Report potential product security vulnerabilities

ST places a high priority on security, and our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is committed to rapidly addressing potential security vulnerabilities affecting our products. PSIRT's long history and vast experience in security allows ST to perform clear analyses and provide appropriate guidance on mitigations and solutions when applicable.

If you wish to report potential security vulnerabilities regarding our products, please do not report them through public GitHub issues. Instead, we encourage you to report them to our ST PSIRT following the process described at:


STMicroelectronics International N.V., on behalf of itself, its affiliates and subsidiaries, (collectively “ST”) takes all potential security vulnerability reports or other related communications (“Report(s)”) seriously. In order to review Your Report (the terms “You” and “Yours” include your employer, and all affiliates, subsidiaries and related persons or entities) and take actions as deemed appropriate, ST requires that we have the rights and Your permission to do so.

As such, by submitting Your Report to ST, You agree that You have the right to do so, and You grant to ST the rights to use the Report for purposes related to security vulnerability analysis, testing, correction, patching, reporting and any other related purpose or function.

By submitting Your Report, You agree that ST’s Privacy Policy applies to all related communications.