreateIOManger()`
`FF_CreateEvents` shall only be called in case an `pxIOManager` was successfully created.
● `ff_ioman.c : FF_DeleteIOManager()`
Added a call to `FF_DeleteEvents()`, which will delete the event group belonging to the I/O manager.
● `ff_ioman.c : FF_FlushCache()`
Added a user application hook per disk: `fnFlushApplicationHook()`. This is useful for e.g. NAND-drivers.
● `ff_ioman.c : FF_Mount()`
Make sure that `pcVolumeLabel` is null-terminated.
● `ff_ioman.c : FF_IncreaseFreeClusters()`
A lock is needed before `ulLastFreeCluster` can be changed. But before taking this lock, check if has already been taken to avoid a dead lock.
● `ff_locking.c : FF_DeleteEvents`
This is a new function which deletes ( frees up ) the event group belonging to an I/O manager.
● `ff_stdio.c : ff_filelength()`
This function will now call `FF_GetFileSize()` in order to get the `unsigned` length of a file, increasing the maximum reported size from 2 to 4 GB.
● `ff_sys.c : *`
This module combines several I/O managers ( = disks ) into a single file system that starts with a root `"/"`.
All code has been re-written ( re-styled ) and re-tested.