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Changes between 180821 and TBD.
Currently FreeRTOS+TCP files under this directory have version number "2.2.x Labs copy".
Please be aware that the projects under FreeRTOS-Labs are experimental and in working
Changes between 160919 and 180821 releases:
+ Multiple security improvements and fixes in packet parsing routines, DNS
caching, and TCP sequence number and ID generation.
+ Disable NBNS and LLMNR by default.
+ Add TCP hang protection by default.
We thank Ori Karliner of Zimperium zLabs Team for reporting these issues.
Changes between 160908 and 160919 releases:
+ Add a NULL check before attempting to close the DHCP socket. [Prior to
160823 the IP task closed the DHCP socket by calling a public API function
- which checked for the socket being NULL. This was changed to call a
local private function, which did not have a NULL check, in place of the
public API function.]
+ Various [internal only] naming changes to better comply with the FreeRTOS
naming conventions.
+ Improvements to the Zynq network driver. DMA transmission buffers now use
a counting semaphore. When all TX-buffers are in-use, the IP-task will
block momentarily until a TX-buffer becomes available.
+ Experimental implementation of the TCP window scaling protocol. The
scaling option will always be offered, at least with a factor 1. If the
TCP sliding window size becomes more than 64KB, the factor will increase
+ ipconfigETHERNET_MINIMUM_PACKET_BYTES is now applied for every protocol:
TCP, UDP, and ARP.
+ Updated the Zynq project to use BufferAllocation_1.c rather than
BufferAllocation_2.c - which is a requirement with its current
configuration (due to the alignment requirements on the combined cache and
DMA configuration).
Changes between 160823 and 160908 releases:
+ Use ipconfigZERO_COPY_TX_DRIVER as the xReleaseAfterSend() parameter where
prvTCPReturnPacket() is called in prvSendData() to prevent unnecessary
copying of data.
+ Remove the use of the uxGetRxEventCount variable, which was used to give
priority to incoming messages, but could result in the IP task starving
application tasks of processing time.
Changes between 160112 and 160823 releases
NOTE: The 160908 release is a maintenance release for the 160112 single
interface labs release - not a release of the current development branch.
+ Various minor stability enhancements, including the ability to work with
configTICK_RATE_HZ set to less than 1KHz, closing DHCP sockets directly
rather than via FreeRTOS_closesocket(), and better handling of unknown
TCP packets before an IP address has been assigned.
+ ipBUFFER_PADDING is now configurable through the ipconfigBUFFER_PADDING
constant to improve network buffer alignment handling capabilities (expert
users/driver writers only).
+ Multiple improvements to the FTP server, including to how read only and
zero length files are handled.
+ ipconfigFTP_HAS_USER_PROPERTIES_HOOK (to allow each user to have a
different root directory and access rights) and
ipconfigHTTP_HAS_HANDLE_REQUEST_HOOK (to handle AJAX style data)
introduced, although these are not yet fully tested and the constant names
are likely to change.
+ Introduce ipconfigHAS_TX_CRC_OFFLOADING.
+ ipconfigUSE_DHCP_HOOK is now called ipconfigUSE_DHCP_HOOK, and the name
of the callback function has also changed. See the web documentation for
+ ipconfigTCP_RX_BUF_LEN is now ipconfigTCP_RX_BUFFER_LENGTH, and
ipconfigTCP_TX_BUF_LEN is now ipconfigTCP_TX_BUFFER_LENGTH, which is
actually how they have always been documented.
+ Added example TFTP server capable of receiving (not sending) files.
Intended for bootloader type functionality.
+ Various variable name changes for consistency (mainly ensuring UDP, TCP,
DNS, etc. always use the same case letters, and type prefixes are correct).
+ Various minor edits to improve types used by internal variables.
+ Simplified mapping of standard library functions to their Visual Studio
+ Improve robustness of network drivers.
+ Introduce pxResizeNetworkBufferWithDescriptor().
+ Removed obsolete FreeRTOSIPConfig.h constants from
+ Added additional asserts() - predominantly to catch incorrect structure
Changes between 160112 and 160111 releases
+ Updated the STM32 network driver so checksums are calculated by the
+ Implemented a simple "quit" command in the TCP command console.
Changes between 150825 and 160111 releases
+ New device support: Demo applications and example drivers are provided
for Atmel SAM4E and ST STM32F4 microcontrollers.
+ Various updates to improve compliance with the FreeRTOS coding standard.
+ Added a command console example that uses TCP/IP for input and output (the
pre-existing command console example uses UDP/IP).
+ Updated the UDP logging example so it will send log messages to the local
UDP broadcast address if a specific IP address is not provided. This
simplifies configuration, but note not all switches and routers will pass
broadcast messages.
+ Add TCP echo client and TCP echo server examples to the Zynq demo.
+ Minor updates to the Zynq network driver.
+ Update the Zynq project to use version 2015.4 of the Xilinx SDK.
+ Introduce FreeRTOS_SignalSocket(), which can be used to interrupt a task
that is blocked while reading from a socket ( FreeRTOS_recv[from] ).
+ Make use of FreeRTOS_SignalSocket() in the FTP and HTTP servers.
+ Major updates to the NTP client, although this is not included in any of
the pre-configured demo applications yet.
+ Added support for DHCP zero pad option.
+ Added uxGetMinimumIPQueueSpace(), a function to monitor the minimum amount
of space on the message queue.
+ Better handling of zero length files in the FTP server.
+ Fixed a bug reported by Andrey Ivanov from swissEmbedded that affects
users of 'ipconfigZERO_COPY_TX_DRIVER'.
Changes between 150825 150825 (?)
+ Added xApplicationDHCPUserHook() so a user defined hook will be
called at certain points in the DHCP process if
ipconfigDHCP_USES_USER_HOOK is set to 1.
+ Added FreeRTOS_get_tx_head() to improve TCP zero copy behaviour - for
expert use only.
+ RST is no longer sent if only the ACK flag is set.
+ Previously, an immediate ACK was only sent when buffer space was
exhausted. Now, to improve performance, it is possible to send an
immediate ACK earlier - dependent on the ipconfigTCP_ACK_EARLIER_PACKET
+ LLMNR and NBNS requests can now be sent to locate other devices -
previously these protocols would only be replied to, not generated.
+ Added Auto-IP functionality (still in test) in case DHCP fails. Dependent
ipconfigARP_USE_CLASH_DETECTION settings.
+ Added NTP code and demo.
+ FTP can now STOR and RETR zero-length files.
+ Added LLMNR demo to Win32 demo - so now the Win32 responds to
"ping RTOSDemo".
Changes between 141019 and 150825
+ Added FTP server, which uses the new FreeRTOS+FAT component.
+ Added basic HTTP server, which uses the new FreeRTOS+FAT component.
+ Multiple definitions that are now common with FreeRTOS+FAT have been moved
into FreeRTOS's ProjDefs.h header file, and so prefixed with 'pd'.
+ Introduced ipconfigZERO_COPY_TX_DRIVER, which defines who is responsible
for freeing a buffer sent to to the MAC driver for transmission, and
facilitates the development of zero copy drivers.
+ Introduced the FREERTOS_MSG_DONTWAIT flag. The flag can be used as a
simpler and faster alternative to using FreeRTOS_setsockopt() to set the
send or receive timeout to 0.
+ A few functions that were previously all lower case are now mixed case, as
lower case function names are only used when they are equivalent to a
a Berkeley sockets API function of the same name.
+ Introduced uxGetMinimumFreeNetworkBuffers() to return the minimum number
of network buffers that have ever existed since the application started
+ Introduce ipconfigETHERNET_MINIMUM_PACKET_BYTES to allow the application
writer to set their own minimum buffer size should the hardware not be
capable of padding under-sized Ethernet frames.
+ vNetworkBufferRelease() renamed vReleaseNetworkBuffer() - just for
consistency with the names of other functions in the same file.
+ Grouped DHCP status data into a structure.
+ DHCP is now tried both with and without the broadcast flag.
+ Replaced occurrences of configASSERT_VOID() with configASSERT().
+ ipconfigDNS_USE_CALLBACKS introduced to allow FreeRTOS_gethostbyname() to
be used without blocking.
+ Fix: LLMNR and NBNS behaviour when the reply is in a larger buffer than the
request, and BufferAllocation_2 was used.
+ Introduced ipMAX_IP_TASK_SLEEP_TIME to allow the application writer to
override the default value of 10 seconds.
+ Fix: Correct error in *pxUDPPayloadBuffer_to_NetworkBuffer().
+ FreeRTOS_recv() now recognises the FREERTOS_ZERO_COPY flag, which, when
set, the void *pvBuffer parameter is interpreted as void **pvBuffer.
+ FreeRTOS_listen() now returns an error code. Previously it always
returned 0.
+ Fix: Previously if a listening socket was reused, and a connection
failed, the TCP/IP stack closed the socket, now the socket is correctly
left unclosed as it is owned by the application.
+ Various other formatting and minor fix alterations.