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/** @file
@brief Implements utilities for calculating CRC-32 checksums.
#include <redfs.h>
/* The CRC functions do not return errors since the only detectable error
condition is a NULL buffer pointer. If such a condition does arise, the
functions assert and return the below CRC, which, although a legal CRC,
is nonetheless suspicious and could provide a clue that something has
gone wrong.
#define CRC_BITWISE (0U)
#define CRC_SARWATE (1U)
#define CRC_SLICEBY8 (2U)
/* The following is representative of the polynomial accepted by CCITT 32-bit
and in IEEE 802.3, Ethernet 2 specification.
(reverse order)
1110 1101 1011 1000 1000 0011 0010 0000 1
(E) (D) (B) (8) (8) (3) (2) (0)
#define CCITT_32_POLYNOMIAL (0xEDB88320U)
/** @brief Compute a CRC32 for the given data buffer.
For CCITT-32 compliance, the initial CRC must be set to 0. To CRC multiple
buffers, call this function with the previously returned CRC value.
@param ulInitCrc32 Starting CRC value.
@param pBuffer Data buffer to calculate the CRC from.
@param ulLength Number of bytes of data in the given buffer.
@return The updated CRC value.
uint32_t RedCrc32Update(
uint32_t ulInitCrc32,
const void *pBuffer,
uint32_t ulLength)
uint32_t ulCrc32;
if(pBuffer == NULL)
const uint8_t *pbBuffer = CAST_VOID_PTR_TO_CONST_UINT8_PTR(pBuffer);
uint32_t ulIdx;
ulCrc32 = ~ulInitCrc32;
for(ulIdx = 0U; ulIdx < ulLength; ++ulIdx)
uint32_t ulBit;
ulCrc32 ^= pbBuffer[ulIdx];
/* Branchless inner loop (greatly improves performance).
for(ulBit = 0U; ulBit < 8U; ulBit++)
ulCrc32 = ((ulCrc32 & 1U) * CCITT_32_POLYNOMIAL) ^ (ulCrc32 >> 1U);
ulCrc32 = ~ulCrc32;
return ulCrc32;
/** @brief Compute a CRC32 for the given data buffer.
For CCITT-32 compliance, the initial CRC must be set to 0. To CRC multiple
buffers, call this function with the previously returned CRC value.
@param ulInitCrc32 Starting CRC value.
@param pBuffer Data buffer to calculate the CRC from.
@param ulLength Number of bytes of data in the given buffer.
@return The updated CRC value.
uint32_t RedCrc32Update(
uint32_t ulInitCrc32,
const void *pBuffer,
uint32_t ulLength)
static const uint32_t aulCrc32Table[] =
0x00000000U, 0x77073096U, 0xEE0E612CU, 0x990951BAU, 0x076DC419U, 0x706AF48FU, 0xE963A535U, 0x9E6495A3U,
0x0EDB8832U, 0x79DCB8A4U, 0xE0D5E91EU, 0x97D2D988U, 0x09B64C2BU, 0x7EB17CBDU, 0xE7B82D07U, 0x90BF1D91U,
0x1DB71064U, 0x6AB020F2U, 0xF3B97148U, 0x84BE41DEU, 0x1ADAD47DU, 0x6DDDE4EBU, 0xF4D4B551U, 0x83D385C7U,
0x136C9856U, 0x646BA8C0U, 0xFD62F97AU, 0x8A65C9ECU, 0x14015C4FU, 0x63066CD9U, 0xFA0F3D63U, 0x8D080DF5U,
0x3B6E20C8U, 0x4C69105EU, 0xD56041E4U, 0xA2677172U, 0x3C03E4D1U, 0x4B04D447U, 0xD20D85FDU, 0xA50AB56BU,
0x35B5A8FAU, 0x42B2986CU, 0xDBBBC9D6U, 0xACBCF940U, 0x32D86CE3U, 0x45DF5C75U, 0xDCD60DCFU, 0xABD13D59U,
0x26D930ACU, 0x51DE003AU, 0xC8D75180U, 0xBFD06116U, 0x21B4F4B5U, 0x56B3C423U, 0xCFBA9599U, 0xB8BDA50FU,
0x2802B89EU, 0x5F058808U, 0xC60CD9B2U, 0xB10BE924U, 0x2F6F7C87U, 0x58684C11U, 0xC1611DABU, 0xB6662D3DU,
0x76DC4190U, 0x01DB7106U, 0x98D220BCU, 0xEFD5102AU, 0x71B18589U, 0x06B6B51FU, 0x9FBFE4A5U, 0xE8B8D433U,
0x7807C9A2U, 0x0F00F934U, 0x9609A88EU, 0xE10E9818U, 0x7F6A0DBBU, 0x086D3D2DU, 0x91646C97U, 0xE6635C01U,
0x6B6B51F4U, 0x1C6C6162U, 0x856530D8U, 0xF262004EU, 0x6C0695EDU, 0x1B01A57BU, 0x8208F4C1U, 0xF50FC457U,
0x65B0D9C6U, 0x12B7E950U, 0x8BBEB8EAU, 0xFCB9887CU, 0x62DD1DDFU, 0x15DA2D49U, 0x8CD37CF3U, 0xFBD44C65U,
0x4DB26158U, 0x3AB551CEU, 0xA3BC0074U, 0xD4BB30E2U, 0x4ADFA541U, 0x3DD895D7U, 0xA4D1C46DU, 0xD3D6F4FBU,
0x4369E96AU, 0x346ED9FCU, 0xAD678846U, 0xDA60B8D0U, 0x44042D73U, 0x33031DE5U, 0xAA0A4C5FU, 0xDD0D7CC9U,
0x5005713CU, 0x270241AAU, 0xBE0B1010U, 0xC90C2086U, 0x5768B525U, 0x206F85B3U, 0xB966D409U, 0xCE61E49FU,
0x5EDEF90EU, 0x29D9C998U, 0xB0D09822U, 0xC7D7A8B4U, 0x59B33D17U, 0x2EB40D81U, 0xB7BD5C3BU, 0xC0BA6CADU,
0xEDB88320U, 0x9ABFB3B6U, 0x03B6E20CU, 0x74B1D29AU, 0xEAD54739U, 0x9DD277AFU, 0x04DB2615U, 0x73DC1683U,
0xE3630B12U, 0x94643B84U, 0x0D6D6A3EU, 0x7A6A5AA8U, 0xE40ECF0BU, 0x9309FF9DU, 0x0A00AE27U, 0x7D079EB1U,
0xF00F9344U, 0x8708A3D2U, 0x1E01F268U, 0x6906C2FEU, 0xF762575DU, 0x806567CBU, 0x196C3671U, 0x6E6B06E7U,
0xFED41B76U, 0x89D32BE0U, 0x10DA7A5AU, 0x67DD4ACCU, 0xF9B9DF6FU, 0x8EBEEFF9U, 0x17B7BE43U, 0x60B08ED5U,
0xD6D6A3E8U, 0xA1D1937EU, 0x38D8C2C4U, 0x4FDFF252U, 0xD1BB67F1U, 0xA6BC5767U, 0x3FB506DDU, 0x48B2364BU,
0xD80D2BDAU, 0xAF0A1B4CU, 0x36034AF6U, 0x41047A60U, 0xDF60EFC3U, 0xA867DF55U, 0x316E8EEFU, 0x4669BE79U,
0xCB61B38CU, 0xBC66831AU, 0x256FD2A0U, 0x5268E236U, 0xCC0C7795U, 0xBB0B4703U, 0x220216B9U, 0x5505262FU,
0xC5BA3BBEU, 0xB2BD0B28U, 0x2BB45A92U, 0x5CB36A04U, 0xC2D7FFA7U, 0xB5D0CF31U, 0x2CD99E8BU, 0x5BDEAE1DU,
0x9B64C2B0U, 0xEC63F226U, 0x756AA39CU, 0x026D930AU, 0x9C0906A9U, 0xEB0E363FU, 0x72076785U, 0x05005713U,
0x95BF4A82U, 0xE2B87A14U, 0x7BB12BAEU, 0x0CB61B38U, 0x92D28E9BU, 0xE5D5BE0DU, 0x7CDCEFB7U, 0x0BDBDF21U,
0x86D3D2D4U, 0xF1D4E242U, 0x68DDB3F8U, 0x1FDA836EU, 0x81BE16CDU, 0xF6B9265BU, 0x6FB077E1U, 0x18B74777U,
0x88085AE6U, 0xFF0F6A70U, 0x66063BCAU, 0x11010B5CU, 0x8F659EFFU, 0xF862AE69U, 0x616BFFD3U, 0x166CCF45U,
0xA00AE278U, 0xD70DD2EEU, 0x4E048354U, 0x3903B3C2U, 0xA7672661U, 0xD06016F7U, 0x4969474DU, 0x3E6E77DBU,
0xAED16A4AU, 0xD9D65ADCU, 0x40DF0B66U, 0x37D83BF0U, 0xA9BCAE53U, 0xDEBB9EC5U, 0x47B2CF7FU, 0x30B5FFE9U,
0xBDBDF21CU, 0xCABAC28AU, 0x53B39330U, 0x24B4A3A6U, 0xBAD03605U, 0xCDD70693U, 0x54DE5729U, 0x23D967BFU,
0xB3667A2EU, 0xC4614AB8U, 0x5D681B02U, 0x2A6F2B94U, 0xB40BBE37U, 0xC30C8EA1U, 0x5A05DF1BU, 0x2D02EF8DU,
uint32_t ulCrc32;
if(pBuffer == NULL)
const uint8_t *pbBuffer = CAST_VOID_PTR_TO_CONST_UINT8_PTR(pBuffer);
uint32_t ulIdx;
ulCrc32 = ~ulInitCrc32;
for(ulIdx = 0U; ulIdx < ulLength; ++ulIdx)
ulCrc32 = (ulCrc32 >> 8U) ^ aulCrc32Table[(ulCrc32 ^ pbBuffer[ulIdx]) & 0xFFU];
ulCrc32 = ~ulCrc32;
return ulCrc32;
/** @brief Compute a CRC32 for the given data buffer.
For CCITT-32 compliance, the initial CRC must be set to 0. To CRC multiple
buffers, call this function with the previously returned CRC value.
@param ulInitCrc32 Starting CRC value.
@param pBuffer Data buffer to calculate the CRC from.
@param ulLength Number of bytes of data in the given buffer.
@return The updated CRC value.
uint32_t RedCrc32Update(
uint32_t ulInitCrc32,
const void *pBuffer,
uint32_t ulLength)
/* CRC32 XOR table, with slicing-by-8 extensions.
This first column of the table contains the same XOR values as used in
the classic byte-at-a-time Sarwate algorithm. The other seven columns
are derived from the first, and are used in Intel's slicing-by-eight CRC
The layout of this array in memory is novel and deserves explanation.
In other implementations, including Intel's example, each of the below
columns is an array. The first column is a 256-entry array, followed by
another 256-entry array for the second column, etc. Testing on both ARM
and x86 has shown the below mixed arrangement to be about 5-9% faster.
One possible explanation: With the array-per-table approach, each of the
eight table lookups is guaranteed to be in a separate 1 KB chunk of
memory. With the below array, sometimes multiple table lookups will, by
coincidence, be close together, making better use of the cache.
static const uint32_t aulCrc32Table[] =
0x00000000U, 0x00000000U, 0x00000000U, 0x00000000U, 0x00000000U, 0x00000000U, 0x00000000U, 0x00000000U,
0x77073096U, 0x191B3141U, 0x01C26A37U, 0xB8BC6765U, 0x3D6029B0U, 0xCB5CD3A5U, 0xA6770BB4U, 0xCCAA009EU,
0xEE0E612CU, 0x32366282U, 0x0384D46EU, 0xAA09C88BU, 0x7AC05360U, 0x4DC8A10BU, 0x979F1129U, 0x4225077DU,
0x990951BAU, 0x2B2D53C3U, 0x0246BE59U, 0x12B5AFEEU, 0x47A07AD0U, 0x869472AEU, 0x31E81A9DU, 0x8E8F07E3U,
0x076DC419U, 0x646CC504U, 0x0709A8DCU, 0x8F629757U, 0xF580A6C0U, 0x9B914216U, 0xF44F2413U, 0x844A0EFAU,
0x706AF48FU, 0x7D77F445U, 0x06CBC2EBU, 0x37DEF032U, 0xC8E08F70U, 0x50CD91B3U, 0x52382FA7U, 0x48E00E64U,
0xE963A535U, 0x565AA786U, 0x048D7CB2U, 0x256B5FDCU, 0x8F40F5A0U, 0xD659E31DU, 0x63D0353AU, 0xC66F0987U,
0x9E6495A3U, 0x4F4196C7U, 0x054F1685U, 0x9DD738B9U, 0xB220DC10U, 0x1D0530B8U, 0xC5A73E8EU, 0x0AC50919U,
0x0EDB8832U, 0xC8D98A08U, 0x0E1351B8U, 0xC5B428EFU, 0x30704BC1U, 0xEC53826DU, 0x33EF4E67U, 0xD3E51BB5U,
0x79DCB8A4U, 0xD1C2BB49U, 0x0FD13B8FU, 0x7D084F8AU, 0x0D106271U, 0x270F51C8U, 0x959845D3U, 0x1F4F1B2BU,
0xE0D5E91EU, 0xFAEFE88AU, 0x0D9785D6U, 0x6FBDE064U, 0x4AB018A1U, 0xA19B2366U, 0xA4705F4EU, 0x91C01CC8U,
0x97D2D988U, 0xE3F4D9CBU, 0x0C55EFE1U, 0xD7018701U, 0x77D03111U, 0x6AC7F0C3U, 0x020754FAU, 0x5D6A1C56U,
0x09B64C2BU, 0xACB54F0CU, 0x091AF964U, 0x4AD6BFB8U, 0xC5F0ED01U, 0x77C2C07BU, 0xC7A06A74U, 0x57AF154FU,
0x7EB17CBDU, 0xB5AE7E4DU, 0x08D89353U, 0xF26AD8DDU, 0xF890C4B1U, 0xBC9E13DEU, 0x61D761C0U, 0x9B0515D1U,
0xE7B82D07U, 0x9E832D8EU, 0x0A9E2D0AU, 0xE0DF7733U, 0xBF30BE61U, 0x3A0A6170U, 0x503F7B5DU, 0x158A1232U,
0x90BF1D91U, 0x87981CCFU, 0x0B5C473DU, 0x58631056U, 0x825097D1U, 0xF156B2D5U, 0xF64870E9U, 0xD92012ACU,
0x1DB71064U, 0x4AC21251U, 0x1C26A370U, 0x5019579FU, 0x60E09782U, 0x03D6029BU, 0x67DE9CCEU, 0x7CBB312BU,
0x6AB020F2U, 0x53D92310U, 0x1DE4C947U, 0xE8A530FAU, 0x5D80BE32U, 0xC88AD13EU, 0xC1A9977AU, 0xB01131B5U,
0xF3B97148U, 0x78F470D3U, 0x1FA2771EU, 0xFA109F14U, 0x1A20C4E2U, 0x4E1EA390U, 0xF0418DE7U, 0x3E9E3656U,
0x84BE41DEU, 0x61EF4192U, 0x1E601D29U, 0x42ACF871U, 0x2740ED52U, 0x85427035U, 0x56368653U, 0xF23436C8U,
0x1ADAD47DU, 0x2EAED755U, 0x1B2F0BACU, 0xDF7BC0C8U, 0x95603142U, 0x9847408DU, 0x9391B8DDU, 0xF8F13FD1U,
0x6DDDE4EBU, 0x37B5E614U, 0x1AED619BU, 0x67C7A7ADU, 0xA80018F2U, 0x531B9328U, 0x35E6B369U, 0x345B3F4FU,
0xF4D4B551U, 0x1C98B5D7U, 0x18ABDFC2U, 0x75720843U, 0xEFA06222U, 0xD58FE186U, 0x040EA9F4U, 0xBAD438ACU,
0x83D385C7U, 0x05838496U, 0x1969B5F5U, 0xCDCE6F26U, 0xD2C04B92U, 0x1ED33223U, 0xA279A240U, 0x767E3832U,
0x136C9856U, 0x821B9859U, 0x1235F2C8U, 0x95AD7F70U, 0x5090DC43U, 0xEF8580F6U, 0x5431D2A9U, 0xAF5E2A9EU,
0x646BA8C0U, 0x9B00A918U, 0x13F798FFU, 0x2D111815U, 0x6DF0F5F3U, 0x24D95353U, 0xF246D91DU, 0x63F42A00U,
0xFD62F97AU, 0xB02DFADBU, 0x11B126A6U, 0x3FA4B7FBU, 0x2A508F23U, 0xA24D21FDU, 0xC3AEC380U, 0xED7B2DE3U,
0x8A65C9ECU, 0xA936CB9AU, 0x10734C91U, 0x8718D09EU, 0x1730A693U, 0x6911F258U, 0x65D9C834U, 0x21D12D7DU,
0x14015C4FU, 0xE6775D5DU, 0x153C5A14U, 0x1ACFE827U, 0xA5107A83U, 0x7414C2E0U, 0xA07EF6BAU, 0x2B142464U,
0x63066CD9U, 0xFF6C6C1CU, 0x14FE3023U, 0xA2738F42U, 0x98705333U, 0xBF481145U, 0x0609FD0EU, 0xE7BE24FAU,
0xFA0F3D63U, 0xD4413FDFU, 0x16B88E7AU, 0xB0C620ACU, 0xDFD029E3U, 0x39DC63EBU, 0x37E1E793U, 0x69312319U,
0x8D080DF5U, 0xCD5A0E9EU, 0x177AE44DU, 0x087A47C9U, 0xE2B00053U, 0xF280B04EU, 0x9196EC27U, 0xA59B2387U,
0x3B6E20C8U, 0x958424A2U, 0x384D46E0U, 0xA032AF3EU, 0xC1C12F04U, 0x07AC0536U, 0xCFBD399CU, 0xF9766256U,
0x4C69105EU, 0x8C9F15E3U, 0x398F2CD7U, 0x188EC85BU, 0xFCA106B4U, 0xCCF0D693U, 0x69CA3228U, 0x35DC62C8U,
0xD56041E4U, 0xA7B24620U, 0x3BC9928EU, 0x0A3B67B5U, 0xBB017C64U, 0x4A64A43DU, 0x582228B5U, 0xBB53652BU,
0xA2677172U, 0xBEA97761U, 0x3A0BF8B9U, 0xB28700D0U, 0x866155D4U, 0x81387798U, 0xFE552301U, 0x77F965B5U,
0x3C03E4D1U, 0xF1E8E1A6U, 0x3F44EE3CU, 0x2F503869U, 0x344189C4U, 0x9C3D4720U, 0x3BF21D8FU, 0x7D3C6CACU,
0x4B04D447U, 0xE8F3D0E7U, 0x3E86840BU, 0x97EC5F0CU, 0x0921A074U, 0x57619485U, 0x9D85163BU, 0xB1966C32U,
0xD20D85FDU, 0xC3DE8324U, 0x3CC03A52U, 0x8559F0E2U, 0x4E81DAA4U, 0xD1F5E62BU, 0xAC6D0CA6U, 0x3F196BD1U,
0xA50AB56BU, 0xDAC5B265U, 0x3D025065U, 0x3DE59787U, 0x73E1F314U, 0x1AA9358EU, 0x0A1A0712U, 0xF3B36B4FU,
0x35B5A8FAU, 0x5D5DAEAAU, 0x365E1758U, 0x658687D1U, 0xF1B164C5U, 0xEBFF875BU, 0xFC5277FBU, 0x2A9379E3U,
0x42B2986CU, 0x44469FEBU, 0x379C7D6FU, 0xDD3AE0B4U, 0xCCD14D75U, 0x20A354FEU, 0x5A257C4FU, 0xE639797DU,
0xDBBBC9D6U, 0x6F6BCC28U, 0x35DAC336U, 0xCF8F4F5AU, 0x8B7137A5U, 0xA6372650U, 0x6BCD66D2U, 0x68B67E9EU,
0xACBCF940U, 0x7670FD69U, 0x3418A901U, 0x7733283FU, 0xB6111E15U, 0x6D6BF5F5U, 0xCDBA6D66U, 0xA41C7E00U,
0x32D86CE3U, 0x39316BAEU, 0x3157BF84U, 0xEAE41086U, 0x0431C205U, 0x706EC54DU, 0x081D53E8U, 0xAED97719U,
0x45DF5C75U, 0x202A5AEFU, 0x3095D5B3U, 0x525877E3U, 0x3951EBB5U, 0xBB3216E8U, 0xAE6A585CU, 0x62737787U,
0xDCD60DCFU, 0x0B07092CU, 0x32D36BEAU, 0x40EDD80DU, 0x7EF19165U, 0x3DA66446U, 0x9F8242C1U, 0xECFC7064U,
0xABD13D59U, 0x121C386DU, 0x331101DDU, 0xF851BF68U, 0x4391B8D5U, 0xF6FAB7E3U, 0x39F54975U, 0x205670FAU,
0x26D930ACU, 0xDF4636F3U, 0x246BE590U, 0xF02BF8A1U, 0xA121B886U, 0x047A07ADU, 0xA863A552U, 0x85CD537DU,
0x51DE003AU, 0xC65D07B2U, 0x25A98FA7U, 0x48979FC4U, 0x9C419136U, 0xCF26D408U, 0x0E14AEE6U, 0x496753E3U,
0xC8D75180U, 0xED705471U, 0x27EF31FEU, 0x5A22302AU, 0xDBE1EBE6U, 0x49B2A6A6U, 0x3FFCB47BU, 0xC7E85400U,
0xBFD06116U, 0xF46B6530U, 0x262D5BC9U, 0xE29E574FU, 0xE681C256U, 0x82EE7503U, 0x998BBFCFU, 0x0B42549EU,
0x21B4F4B5U, 0xBB2AF3F7U, 0x23624D4CU, 0x7F496FF6U, 0x54A11E46U, 0x9FEB45BBU, 0x5C2C8141U, 0x01875D87U,
0x56B3C423U, 0xA231C2B6U, 0x22A0277BU, 0xC7F50893U, 0x69C137F6U, 0x54B7961EU, 0xFA5B8AF5U, 0xCD2D5D19U,
0xCFBA9599U, 0x891C9175U, 0x20E69922U, 0xD540A77DU, 0x2E614D26U, 0xD223E4B0U, 0xCBB39068U, 0x43A25AFAU,
0xB8BDA50FU, 0x9007A034U, 0x2124F315U, 0x6DFCC018U, 0x13016496U, 0x197F3715U, 0x6DC49BDCU, 0x8F085A64U,
0x2802B89EU, 0x179FBCFBU, 0x2A78B428U, 0x359FD04EU, 0x9151F347U, 0xE82985C0U, 0x9B8CEB35U, 0x562848C8U,
0x5F058808U, 0x0E848DBAU, 0x2BBADE1FU, 0x8D23B72BU, 0xAC31DAF7U, 0x23755665U, 0x3DFBE081U, 0x9A824856U,
0xC60CD9B2U, 0x25A9DE79U, 0x29FC6046U, 0x9F9618C5U, 0xEB91A027U, 0xA5E124CBU, 0x0C13FA1CU, 0x140D4FB5U,
0xB10BE924U, 0x3CB2EF38U, 0x283E0A71U, 0x272A7FA0U, 0xD6F18997U, 0x6EBDF76EU, 0xAA64F1A8U, 0xD8A74F2BU,
0x2F6F7C87U, 0x73F379FFU, 0x2D711CF4U, 0xBAFD4719U, 0x64D15587U, 0x73B8C7D6U, 0x6FC3CF26U, 0xD2624632U,
0x58684C11U, 0x6AE848BEU, 0x2CB376C3U, 0x0241207CU, 0x59B17C37U, 0xB8E41473U, 0xC9B4C492U, 0x1EC846ACU,
0xC1611DABU, 0x41C51B7DU, 0x2EF5C89AU, 0x10F48F92U, 0x1E1106E7U, 0x3E7066DDU, 0xF85CDE0FU, 0x9047414FU,
0xB6662D3DU, 0x58DE2A3CU, 0x2F37A2ADU, 0xA848E8F7U, 0x23712F57U, 0xF52CB578U, 0x5E2BD5BBU, 0x5CED41D1U,
0x76DC4190U, 0xF0794F05U, 0x709A8DC0U, 0x9B14583DU, 0x58F35849U, 0x0F580A6CU, 0x440B7579U, 0x299DC2EDU,
0x01DB7106U, 0xE9627E44U, 0x7158E7F7U, 0x23A83F58U, 0x659371F9U, 0xC404D9C9U, 0xE27C7ECDU, 0xE537C273U,
0x98D220BCU, 0xC24F2D87U, 0x731E59AEU, 0x311D90B6U, 0x22330B29U, 0x4290AB67U, 0xD3946450U, 0x6BB8C590U,
0xEFD5102AU, 0xDB541CC6U, 0x72DC3399U, 0x89A1F7D3U, 0x1F532299U, 0x89CC78C2U, 0x75E36FE4U, 0xA712C50EU,
0x71B18589U, 0x94158A01U, 0x7793251CU, 0x1476CF6AU, 0xAD73FE89U, 0x94C9487AU, 0xB044516AU, 0xADD7CC17U,
0x06B6B51FU, 0x8D0EBB40U, 0x76514F2BU, 0xACCAA80FU, 0x9013D739U, 0x5F959BDFU, 0x16335ADEU, 0x617DCC89U,
0x9FBFE4A5U, 0xA623E883U, 0x7417F172U, 0xBE7F07E1U, 0xD7B3ADE9U, 0xD901E971U, 0x27DB4043U, 0xEFF2CB6AU,
0xE8B8D433U, 0xBF38D9C2U, 0x75D59B45U, 0x06C36084U, 0xEAD38459U, 0x125D3AD4U, 0x81AC4BF7U, 0x2358CBF4U,
0x7807C9A2U, 0x38A0C50DU, 0x7E89DC78U, 0x5EA070D2U, 0x68831388U, 0xE30B8801U, 0x77E43B1EU, 0xFA78D958U,
0x0F00F934U, 0x21BBF44CU, 0x7F4BB64FU, 0xE61C17B7U, 0x55E33A38U, 0x28575BA4U, 0xD19330AAU, 0x36D2D9C6U,
0x9609A88EU, 0x0A96A78FU, 0x7D0D0816U, 0xF4A9B859U, 0x124340E8U, 0xAEC3290AU, 0xE07B2A37U, 0xB85DDE25U,
0xE10E9818U, 0x138D96CEU, 0x7CCF6221U, 0x4C15DF3CU, 0x2F236958U, 0x659FFAAFU, 0x460C2183U, 0x74F7DEBBU,
0x7F6A0DBBU, 0x5CCC0009U, 0x798074A4U, 0xD1C2E785U, 0x9D03B548U, 0x789ACA17U, 0x83AB1F0DU, 0x7E32D7A2U,
0x086D3D2DU, 0x45D73148U, 0x78421E93U, 0x697E80E0U, 0xA0639CF8U, 0xB3C619B2U, 0x25DC14B9U, 0xB298D73CU,
0x91646C97U, 0x6EFA628BU, 0x7A04A0CAU, 0x7BCB2F0EU, 0xE7C3E628U, 0x35526B1CU, 0x14340E24U, 0x3C17D0DFU,
0xE6635C01U, 0x77E153CAU, 0x7BC6CAFDU, 0xC377486BU, 0xDAA3CF98U, 0xFE0EB8B9U, 0xB2430590U, 0xF0BDD041U,
0x6B6B51F4U, 0xBABB5D54U, 0x6CBC2EB0U, 0xCB0D0FA2U, 0x3813CFCBU, 0x0C8E08F7U, 0x23D5E9B7U, 0x5526F3C6U,
0x1C6C6162U, 0xA3A06C15U, 0x6D7E4487U, 0x73B168C7U, 0x0573E67BU, 0xC7D2DB52U, 0x85A2E203U, 0x998CF358U,
0x856530D8U, 0x888D3FD6U, 0x6F38FADEU, 0x6104C729U, 0x42D39CABU, 0x4146A9FCU, 0xB44AF89EU, 0x1703F4BBU,
0xF262004EU, 0x91960E97U, 0x6EFA90E9U, 0xD9B8A04CU, 0x7FB3B51BU, 0x8A1A7A59U, 0x123DF32AU, 0xDBA9F425U,
0x6C0695EDU, 0xDED79850U, 0x6BB5866CU, 0x446F98F5U, 0xCD93690BU, 0x971F4AE1U, 0xD79ACDA4U, 0xD16CFD3CU,
0x1B01A57BU, 0xC7CCA911U, 0x6A77EC5BU, 0xFCD3FF90U, 0xF0F340BBU, 0x5C439944U, 0x71EDC610U, 0x1DC6FDA2U,
0x8208F4C1U, 0xECE1FAD2U, 0x68315202U, 0xEE66507EU, 0xB7533A6BU, 0xDAD7EBEAU, 0x4005DC8DU, 0x9349FA41U,
0xF50FC457U, 0xF5FACB93U, 0x69F33835U, 0x56DA371BU, 0x8A3313DBU, 0x118B384FU, 0xE672D739U, 0x5FE3FADFU,
0x65B0D9C6U, 0x7262D75CU, 0x62AF7F08U, 0x0EB9274DU, 0x0863840AU, 0xE0DD8A9AU, 0x103AA7D0U, 0x86C3E873U,
0x12B7E950U, 0x6B79E61DU, 0x636D153FU, 0xB6054028U, 0x3503ADBAU, 0x2B81593FU, 0xB64DAC64U, 0x4A69E8EDU,
0x8BBEB8EAU, 0x4054B5DEU, 0x612BAB66U, 0xA4B0EFC6U, 0x72A3D76AU, 0xAD152B91U, 0x87A5B6F9U, 0xC4E6EF0EU,
0xFCB9887CU, 0x594F849FU, 0x60E9C151U, 0x1C0C88A3U, 0x4FC3FEDAU, 0x6649F834U, 0x21D2BD4DU, 0x084CEF90U,
0x62DD1DDFU, 0x160E1258U, 0x65A6D7D4U, 0x81DBB01AU, 0xFDE322CAU, 0x7B4CC88CU, 0xE47583C3U, 0x0289E689U,
0x15DA2D49U, 0x0F152319U, 0x6464BDE3U, 0x3967D77FU, 0xC0830B7AU, 0xB0101B29U, 0x42028877U, 0xCE23E617U,
0x8CD37CF3U, 0x243870DAU, 0x662203BAU, 0x2BD27891U, 0x872371AAU, 0x36846987U, 0x73EA92EAU, 0x40ACE1F4U,
0xFBD44C65U, 0x3D23419BU, 0x67E0698DU, 0x936E1FF4U, 0xBA43581AU, 0xFDD8BA22U, 0xD59D995EU, 0x8C06E16AU,
0x4DB26158U, 0x65FD6BA7U, 0x48D7CB20U, 0x3B26F703U, 0x9932774DU, 0x08F40F5AU, 0x8BB64CE5U, 0xD0EBA0BBU,
0x3AB551CEU, 0x7CE65AE6U, 0x4915A117U, 0x839A9066U, 0xA4525EFDU, 0xC3A8DCFFU, 0x2DC14751U, 0x1C41A025U,
0xA3BC0074U, 0x57CB0925U, 0x4B531F4EU, 0x912F3F88U, 0xE3F2242DU, 0x453CAE51U, 0x1C295DCCU, 0x92CEA7C6U,
0xD4BB30E2U, 0x4ED03864U, 0x4A917579U, 0x299358EDU, 0xDE920D9DU, 0x8E607DF4U, 0xBA5E5678U, 0x5E64A758U,
0x4ADFA541U, 0x0191AEA3U, 0x4FDE63FCU, 0xB4446054U, 0x6CB2D18DU, 0x93654D4CU, 0x7FF968F6U, 0x54A1AE41U,
0x3DD895D7U, 0x188A9FE2U, 0x4E1C09CBU, 0x0CF80731U, 0x51D2F83DU, 0x58399EE9U, 0xD98E6342U, 0x980BAEDFU,
0xA4D1C46DU, 0x33A7CC21U, 0x4C5AB792U, 0x1E4DA8DFU, 0x167282EDU, 0xDEADEC47U, 0xE86679DFU, 0x1684A93CU,
0xD3D6F4FBU, 0x2ABCFD60U, 0x4D98DDA5U, 0xA6F1CFBAU, 0x2B12AB5DU, 0x15F13FE2U, 0x4E11726BU, 0xDA2EA9A2U,
0x4369E96AU, 0xAD24E1AFU, 0x46C49A98U, 0xFE92DFECU, 0xA9423C8CU, 0xE4A78D37U, 0xB8590282U, 0x030EBB0EU,
0x346ED9FCU, 0xB43FD0EEU, 0x4706F0AFU, 0x462EB889U, 0x9422153CU, 0x2FFB5E92U, 0x1E2E0936U, 0xCFA4BB90U,
0xAD678846U, 0x9F12832DU, 0x45404EF6U, 0x549B1767U, 0xD3826FECU, 0xA96F2C3CU, 0x2FC613ABU, 0x412BBC73U,
0xDA60B8D0U, 0x8609B26CU, 0x448224C1U, 0xEC277002U, 0xEEE2465CU, 0x6233FF99U, 0x89B1181FU, 0x8D81BCEDU,
0x44042D73U, 0xC94824ABU, 0x41CD3244U, 0x71F048BBU, 0x5CC29A4CU, 0x7F36CF21U, 0x4C162691U, 0x8744B5F4U,
0x33031DE5U, 0xD05315EAU, 0x400F5873U, 0xC94C2FDEU, 0x61A2B3FCU, 0xB46A1C84U, 0xEA612D25U, 0x4BEEB56AU,
0xAA0A4C5FU, 0xFB7E4629U, 0x4249E62AU, 0xDBF98030U, 0x2602C92CU, 0x32FE6E2AU, 0xDB8937B8U, 0xC561B289U,
0xDD0D7CC9U, 0xE2657768U, 0x438B8C1DU, 0x6345E755U, 0x1B62E09CU, 0xF9A2BD8FU, 0x7DFE3C0CU, 0x09CBB217U,
0x5005713CU, 0x2F3F79F6U, 0x54F16850U, 0x6B3FA09CU, 0xF9D2E0CFU, 0x0B220DC1U, 0xEC68D02BU, 0xAC509190U,
0x270241AAU, 0x362448B7U, 0x55330267U, 0xD383C7F9U, 0xC4B2C97FU, 0xC07EDE64U, 0x4A1FDB9FU, 0x60FA910EU,
0xBE0B1010U, 0x1D091B74U, 0x5775BC3EU, 0xC1366817U, 0x8312B3AFU, 0x46EAACCAU, 0x7BF7C102U, 0xEE7596EDU,
0xC90C2086U, 0x04122A35U, 0x56B7D609U, 0x798A0F72U, 0xBE729A1FU, 0x8DB67F6FU, 0xDD80CAB6U, 0x22DF9673U,
0x5768B525U, 0x4B53BCF2U, 0x53F8C08CU, 0xE45D37CBU, 0x0C52460FU, 0x90B34FD7U, 0x1827F438U, 0x281A9F6AU,
0x206F85B3U, 0x52488DB3U, 0x523AAABBU, 0x5CE150AEU, 0x31326FBFU, 0x5BEF9C72U, 0xBE50FF8CU, 0xE4B09FF4U,
0xB966D409U, 0x7965DE70U, 0x507C14E2U, 0x4E54FF40U, 0x7692156FU, 0xDD7BEEDCU, 0x8FB8E511U, 0x6A3F9817U,
0xCE61E49FU, 0x607EEF31U, 0x51BE7ED5U, 0xF6E89825U, 0x4BF23CDFU, 0x16273D79U, 0x29CFEEA5U, 0xA6959889U,
0x5EDEF90EU, 0xE7E6F3FEU, 0x5AE239E8U, 0xAE8B8873U, 0xC9A2AB0EU, 0xE7718FACU, 0xDF879E4CU, 0x7FB58A25U,
0x29D9C998U, 0xFEFDC2BFU, 0x5B2053DFU, 0x1637EF16U, 0xF4C282BEU, 0x2C2D5C09U, 0x79F095F8U, 0xB31F8ABBU,
0xB0D09822U, 0xD5D0917CU, 0x5966ED86U, 0x048240F8U, 0xB362F86EU, 0xAAB92EA7U, 0x48188F65U, 0x3D908D58U,
0xC7D7A8B4U, 0xCCCBA03DU, 0x58A487B1U, 0xBC3E279DU, 0x8E02D1DEU, 0x61E5FD02U, 0xEE6F84D1U, 0xF13A8DC6U,
0x59B33D17U, 0x838A36FAU, 0x5DEB9134U, 0x21E91F24U, 0x3C220DCEU, 0x7CE0CDBAU, 0x2BC8BA5FU, 0xFBFF84DFU,
0x2EB40D81U, 0x9A9107BBU, 0x5C29FB03U, 0x99557841U, 0x0142247EU, 0xB7BC1E1FU, 0x8DBFB1EBU, 0x37558441U,
0xB7BD5C3BU, 0xB1BC5478U, 0x5E6F455AU, 0x8BE0D7AFU, 0x46E25EAEU, 0x31286CB1U, 0xBC57AB76U, 0xB9DA83A2U,
0xC0BA6CADU, 0xA8A76539U, 0x5FAD2F6DU, 0x335CB0CAU, 0x7B82771EU, 0xFA74BF14U, 0x1A20A0C2U, 0x7570833CU,
0xEDB88320U, 0x3B83984BU, 0xE1351B80U, 0xED59B63BU, 0xB1E6B092U, 0x1EB014D8U, 0x8816EAF2U, 0x533B85DAU,
0x9ABFB3B6U, 0x2298A90AU, 0xE0F771B7U, 0x55E5D15EU, 0x8C869922U, 0xD5ECC77DU, 0x2E61E146U, 0x9F918544U,
0x03B6E20CU, 0x09B5FAC9U, 0xE2B1CFEEU, 0x47507EB0U, 0xCB26E3F2U, 0x5378B5D3U, 0x1F89FBDBU, 0x111E82A7U,
0x74B1D29AU, 0x10AECB88U, 0xE373A5D9U, 0xFFEC19D5U, 0xF646CA42U, 0x98246676U, 0xB9FEF06FU, 0xDDB48239U,
0xEAD54739U, 0x5FEF5D4FU, 0xE63CB35CU, 0x623B216CU, 0x44661652U, 0x852156CEU, 0x7C59CEE1U, 0xD7718B20U,
0x9DD277AFU, 0x46F46C0EU, 0xE7FED96BU, 0xDA874609U, 0x79063FE2U, 0x4E7D856BU, 0xDA2EC555U, 0x1BDB8BBEU,
0x04DB2615U, 0x6DD93FCDU, 0xE5B86732U, 0xC832E9E7U, 0x3EA64532U, 0xC8E9F7C5U, 0xEBC6DFC8U, 0x95548C5DU,
0x73DC1683U, 0x74C20E8CU, 0xE47A0D05U, 0x708E8E82U, 0x03C66C82U, 0x03B52460U, 0x4DB1D47CU, 0x59FE8CC3U,
0xE3630B12U, 0xF35A1243U, 0xEF264A38U, 0x28ED9ED4U, 0x8196FB53U, 0xF2E396B5U, 0xBBF9A495U, 0x80DE9E6FU,
0x94643B84U, 0xEA412302U, 0xEEE4200FU, 0x9051F9B1U, 0xBCF6D2E3U, 0x39BF4510U, 0x1D8EAF21U, 0x4C749EF1U,
0x0D6D6A3EU, 0xC16C70C1U, 0xECA29E56U, 0x82E4565FU, 0xFB56A833U, 0xBF2B37BEU, 0x2C66B5BCU, 0xC2FB9912U,
0x7A6A5AA8U, 0xD8774180U, 0xED60F461U, 0x3A58313AU, 0xC6368183U, 0x7477E41BU, 0x8A11BE08U, 0x0E51998CU,
0xE40ECF0BU, 0x9736D747U, 0xE82FE2E4U, 0xA78F0983U, 0x74165D93U, 0x6972D4A3U, 0x4FB68086U, 0x04949095U,
0x9309FF9DU, 0x8E2DE606U, 0xE9ED88D3U, 0x1F336EE6U, 0x49767423U, 0xA22E0706U, 0xE9C18B32U, 0xC83E900BU,
0x0A00AE27U, 0xA500B5C5U, 0xEBAB368AU, 0x0D86C108U, 0x0ED60EF3U, 0x24BA75A8U, 0xD82991AFU, 0x46B197E8U,
0x7D079EB1U, 0xBC1B8484U, 0xEA695CBDU, 0xB53AA66DU, 0x33B62743U, 0xEFE6A60DU, 0x7E5E9A1BU, 0x8A1B9776U,
0xF00F9344U, 0x71418A1AU, 0xFD13B8F0U, 0xBD40E1A4U, 0xD1062710U, 0x1D661643U, 0xEFC8763CU, 0x2F80B4F1U,
0x8708A3D2U, 0x685ABB5BU, 0xFCD1D2C7U, 0x05FC86C1U, 0xEC660EA0U, 0xD63AC5E6U, 0x49BF7D88U, 0xE32AB46FU,
0x1E01F268U, 0x4377E898U, 0xFE976C9EU, 0x1749292FU, 0xABC67470U, 0x50AEB748U, 0x78576715U, 0x6DA5B38CU,
0x6906C2FEU, 0x5A6CD9D9U, 0xFF5506A9U, 0xAFF54E4AU, 0x96A65DC0U, 0x9BF264EDU, 0xDE206CA1U, 0xA10FB312U,
0xF762575DU, 0x152D4F1EU, 0xFA1A102CU, 0x322276F3U, 0x248681D0U, 0x86F75455U, 0x1B87522FU, 0xABCABA0BU,
0x806567CBU, 0x0C367E5FU, 0xFBD87A1BU, 0x8A9E1196U, 0x19E6A860U, 0x4DAB87F0U, 0xBDF0599BU, 0x6760BA95U,
0x196C3671U, 0x271B2D9CU, 0xF99EC442U, 0x982BBE78U, 0x5E46D2B0U, 0xCB3FF55EU, 0x8C184306U, 0xE9EFBD76U,
0x6E6B06E7U, 0x3E001CDDU, 0xF85CAE75U, 0x2097D91DU, 0x6326FB00U, 0x006326FBU, 0x2A6F48B2U, 0x2545BDE8U,
0xFED41B76U, 0xB9980012U, 0xF300E948U, 0x78F4C94BU, 0xE1766CD1U, 0xF135942EU, 0xDC27385BU, 0xFC65AF44U,
0x89D32BE0U, 0xA0833153U, 0xF2C2837FU, 0xC048AE2EU, 0xDC164561U, 0x3A69478BU, 0x7A5033EFU, 0x30CFAFDAU,
0x10DA7A5AU, 0x8BAE6290U, 0xF0843D26U, 0xD2FD01C0U, 0x9BB63FB1U, 0xBCFD3525U, 0x4BB82972U, 0xBE40A839U,
0x67DD4ACCU, 0x92B553D1U, 0xF1465711U, 0x6A4166A5U, 0xA6D61601U, 0x77A1E680U, 0xEDCF22C6U, 0x72EAA8A7U,
0xF9B9DF6FU, 0xDDF4C516U, 0xF4094194U, 0xF7965E1CU, 0x14F6CA11U, 0x6AA4D638U, 0x28681C48U, 0x782FA1BEU,
0x8EBEEFF9U, 0xC4EFF457U, 0xF5CB2BA3U, 0x4F2A3979U, 0x2996E3A1U, 0xA1F8059DU, 0x8E1F17FCU, 0xB485A120U,
0x17B7BE43U, 0xEFC2A794U, 0xF78D95FAU, 0x5D9F9697U, 0x6E369971U, 0x276C7733U, 0xBFF70D61U, 0x3A0AA6C3U,
0x60B08ED5U, 0xF6D996D5U, 0xF64FFFCDU, 0xE523F1F2U, 0x5356B0C1U, 0xEC30A496U, 0x198006D5U, 0xF6A0A65DU,
0xD6D6A3E8U, 0xAE07BCE9U, 0xD9785D60U, 0x4D6B1905U, 0x70279F96U, 0x191C11EEU, 0x47ABD36EU, 0xAA4DE78CU,
0xA1D1937EU, 0xB71C8DA8U, 0xD8BA3757U, 0xF5D77E60U, 0x4D47B626U, 0xD240C24BU, 0xE1DCD8DAU, 0x66E7E712U,
0x38D8C2C4U, 0x9C31DE6BU, 0xDAFC890EU, 0xE762D18EU, 0x0AE7CCF6U, 0x54D4B0E5U, 0xD034C247U, 0xE868E0F1U,
0x4FDFF252U, 0x852AEF2AU, 0xDB3EE339U, 0x5FDEB6EBU, 0x3787E546U, 0x9F886340U, 0x7643C9F3U, 0x24C2E06FU,
0xD1BB67F1U, 0xCA6B79EDU, 0xDE71F5BCU, 0xC2098E52U, 0x85A73956U, 0x828D53F8U, 0xB3E4F77DU, 0x2E07E976U,
0xA6BC5767U, 0xD37048ACU, 0xDFB39F8BU, 0x7AB5E937U, 0xB8C710E6U, 0x49D1805DU, 0x1593FCC9U, 0xE2ADE9E8U,
0x3FB506DDU, 0xF85D1B6FU, 0xDDF521D2U, 0x680046D9U, 0xFF676A36U, 0xCF45F2F3U, 0x247BE654U, 0x6C22EE0BU,
0x48B2364BU, 0xE1462A2EU, 0xDC374BE5U, 0xD0BC21BCU, 0xC2074386U, 0x04192156U, 0x820CEDE0U, 0xA088EE95U,
0xD80D2BDAU, 0x66DE36E1U, 0xD76B0CD8U, 0x88DF31EAU, 0x4057D457U, 0xF54F9383U, 0x74449D09U, 0x79A8FC39U,
0xAF0A1B4CU, 0x7FC507A0U, 0xD6A966EFU, 0x3063568FU, 0x7D37FDE7U, 0x3E134026U, 0xD23396BDU, 0xB502FCA7U,
0x36034AF6U, 0x54E85463U, 0xD4EFD8B6U, 0x22D6F961U, 0x3A978737U, 0xB8873288U, 0xE3DB8C20U, 0x3B8DFB44U,
0x41047A60U, 0x4DF36522U, 0xD52DB281U, 0x9A6A9E04U, 0x07F7AE87U, 0x73DBE12DU, 0x45AC8794U, 0xF727FBDAU,
0xDF60EFC3U, 0x02B2F3E5U, 0xD062A404U, 0x07BDA6BDU, 0xB5D77297U, 0x6EDED195U, 0x800BB91AU, 0xFDE2F2C3U,
0xA867DF55U, 0x1BA9C2A4U, 0xD1A0CE33U, 0xBF01C1D8U, 0x88B75B27U, 0xA5820230U, 0x267CB2AEU, 0x3148F25DU,
0x316E8EEFU, 0x30849167U, 0xD3E6706AU, 0xADB46E36U, 0xCF1721F7U, 0x2316709EU, 0x1794A833U, 0xBFC7F5BEU,
0x4669BE79U, 0x299FA026U, 0xD2241A5DU, 0x15080953U, 0xF2770847U, 0xE84AA33BU, 0xB1E3A387U, 0x736DF520U,
0xCB61B38CU, 0xE4C5AEB8U, 0xC55EFE10U, 0x1D724E9AU, 0x10C70814U, 0x1ACA1375U, 0x20754FA0U, 0xD6F6D6A7U,
0xBC66831AU, 0xFDDE9FF9U, 0xC49C9427U, 0xA5CE29FFU, 0x2DA721A4U, 0xD196C0D0U, 0x86024414U, 0x1A5CD639U,
0x256FD2A0U, 0xD6F3CC3AU, 0xC6DA2A7EU, 0xB77B8611U, 0x6A075B74U, 0x5702B27EU, 0xB7EA5E89U, 0x94D3D1DAU,
0x5268E236U, 0xCFE8FD7BU, 0xC7184049U, 0x0FC7E174U, 0x576772C4U, 0x9C5E61DBU, 0x119D553DU, 0x5879D144U,
0xCC0C7795U, 0x80A96BBCU, 0xC25756CCU, 0x9210D9CDU, 0xE547AED4U, 0x815B5163U, 0xD43A6BB3U, 0x52BCD85DU,
0xBB0B4703U, 0x99B25AFDU, 0xC3953CFBU, 0x2AACBEA8U, 0xD8278764U, 0x4A0782C6U, 0x724D6007U, 0x9E16D8C3U,
0x220216B9U, 0xB29F093EU, 0xC1D382A2U, 0x38191146U, 0x9F87FDB4U, 0xCC93F068U, 0x43A57A9AU, 0x1099DF20U,
0x5505262FU, 0xAB84387FU, 0xC011E895U, 0x80A57623U, 0xA2E7D404U, 0x07CF23CDU, 0xE5D2712EU, 0xDC33DFBEU,
0xC5BA3BBEU, 0x2C1C24B0U, 0xCB4DAFA8U, 0xD8C66675U, 0x20B743D5U, 0xF6999118U, 0x139A01C7U, 0x0513CD12U,
0xB2BD0B28U, 0x350715F1U, 0xCA8FC59FU, 0x607A0110U, 0x1DD76A65U, 0x3DC542BDU, 0xB5ED0A73U, 0xC9B9CD8CU,
0x2BB45A92U, 0x1E2A4632U, 0xC8C97BC6U, 0x72CFAEFEU, 0x5A7710B5U, 0xBB513013U, 0x840510EEU, 0x4736CA6FU,
0x5CB36A04U, 0x07317773U, 0xC90B11F1U, 0xCA73C99BU, 0x67173905U, 0x700DE3B6U, 0x22721B5AU, 0x8B9CCAF1U,
0xC2D7FFA7U, 0x4870E1B4U, 0xCC440774U, 0x57A4F122U, 0xD537E515U, 0x6D08D30EU, 0xE7D525D4U, 0x8159C3E8U,
0xB5D0CF31U, 0x516BD0F5U, 0xCD866D43U, 0xEF189647U, 0xE857CCA5U, 0xA65400ABU, 0x41A22E60U, 0x4DF3C376U,
0x2CD99E8BU, 0x7A468336U, 0xCFC0D31AU, 0xFDAD39A9U, 0xAFF7B675U, 0x20C07205U, 0x704A34FDU, 0xC37CC495U,
0x5BDEAE1DU, 0x635DB277U, 0xCE02B92DU, 0x45115ECCU, 0x92979FC5U, 0xEB9CA1A0U, 0xD63D3F49U, 0x0FD6C40BU,
0x9B64C2B0U, 0xCBFAD74EU, 0x91AF9640U, 0x764DEE06U, 0xE915E8DBU, 0x11E81EB4U, 0xCC1D9F8BU, 0x7AA64737U,
0xEC63F226U, 0xD2E1E60FU, 0x906DFC77U, 0xCEF18963U, 0xD475C16BU, 0xDAB4CD11U, 0x6A6A943FU, 0xB60C47A9U,
0x756AA39CU, 0xF9CCB5CCU, 0x922B422EU, 0xDC44268DU, 0x93D5BBBBU, 0x5C20BFBFU, 0x5B828EA2U, 0x3883404AU,
0x026D930AU, 0xE0D7848DU, 0x93E92819U, 0x64F841E8U, 0xAEB5920BU, 0x977C6C1AU, 0xFDF58516U, 0xF42940D4U,
0x9C0906A9U, 0xAF96124AU, 0x96A63E9CU, 0xF92F7951U, 0x1C954E1BU, 0x8A795CA2U, 0x3852BB98U, 0xFEEC49CDU,
0xEB0E363FU, 0xB68D230BU, 0x976454ABU, 0x41931E34U, 0x21F567ABU, 0x41258F07U, 0x9E25B02CU, 0x32464953U,
0x72076785U, 0x9DA070C8U, 0x9522EAF2U, 0x5326B1DAU, 0x66551D7BU, 0xC7B1FDA9U, 0xAFCDAAB1U, 0xBCC94EB0U,
0x05005713U, 0x84BB4189U, 0x94E080C5U, 0xEB9AD6BFU, 0x5B3534CBU, 0x0CED2E0CU, 0x09BAA105U, 0x70634E2EU,
0x95BF4A82U, 0x03235D46U, 0x9FBCC7F8U, 0xB3F9C6E9U, 0xD965A31AU, 0xFDBB9CD9U, 0xFFF2D1ECU, 0xA9435C82U,
0xE2B87A14U, 0x1A386C07U, 0x9E7EADCFU, 0x0B45A18CU, 0xE4058AAAU, 0x36E74F7CU, 0x5985DA58U, 0x65E95C1CU,
0x7BB12BAEU, 0x31153FC4U, 0x9C381396U, 0x19F00E62U, 0xA3A5F07AU, 0xB0733DD2U, 0x686DC0C5U, 0xEB665BFFU,
0x0CB61B38U, 0x280E0E85U, 0x9DFA79A1U, 0xA14C6907U, 0x9EC5D9CAU, 0x7B2FEE77U, 0xCE1ACB71U, 0x27CC5B61U,
0x92D28E9BU, 0x674F9842U, 0x98B56F24U, 0x3C9B51BEU, 0x2CE505DAU, 0x662ADECFU, 0x0BBDF5FFU, 0x2D095278U,
0xE5D5BE0DU, 0x7E54A903U, 0x99770513U, 0x842736DBU, 0x11852C6AU, 0xAD760D6AU, 0xADCAFE4BU, 0xE1A352E6U,
0x7CDCEFB7U, 0x5579FAC0U, 0x9B31BB4AU, 0x96929935U, 0x562556BAU, 0x2BE27FC4U, 0x9C22E4D6U, 0x6F2C5505U,
0x0BDBDF21U, 0x4C62CB81U, 0x9AF3D17DU, 0x2E2EFE50U, 0x6B457F0AU, 0xE0BEAC61U, 0x3A55EF62U, 0xA386559BU,
0x86D3D2D4U, 0x8138C51FU, 0x8D893530U, 0x2654B999U, 0x89F57F59U, 0x123E1C2FU, 0xABC30345U, 0x061D761CU,
0xF1D4E242U, 0x9823F45EU, 0x8C4B5F07U, 0x9EE8DEFCU, 0xB49556E9U, 0xD962CF8AU, 0x0DB408F1U, 0xCAB77682U,
0x68DDB3F8U, 0xB30EA79DU, 0x8E0DE15EU, 0x8C5D7112U, 0xF3352C39U, 0x5FF6BD24U, 0x3C5C126CU, 0x44387161U,
0x1FDA836EU, 0xAA1596DCU, 0x8FCF8B69U, 0x34E11677U, 0xCE550589U, 0x94AA6E81U, 0x9A2B19D8U, 0x889271FFU,
0x81BE16CDU, 0xE554001BU, 0x8A809DECU, 0xA9362ECEU, 0x7C75D999U, 0x89AF5E39U, 0x5F8C2756U, 0x825778E6U,
0xF6B9265BU, 0xFC4F315AU, 0x8B42F7DBU, 0x118A49ABU, 0x4115F029U, 0x42F38D9CU, 0xF9FB2CE2U, 0x4EFD7878U,
0x6FB077E1U, 0xD7626299U, 0x89044982U, 0x033FE645U, 0x06B58AF9U, 0xC467FF32U, 0xC813367FU, 0xC0727F9BU,
0x18B74777U, 0xCE7953D8U, 0x88C623B5U, 0xBB838120U, 0x3BD5A349U, 0x0F3B2C97U, 0x6E643DCBU, 0x0CD87F05U,
0x88085AE6U, 0x49E14F17U, 0x839A6488U, 0xE3E09176U, 0xB9853498U, 0xFE6D9E42U, 0x982C4D22U, 0xD5F86DA9U,
0xFF0F6A70U, 0x50FA7E56U, 0x82580EBFU, 0x5B5CF613U, 0x84E51D28U, 0x35314DE7U, 0x3E5B4696U, 0x19526D37U,
0x66063BCAU, 0x7BD72D95U, 0x801EB0E6U, 0x49E959FDU, 0xC34567F8U, 0xB3A53F49U, 0x0FB35C0BU, 0x97DD6AD4U,
0x11010B5CU, 0x62CC1CD4U, 0x81DCDAD1U, 0xF1553E98U, 0xFE254E48U, 0x78F9ECECU, 0xA9C457BFU, 0x5B776A4AU,
0x8F659EFFU, 0x2D8D8A13U, 0x8493CC54U, 0x6C820621U, 0x4C059258U, 0x65FCDC54U, 0x6C636931U, 0x51B26353U,
0xF862AE69U, 0x3496BB52U, 0x8551A663U, 0xD43E6144U, 0x7165BBE8U, 0xAEA00FF1U, 0xCA146285U, 0x9D1863CDU,
0x616BFFD3U, 0x1FBBE891U, 0x8717183AU, 0xC68BCEAAU, 0x36C5C138U, 0x28347D5FU, 0xFBFC7818U, 0x1397642EU,
0x166CCF45U, 0x06A0D9D0U, 0x86D5720DU, 0x7E37A9CFU, 0x0BA5E888U, 0xE368AEFAU, 0x5D8B73ACU, 0xDF3D64B0U,
0xA00AE278U, 0x5E7EF3ECU, 0xA9E2D0A0U, 0xD67F4138U, 0x28D4C7DFU, 0x16441B82U, 0x03A0A617U, 0x83D02561U,
0xD70DD2EEU, 0x4765C2ADU, 0xA820BA97U, 0x6EC3265DU, 0x15B4EE6FU, 0xDD18C827U, 0xA5D7ADA3U, 0x4F7A25FFU,
0x4E048354U, 0x6C48916EU, 0xAA6604CEU, 0x7C7689B3U, 0x521494BFU, 0x5B8CBA89U, 0x943FB73EU, 0xC1F5221CU,
0x3903B3C2U, 0x7553A02FU, 0xABA46EF9U, 0xC4CAEED6U, 0x6F74BD0FU, 0x90D0692CU, 0x3248BC8AU, 0x0D5F2282U,
0xA7672661U, 0x3A1236E8U, 0xAEEB787CU, 0x591DD66FU, 0xDD54611FU, 0x8DD55994U, 0xF7EF8204U, 0x079A2B9BU,
0xD06016F7U, 0x230907A9U, 0xAF29124BU, 0xE1A1B10AU, 0xE03448AFU, 0x46898A31U, 0x519889B0U, 0xCB302B05U,
0x4969474DU, 0x0824546AU, 0xAD6FAC12U, 0xF3141EE4U, 0xA794327FU, 0xC01DF89FU, 0x6070932DU, 0x45BF2CE6U,
0x3E6E77DBU, 0x113F652BU, 0xACADC625U, 0x4BA87981U, 0x9AF41BCFU, 0x0B412B3AU, 0xC6079899U, 0x89152C78U,
0xAED16A4AU, 0x96A779E4U, 0xA7F18118U, 0x13CB69D7U, 0x18A48C1EU, 0xFA1799EFU, 0x304FE870U, 0x50353ED4U,
0xD9D65ADCU, 0x8FBC48A5U, 0xA633EB2FU, 0xAB770EB2U, 0x25C4A5AEU, 0x314B4A4AU, 0x9638E3C4U, 0x9C9F3E4AU,
0x40DF0B66U, 0xA4911B66U, 0xA4755576U, 0xB9C2A15CU, 0x6264DF7EU, 0xB7DF38E4U, 0xA7D0F959U, 0x121039A9U,
0x37D83BF0U, 0xBD8A2A27U, 0xA5B73F41U, 0x017EC639U, 0x5F04F6CEU, 0x7C83EB41U, 0x01A7F2EDU, 0xDEBA3937U,
0xA9BCAE53U, 0xF2CBBCE0U, 0xA0F829C4U, 0x9CA9FE80U, 0xED242ADEU, 0x6186DBF9U, 0xC400CC63U, 0xD47F302EU,
0xDEBB9EC5U, 0xEBD08DA1U, 0xA13A43F3U, 0x241599E5U, 0xD044036EU, 0xAADA085CU, 0x6277C7D7U, 0x18D530B0U,
0x47B2CF7FU, 0xC0FDDE62U, 0xA37CFDAAU, 0x36A0360BU, 0x97E479BEU, 0x2C4E7AF2U, 0x539FDD4AU, 0x965A3753U,
0x30B5FFE9U, 0xD9E6EF23U, 0xA2BE979DU, 0x8E1C516EU, 0xAA84500EU, 0xE712A957U, 0xF5E8D6FEU, 0x5AF037CDU,
0xBDBDF21CU, 0x14BCE1BDU, 0xB5C473D0U, 0x866616A7U, 0x4834505DU, 0x15921919U, 0x647E3AD9U, 0xFF6B144AU,
0xCABAC28AU, 0x0DA7D0FCU, 0xB40619E7U, 0x3EDA71C2U, 0x755479EDU, 0xDECECABCU, 0xC209316DU, 0x33C114D4U,
0x53B39330U, 0x268A833FU, 0xB640A7BEU, 0x2C6FDE2CU, 0x32F4033DU, 0x585AB812U, 0xF3E12BF0U, 0xBD4E1337U,
0x24B4A3A6U, 0x3F91B27EU, 0xB782CD89U, 0x94D3B949U, 0x0F942A8DU, 0x93066BB7U, 0x55962044U, 0x71E413A9U,
0xBAD03605U, 0x70D024B9U, 0xB2CDDB0CU, 0x090481F0U, 0xBDB4F69DU, 0x8E035B0FU, 0x90311ECAU, 0x7B211AB0U,
0xCDD70693U, 0x69CB15F8U, 0xB30FB13BU, 0xB1B8E695U, 0x80D4DF2DU, 0x455F88AAU, 0x3646157EU, 0xB78B1A2EU,
0x54DE5729U, 0x42E6463BU, 0xB1490F62U, 0xA30D497BU, 0xC774A5FDU, 0xC3CBFA04U, 0x07AE0FE3U, 0x39041DCDU,
0x23D967BFU, 0x5BFD777AU, 0xB08B6555U, 0x1BB12E1EU, 0xFA148C4DU, 0x089729A1U, 0xA1D90457U, 0xF5AE1D53U,
0xB3667A2EU, 0xDC656BB5U, 0xBBD72268U, 0x43D23E48U, 0x78441B9CU, 0xF9C19B74U, 0x579174BEU, 0x2C8E0FFFU,
0xC4614AB8U, 0xC57E5AF4U, 0xBA15485FU, 0xFB6E592DU, 0x4524322CU, 0x329D48D1U, 0xF1E67F0AU, 0xE0240F61U,
0x5D681B02U, 0xEE530937U, 0xB853F606U, 0xE9DBF6C3U, 0x028448FCU, 0xB4093A7FU, 0xC00E6597U, 0x6EAB0882U,
0x2A6F2B94U, 0xF7483876U, 0xB9919C31U, 0x516791A6U, 0x3FE4614CU, 0x7F55E9DAU, 0x66796E23U, 0xA201081CU,
0xB40BBE37U, 0xB809AEB1U, 0xBCDE8AB4U, 0xCCB0A91FU, 0x8DC4BD5CU, 0x6250D962U, 0xA3DE50ADU, 0xA8C40105U,
0xC30C8EA1U, 0xA1129FF0U, 0xBD1CE083U, 0x740CCE7AU, 0xB0A494ECU, 0xA90C0AC7U, 0x05A95B19U, 0x646E019BU,
0x5A05DF1BU, 0x8A3FCC33U, 0xBF5A5EDAU, 0x66B96194U, 0xF704EE3CU, 0x2F987869U, 0x34414184U, 0xEAE10678U,
0x2D02EF8DU, 0x9324FD72U, 0xBE9834EDU, 0xDE0506F1U, 0xCA64C78CU, 0xE4C4ABCCU, 0x92364A30U, 0x264B06E6U,
uint32_t ulCrc32;
if(pBuffer == NULL)
const uint8_t *pbBuffer = CAST_VOID_PTR_TO_CONST_UINT8_PTR(pBuffer);
uint32_t ulIdx = 0U;
const uint32_t *pulXorCrc0 = &aulCrc32Table[7U];
const uint32_t *pulXorCrc1 = &aulCrc32Table[6U];
const uint32_t *pulXorCrc2 = &aulCrc32Table[5U];
const uint32_t *pulXorCrc3 = &aulCrc32Table[4U];
const uint32_t *pulXorData4 = &aulCrc32Table[3U];
const uint32_t *pulXorData5 = &aulCrc32Table[2U];
const uint32_t *pulXorData6 = &aulCrc32Table[1U];
const uint32_t *pulXorData7 = &aulCrc32Table[0U];
uint32_t ulSliceLen;
ulCrc32 = ~ulInitCrc32;
/* Aligned memory access is used below. To avoid suboptimal
performance and faults (depending on platform), handle the
unaligned initial bytes (if any) using the Sarwate algorithm.
while((ulIdx < ulLength) && !IS_ALIGNED_PTR(&pbBuffer[ulIdx]))
ulCrc32 = (ulCrc32 >> 8U) ^ aulCrc32Table[((ulCrc32 ^ pbBuffer[ulIdx]) & 0xFFU) << 3U];
/* Round down the length to the nearest multiple of eight.
ulSliceLen = (((ulLength - ulIdx) >> 3U) << 3U) + ulIdx;
/* Compute the CRC in eight byte "slices". Takes advantage of
modern processors which can load in parallel from multiple
memory locations.
while(ulIdx < ulSliceLen)
ulCrc32 ^= pbBuffer[ulIdx] | ((uint32_t)pbBuffer[ulIdx+1U] << 8U) |
((uint32_t)pbBuffer[ulIdx+2U] << 16U) | ((uint32_t)pbBuffer[ulIdx+3U] << 24U);
ulCrc32 ^= *CAST_CONST_UINT32_PTR(&pbBuffer[ulIdx]);
ulCrc32 =
pulXorCrc3[((ulCrc32 >> 24U) & 0xFFU) << 3U] ^
pulXorCrc2[((ulCrc32 >> 16U) & 0xFFU) << 3U] ^
pulXorCrc1[((ulCrc32 >> 8U) & 0xFFU) << 3U] ^
pulXorCrc0[ (ulCrc32 & 0xFFU) << 3U] ^
pulXorData7[pbBuffer[ulIdx+7U] << 3U] ^
pulXorData6[pbBuffer[ulIdx+6U] << 3U] ^
pulXorData5[pbBuffer[ulIdx+5U] << 3U] ^
pulXorData4[pbBuffer[ulIdx+4U] << 3U];
ulIdx += 8U;
/* Compute the remaining bytes with the Sarwate algorithm.
while(ulIdx < ulLength)
ulCrc32 = (ulCrc32 >> 8U) ^ aulCrc32Table[((ulCrc32 ^ pbBuffer[ulIdx]) & 0xFFU) << 3U];
ulCrc32 = ~ulCrc32;
return ulCrc32;
/** @brief Compute a CRC32 for a metadata node buffer.
@param pBuffer The metadata node buffer for which to compute a CRC. Must
be a block sized buffer.
@return The CRC of the buffer.
uint32_t RedCrcNode(
const void *pBuffer)
uint32_t ulCrc;
if(pBuffer == NULL)
const uint8_t *pbBuffer = CAST_VOID_PTR_TO_CONST_UINT8_PTR(pBuffer);
/* The first eight bytes of a metadata node contain the signature and
the CRC. There is little value in CRCing the signature, and the
CRC cannot be CRC'd, so skip over that part of the buffer.
ulCrc = RedCrc32Update(0U, &pbBuffer[8U], REDCONF_BLOCK_SIZE - 8U);
return ulCrc;