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HowTo DSP_Lib_TestSuite (Source Variant) 18.02.2019
This file describes the folder structure, content, prerequisites and instructions to validate the
build of the CMSIS-DSP library. This is done by processing input data sets using the DSP Library
functions executing on a target simulator or hardware. The output data sets are then compared
with the reference data set produced by unoptimized DSP functions and a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
is computed. If the SNR is below a defined threshold the test is considered "passed".
Folder structure
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite Batch files for building the reference libraries and running the tests.
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\inc DSP_Lib test include files
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\JTest JTEST Test Framework + INI files for uVision
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\platform ARM/GCC device startup/system files
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\src DSP_Lib test source files
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\DspLibTest_FVP ARM/GCC DSP_Lib test projects for Fixed Virtual Platforms
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\DspLibTest_MPS2 ARM/GCC DSP_Lib test projects for MPS2
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\DspLibTest_Simulator ARM/GCC DSP_Lib test projects for uVision simulator
.\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\RefLibs ARM/GCC DSP_Lib reference libraries (and projects)
- Python (running on Windows). Tested with ActivePython
- Keil MDK-ARM (tested with MDK-ARM 5.22:
- ULINKpro debug adapter (
- MPS2 (Cortex-M Prototyping System:
- CMSIS 5.0.0 (
- open a Windows command window in folder .\CMSIS\DSP\DSP_Lib_TestSuite.
How to run the tests
a) running an individual test using uVision (MDK-ARM):
- batch file: runTest_SV.bat
- run: runTest_SV.bat in a Windows command window in folder .\CMSIS\DSP\DSP_Lib_TestSuite
runTest_SV -> prints usage information
e.g. runTest_SV ARM cortexM4lf Simulator -> runs the test for toolchain ARM, Cortex-M4 littel endian with FPU, uVision Simulator.
Tests running on MPS2 requires additional steps to setup. See section 'MPS2'.
d) parsing the test output log file
- script:
- run: python script in a Windows command window in folder .\CMSIS\DSP\DSP_Lib_TestSuite
command line options should match the invocation of the runTest executed before.
e.g: runTest ARM cortexM4lf Simulator -> python ARM cortexM4lf Simulator
- check the test log
depending on your test parameters change into the required folder
the folder will contain the following files (e.g. for a 'runTest') :
DspLibTest_Simulator.log raw result of the last test run.
DspLibTest_Simulator_cortexM4lf.log raw result of a cortexM4lf test run
DspLibTest_Simulator_cortexM4lf_build.log build result of cortexM4lf test
DspLibTest_Simulator_cortexM4lf_parsed.log parsed log of raw result of a cortexM4lf test run
DspLibTest_Simulator_cortexM4lf_time.log log how long the test took (some tests e.g. M0 take really a long time!).
'runTest' produces files of the format: DspLibTest_<test>_<core>...
Differences between the tests for FVP, MPS2, Simulator
- all tests are identical except for:
'Simulator' uses uVision with uVision simulator and generates also code coverage information
can be used for little/big endian tests
! do not use 'Simulator' for M7 with FPU -> no uVision simulation available.
! do not use 'Simulator' for ARMv8-M devices -> no uVision simulation available.
'MPS2' uses uVision with ULINKpro debugger and MPS2. No code coverage information is generated.
can be used for little endian only (because of the lack of MPS2 FPGA images).
'FVP' uses uVision with Models debugger. No code coverage information is generated.
can be used for little/big endian tests.
! config files must be prepared.
! uVision target for big endianess are not yet prepared.
Setup 'MPS2'
- load the appropriate FPGA image to the MPS2 board matching the CPU of the test builds prior to running the test
- check if ULINKpro can connect with the configured debug connection (JTAG or SWD) as this must
match the protocol implemented in the FPGA image.
How to select tests for "run all tests"
- edit .\CMSIS\DSP\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\src\all_tests.c
comment out all unwanted test groups.
e.g. // JTEST_GROUP_CALL(complex_math_tests);
- edit .\CMSIS\DSP\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\src\<test group>/<test group>_group.c
comment out all unwanted sub test groups.
e.g. file .\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\src\basic_math_tests\basic_math_test_group.c -> // JTEST_GROUP_CALL(abs_tests);
- edit .\CMSIS\DSP\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\src\<test group>/<test>_tests.c
comment out all unwanted tests.
e.g. file .\DSP_Lib_TestSuite\Common\src\basic_math_tests\abs_tests.c -> // JTEST_TEST_CALL(arm_abs_f32_test);
- How to use ARM Clang (ARM Compiler 6):
in uVision 'Options for Target' tab you can select which compiler to use
by default uVision uses ARMCC V5 for Cortex-M devices and ARMCLANG V6 only for ARMv8M.
Only ARMv8M cores have been tested using ARMCLANG
- test data used for the tests is used as provided by DSP Concepts.
- some tests run for a very long time before they finish. This is expected