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* (c) Copyright 2009 Actel Corporation. All rights reserved.
* SmartFusion A2FxxxM3 CMSIS system initialization.
* SVN $Revision: 2064 $
* SVN $Date: 2010-01-27 15:05:58 +0000 (Wed, 27 Jan 2010) $
#ifndef __SYSTEM_A2FM3FXX_H__
#define __SYSTEM_A2FM3FXX_H__
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Standard CMSIS global variables. */
extern uint32_t SystemFrequency; /*!< System Clock Frequency (Core Clock) */
extern uint32_t SystemCoreClock; /*!< System Clock Frequency (Core Clock) */
/* SmartFusion specific clocks. */
extern uint32_t g_FrequencyPCLK0; /*!< Clock frequency of APB bus 0. */
extern uint32_t g_FrequencyPCLK1; /*!< Clock frequency of APB bus 1. */
extern uint32_t g_FrequencyACE; /*!< Clock frequency of Analog Compute Engine. */
extern uint32_t g_FrequencyFPGA; /*!< Clock frequecny of FPGA fabric */
* The SystemInit() is a standard CMSIS function called during system startup.
* It is meant to perform low level hardware setup such as configuring PLLs. In
* the case of SmartFusion these hardware setup operations are performed by the
* chip boot which executed before the application started. Therefore this
* function does not need to perform any hardware setup.
void SystemInit(void);
* The SystemCoreClockUpdate() is a standard CMSIS function which can be called
* by the application in order to ensure that the SystemCoreClock global
* variable contains the up to date Cortex-M3 core frequency. Calling this
* function also updates the global variables containing the frequencies of the
* APB busses connecting the peripherals and the ACE frequency.
void SystemCoreClockUpdate(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus