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<title>Startup File startup_&lt;device&gt;.s (deprecated)</title>
<title>CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M): Startup File startup_&lt;device&gt;.s (deprecated)</title>
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<div id="projectname">CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M)
&#160;<span id="projectnumber">Version 5.3.0</span>
<div id="projectbrief">CMSIS-Core support for Cortex-M processor-based devices</div>
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<div class="title">Startup File startup_&lt;device&gt;.s (deprecated) </div> </div>
<div class="contents">
<div class="textblock"><p>The <a class="el" href="startup_s_pg.html">Startup File startup_&lt;device&gt;.s (deprecated)</a> contains:</p>
<li>The reset handler which is executed after CPU reset and typically calls the <a class="el" href="group__system__init__gr.html#ga93f514700ccf00d08dbdcff7f1224eb2">SystemInit</a> function.</li>
<li>The setup values for the Main Stack Pointer (MSP).</li>
<li>Exception vectors of the Cortex-M Processor with weak functions that implement default routines.</li>
<li>Interrupt vectors that are device specific with weak functions that implement default routines.</li>
<p>The file exists for each supported toolchain and is the only tool-chain specific CMSIS file.</p>
<p>To adapt the file to a new device only the interrupt vector table needs to be extended with the device-specific interrupt handlers. The naming convention for the interrupt handler names are &lt;interrupt_name&gt;_IRQHandler. This table needs to be consistent with <a class="el" href="group__NVIC__gr.html#ga7e1129cd8a196f4284d41db3e82ad5c8">IRQn_Type</a> that defines all the IRQ numbers for each interrupt.</p>
<p><b>Example:</b> </p>
<p>The following example shows the extension of the interrupt vector table for the LPC1100 device family.</p>
<div class="fragment"><div class="line"> ; External Interrupts</div>
<div class="line"> DCD WAKEUP0_IRQHandler ; 16+ 0: Wakeup PIO0.0</div>
<div class="line"> DCD WAKEUP1_IRQHandler ; 16+ 1: Wakeup PIO0.1</div>
<div class="line"> DCD WAKEUP2_IRQHandler ; 16+ 2: Wakeup PIO0.2</div>
<div class="line"> : :</div>
<div class="line"> : :</div>
<div class="line"> DCD EINT1_IRQHandler ; 16+30: PIO INT1</div>
<div class="line"> DCD EINT0_IRQHandler ; 16+31: PIO INT0</div>
<div class="line"> :</div>
<div class="line"> :</div>
<div class="line"> EXPORT WAKEUP0_IRQHandler [WEAK]</div>
<div class="line"> EXPORT WAKEUP1_IRQHandler [WEAK]</div>
<div class="line"> EXPORT WAKEUP2_IRQHandler [WEAK]</div>
<div class="line"> : :</div>
<div class="line"> : :</div>
<div class="line"> EXPORT EINT1_IRQHandler [WEAK]</div>
<div class="line"> EXPORT EINT0_IRQHandler [WEAK]</div>
<div class="line"></div>
<div class="line">WAKEUP0_IRQHandler</div>
<div class="line">WAKEUP1_IRQHandler</div>
<div class="line">WAKEUP1_IRQHandler</div>
<div class="line"> :</div>
<div class="line"> :</div>
<div class="line">EINT1_IRQHandler</div>
<div class="line">EINT0_IRQHandler</div>
<div class="line"> B .</div>
</div><!-- fragment --><h1><a class="anchor" id="startup_s_sec"></a>
startup_Device.s Template File</h1>
<p>An Arm Compiler <a class="el" href="startup_s_pg.html#startup_s_sec">startup_Device.s Template File</a> for an Armv7-M processor like Cortex-M3 is shown below. The files for other compiler vendors differ slightly in the syntax, but not in the overall structure.</p>
<pre class="fragment">;/**************************************************************************//**
; * @file startup_&lt;Device&gt;.s
; * @brief CMSIS Cortex-M ARMv7-M based Core Device Startup File for
; * Device &lt;Device&gt;
; * @version V5.4.0
; * @date 12. December 2018
; ******************************************************************************/
; * Copyright (c) 2009-2018 Arm Limited. All rights reserved.
; *
; * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
; *
; * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the License); you may
; * not use this file except in compliance with the License.
; * You may obtain a copy of the License at
; *
; *
; *
; * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
; * distributed under the License is distributed on an AS IS BASIS, WITHOUT
; * WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
; * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
; * limitations under the License.
; */
;//-------- &lt;&lt;&lt; Use Configuration Wizard in Context Menu &gt;&gt;&gt; ------------------
;&lt;h&gt; Stack Configuration
; &lt;o&gt; Stack Size (in Bytes) &lt;0x0-0xFFFFFFFF:8&gt;
Stack_Size EQU 0x00000400
Stack_Mem SPACE Stack_Size
;&lt;h&gt; Heap Configuration
; &lt;o&gt; Heap Size (in Bytes) &lt;0x0-0xFFFFFFFF:8&gt;
Heap_Size EQU 0x00000C00
IF Heap_Size != 0 ; Heap is provided
Heap_Mem SPACE Heap_Size
; Vector Table Mapped to Address 0 at Reset
EXPORT __Vectors
EXPORT __Vectors_End
EXPORT __Vectors_Size
__Vectors DCD __initial_sp ; Top of Stack
DCD Reset_Handler ; Reset Handler
DCD NMI_Handler ; -14 NMI Handler
DCD HardFault_Handler ; -13 Hard Fault Handler
DCD MemManage_Handler ; -12 MPU Fault Handler
DCD BusFault_Handler ; -11 Bus Fault Handler
DCD UsageFault_Handler ; -10 Usage Fault Handler
DCD 0 ; Reserved
DCD 0 ; Reserved
DCD 0 ; Reserved
DCD 0 ; Reserved
DCD SVC_Handler ; -5 SVCall Handler
DCD DebugMon_Handler ; -4 Debug Monitor Handler
DCD 0 ; Reserved
DCD PendSV_Handler ; -2 PendSV Handler
DCD SysTick_Handler ; -1 SysTick Handler
; Interrupts
; ToDo: Add here the vectors for the device specific external interrupts handler
DCD Interrupt0_Handler ; 0 Interrupt 0
DCD Interrupt1_Handler ; 1 Interrupt 1
DCD Interrupt2_Handler ; 2 Interrupt 2
DCD Interrupt3_Handler ; 3 Interrupt 3
DCD Interrupt4_Handler ; 4 Interrupt 4
DCD Interrupt5_Handler ; 5 Interrupt 5
DCD Interrupt6_Handler ; 6 Interrupt 6
DCD Interrupt7_Handler ; 7 Interrupt 7
DCD Interrupt8_Handler ; 8 Interrupt 8
DCD Interrupt9_Handler ; 9 Interrupt 9
SPACE (214 * 4) ; Interrupts 10 .. 224 are left out
__Vectors_Size EQU __Vectors_End - __Vectors
; Reset Handler
Reset_Handler PROC
EXPORT Reset_Handler [WEAK]
IMPORT SystemInit
IMPORT __main
LDR R0, =SystemInit
LDR R0, =__main
; Macro to define default exception/interrupt handlers.
; Default handler are weak symbols with an endless loop.
; They can be overwritten by real handlers.
Set_Default_Handler $Handler_Name
$Handler_Name PROC
EXPORT $Handler_Name [WEAK]
B .
; Default exception/interrupt handler
Set_Default_Handler NMI_Handler
Set_Default_Handler HardFault_Handler
Set_Default_Handler MemManage_Handler
Set_Default_Handler BusFault_Handler
Set_Default_Handler UsageFault_Handler
Set_Default_Handler SVC_Handler
Set_Default_Handler DebugMon_Handler
Set_Default_Handler PendSV_Handler
Set_Default_Handler SysTick_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt0_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt1_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt2_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt3_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt4_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt5_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt6_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt7_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt8_Handler
Set_Default_Handler Interrupt9_Handler
; User setup Stack &amp; Heap
IMPORT __use_two_region_memory
EXPORT __stack_limit
EXPORT __initial_sp
IF Heap_Size != 0 ; Heap is provided
EXPORT __heap_base
EXPORT __heap_limit
</pre> </div></div><!-- contents -->
</div><!-- doc-content -->
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