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<title>SVD File Validation and Usage</title>
<title>CMSIS-SVD: SVD File Validation and Usage</title>
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<div class="title">SVD File Validation and Usage </div> </div>
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<div class="textblock"><p>The description quality is key to success of the CMSIS-SVD format. Aspects of quality are:</p>
<li>Syntactical and structural compliance with the specified CMSIS-SVD format.</li>
<li>Consistency and correctness.</li>
<li>Level of detail.</li>
<div class="title">Validation</div><p> Automated validations are done on two levels:</p>
<ol type="1">
<li><b>The CMSIS-SVD Schema File</b>: XML tools use the schema file for checking the syntactical and structural correctness of an XML file that claims compliance with a certain format. The schema file <em>CMSIS-SVD.xsd</em> is located in the folder <b>.\CMSIS\Utilities</b> of the <b>ARM::CMSIS</b> Pack. <br/>
<li><b>SVD Conversion Utility:</b> The conversion utility <a class="el" href="svd_SVDConv_pg.html">SVDConv.exe</a> checks the semantics and consistency of the data contained in a CMSIS-SVD file. <b>SVDConv.exe</b> is included in the CMSIS distribution.</li>
<div class="title">Usage</div><p> CMSIS-SVD files can be used to generate:</p>
<ol type="1">
<li>CMSIS-compliant device header files from a CMSIS-SVD description. Refer to the conversion tool <a class="el" href="svd_SVDConv_pg.html">SVDConv.exe</a> for details. CMSIS device header files are developed and maintained by the silicon vendors. Therefore, the expectation is that this conversion is only of interest to these parties.</li>
<li>Debug dialogs that communicate with a debugger. See below.</li>
<p><b>System Views</b> <br/>
A number of tool vendors support the CMSIS-SVD format with their products. Refer to the tools documentation to find out how to use CMSIS-SVD descriptions with the debugger of your choice. Please regularly check for updates to the CMSIS Device Family Packs from the silicon vendor to to use the latest versions of the CMSIS-SVD files. <br/>
<b>Generated Debug Dialog:</b> </p>
<div class="image">
<img src="SystemViewer_Generated.png" alt="SystemViewer_Generated.png"/>
<div class="caption">
uVision Debug Window generated from ARM_Example.svd</div></div>
</div></div><!-- contents -->
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