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<title>lwIP: Changelog</title>
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&#160;<span id="projectnumber">2.1.2</span>
<div id="projectbrief">Lightweight IP stack</div>
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<div class="title">Changelog </div> </div>
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<div class="textblock"><h2>2.1.0 </h2>
<li>Support TLS via new <a class="el" href="group__altcp__api.html">Application layered TCP Introduction</a> connection API (https, smtps, mqtt over TLS)</li>
<li>Switch to cmake as the main build system (Makefile file lists are still maintained for now)</li>
<li>Improve IPv6 support: support address scopes, support stateless DHCPv6, bugfixes</li>
<li>Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking requirements are met</li>
<li>Add <a class="el" href="group__sys__mbox.html#gaf677a6e76adb7650a3020fdb3cb8429a">sys_mbox_trypost_fromisr()</a> and <a class="el" href="group__lwip__os.html#ga56a234f3d895791225c3c850bfadb666">tcpip_callbackmsg_trycallback_fromisr()</a> (for FreeRTOS, mainly)</li>
<li>socket API: support <a class="el" href="group__socket.html#ga80ae38841b0e64e60618cd8bf857f617">poll()</a>, <a class="el" href="group__socket.html#gaad99bea090b1fe4743234fcee15a5d28">sendmsg()</a> and <a class="el" href="group__socket.html#gaecfc7d524105e52604829c66ced752b8">recvmsg()</a>; fix problems on close</li>
<h2>Detailed Changelog </h2>
<pre class="fragment">HISTORY
* These are only the most important changes. For a full list, use git log:
(git master)
* [Enter new changes just after this line - do not remove this line]
++ Bugfixes:
2018-11-21: Jens Nielsen
* netbiosns.c: fix expecting too large packet (bug #55069)
2018-11-19: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* smtp.c: fix compiling with strict C compatibility because of strnlen (bug #55034)
2018-11-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fix overflow check in tcp_recved triggering invalid assertion (bug #55015)
2018-11-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fix a bug in sending RST segments (sent from port 0)
++ Bugfixes:
2018-11-01: Joan Lledó
* sockets.c: fix bad assertion in lwip_poll_dec_sockets_used() (bug #54933)
2018-11-01: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* ip4.c: don't send 127.* to default netif (bug #54670)
2018-10-23: David Girault
* altcp_tls_mbedtls.c: fix use-after free (bug #54774)
2018-10-23: Ognjen Bjelica, Dirk Ziegelmeier
* snmp_scalar.c: Avoid NULL pointer dereference (bug #54886)
2018-10-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* Fix missing standard includes in multiple files
2018-10-17: Ivan Warren
* def.h: fix casting htonX and ntohX to u16_t (bug #54850)
2018-10-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* Revert "tcp_abandon: no need to buffer pcb-&gt;local_port" (fix that source port was 0 for RST
called when aborting a connection)
2018-10-11: Jonas Rabenstein
* tcp.c: tcp_recved: check for overflow and warn about too big values (patch #9699)
2018-10-06: Joan Lledó
* sockets.c: alloc_socket(): Check for LWIP_SOCKET_POLL when setting select-
related variables (patch #9696)
2018-10-04: Spencer
* tcp.c: Update prev pointer when skipping entries in tcp_slowtmr (patch #9694)
2018-09-27: Martine Lenders
* lowpan6.c: Fix IEEE 802.15.4 address setting (bug #54749)
++ New features:
2018-06-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* lwiperf: implemented iPerf client mode
2018-04-23: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* added cmake build files
2018-03-04: Ray Abram
* netbios responder: respond to '*' queries
2018-02-23: Benjamin Aigner
* 6lowpan: add 6lowpan-over-BLE netif (based on existing 6lowpan netif)
2018-02-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* ipv6: add support for stateless DHCPv6 (to get DNS servers in SLAAC nets)
2018-02-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* add raw API http(s) client (with proxy support)
2018-02-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: add hooks to implement additional socket options
2018-02-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: add hooks to implement tcp md5 signatures or similar (see contrib/addons for an example)
2018-01-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* Added sys_mbox_trypost_fromisr() and tcpip_callbackmsg_trycallback_fromisr()
These can be used to post preallocated messages from an ISR to the tcpip thread
(e.g. when using FreeRTOS)
2018-01-02: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* task #14780: Add debug helper asserts to ensure threading/locking requirements are met
2017-11-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* task #14600: tcp_alloc(): kill TF_CLOSEPEND connections before other ESTABLISHED
2017-11-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* makefsdata: added option "-ssi:&lt;filename&gt;" to control SSI tag checking/insertion
through a list of filenames, not by checking the file extension at runtime
2017-11-20: Joel Cunningham
* netconn: add LWIP_HOOK_NETCONN_EXTERNAL_RESOLVE to use external DNS resolver (patch #9427)
2017-11-14: Joel Cunningham
* netifapi: Add thread safe ARP cache APIs (task #14724)
2017-11-06: Axel Lin
* TCP: kill existing connections with a LOWER priority than the one currently being opened.
Previous implementations also kill existing connections of the SAME priority.
2017-09-21: Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
* sockets: add poll() implementation (patch #9450)
2017-09-10: Joel Cunningham
* sockets: add readv() implementation (task #14610)
2017-08-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* Clean up DHCP a bit: no need keep msg_out and msg_in as members in struct
dhcp - they are used in a call stack only (p_out and options_out_len as well)
2017-08-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf: split pbuf_header(s16_t) into pbuf_add_header(size_t) and
2017-07-20: Douglas
* sys: deprecate sys_arch_sem_wait and sys_arch_mbox_fetch returning the
time waited rather they are now defined to return != SYS_ARCH_TIMEOUT
on success.
2017-07-03: Jakub Schmidtke
* tcp: added support for sending TCP SACKs
2017-06-20: Joel Cunningham
* netconn/netdb: added core locking support to netconn_gethostbyname (task #14523)
2017-04-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp: added two hooks for adding and parsing user defined DHCP options
2017-04-25: Joel Cunningham
* sockets: added recvmsg for UDP (together with CMSG and IP_PKTINFO) (task #14247)
2017-04-20: Joel Cunningham
* tcp: added Appropriate Byte Counting support (task #14128)
2017-04-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* netconn/sockets: remove fatal error handling, fix asynchronous error handling,
ensure data before RST can be received
2017-03-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* added "application layered TCP" connection API (altcp) for seamless integration
of TLS or proxy connections
2017-03-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets: add recvmsg for TCP
2017-03-02: Joel Cunningham
* netconn/sockets: vectorize netconn_write for TCP, treating a vectored I/O write
atomically in regards to TCP segmentation (patch #8882)
2017-03-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* netconn: added nonblocking accept/recv to netconn API (task #14396)
2017-02-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* Added LWIP_SINGLE_NETIF for small targets with only one netif
2017-02-10: David van Moolenbroek
* Implement UDP and RAW multicast support for IPv6 (core API, not netconn/sockets)
2017-02-04: David van Moolenbroek
* IPv6 scopes support
2017-01-20: Joel Cunningham
* sockets: add interface name/index APIs (task #14314)
2017-01-08: David van Moolenbroek
* Extensions to RAW API (patch #9208)
- Connected RAW PCBs
- Add raw_sendto_if_src()
- Support IP_HDRINCL socket option
++ Bugfixes:
2018-06-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: fix RTO timer not working if link is down
2018-06-15: Sylvain Rochet
* ppp: multiple smaller bugfixes
2018-05-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp: arp table can now be bigger than 127 entries
2018-04-25: Jens Nielsen
* tftp server: correctly handle retransmissions
2018-04-18: Simon Goldschmidt
sockets: fix race conditions when closing full-duplex sockets
2018-03-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* 6lowpan: fix to work against contiki; added ZigBee encapsulation netif for tests
2018-02-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets: fix inconsistencies on close (inconsistent error codes, double FIN)
2018-01-05: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Fix bug #52748: the bug in timeouts.c by reimplementing timer logic to use
absolute instead of relative timeout values
2017-12-31: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Fix bug #52704: DHCP and bad OFFER: Stop timeout only if offer is accepted
2017-11-08: Joel Cunningham
* netif: ensure link and admin states are up in issue reports (bug #52353)
2017-09-12: David Lockyer
* select: allocate select_cb from memp for LWIP_MPU_COMPATIBLE = 1 (bug #51990)
2017-09-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fix bug #51937 (leaking tcp_pcbs on passive close with unacked data)
2017-08-11: Joel Cunningham
* lwip_itoa: fix converting the number 0 (previously converted to '\0') (bug #51729)
2017-08-08: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* ip4_route_src: parameter order is reversed: ip4_route_src(dest, src) -&gt; ip4_route_src(src, dest)
to make parameter order consistent with other ip*_route*() functions
Same also applies to LWIP_HOOK_IP4_ROUTE_SRC() parameter order.
2017-08-04: Joel Cunningham
* tcp: re-work persist timer to fully close window (details in bug #50837)
2017-07-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp_msg.c: fix bug #51578 (SNMP failed to decode some values on non 32bit platforms)
2017-07-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* compatibility headers: moved from 'src/include/posix' to 'src/include/compat/posix',
'src/include/compat/stdc' etc.
2017-05-09: Joel Cunningham
* tcp: add zero-window probe timeout (bug #50837)
2017-04-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: task #14420 (Remove sys_sem_signal from inside SYS_ARCH_PROTECT
crit section) done for LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING==1
2017-02-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed close race conditions in lwip_select (for LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX)
2017-02-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed that select ignored invalid/not open sockets in the fd_sets (bug #50392)
2017-01-11: David van Moolenbroek
* Lots of IPv6 related fixes and improvements
++ Bugfixes:
2017-09-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fix bug #51937 (leaking tcp_pcbs on passive close with unacked data)
2017-08-02: Abroz Bizjak/Simon Goldschmidt
* multiple fixes in IPv4 reassembly (leading to corrupted datagrams received)
2017-03-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: return ERR_VAL instead of asserting on offset-out-of-pbuf
2017-03-23: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* dhcp.h: fix bug #50618 (dhcp_remove_struct() macro does not work)
++ New features:
2017-02-10: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Implement task #14367: Hooks need a better place to be defined:
We now have a #define for a header file name that is #included in every .c
file that provides hooks.
2017-02-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_close does not fail on memory error (instead, FIN is sent from tcp_tmr)
++ Bugfixes:
* tcp: do not keep sending SYNs when getting ACKs
2017-03-08: Joel Cunningham
* tcp: Initialize ssthresh to TCP_SND_BUF (bug #50476)
2017-03-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* httpd: LWIP_HTTPD_POST_MANUAL_WND: fixed double-free when httpd_post_data_recved
is called nested from httpd_post_receive_data() (bug #50424)
2017-02-28: David van Moolenbroek/Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: fixed bug #50418: LWIP_EVENT_API: fix invalid calbacks for SYN_RCVD pcb
2017-02-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns: Improved DNS_LOCAL_HOSTLIST interface (bug #50325)
2017-02-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: fixed shutdown during write (bug #50274)
2017-02-13: Simon Goldschmidt/Dirk Ziegelmeier
* For tiny targtes, LWIP_RAND is optional (fix compile time checks)
2017-02-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: Fixed bug #47485 (tcp_close() should not fail on memory error) by retrying
to send FIN from tcp_fasttmr
2017-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets: Fixed bug #44032 (LWIP_NETCONN_FULLDUPLEX: select might work on
invalid/reused socket) by not allowing to reallocate a socket that has
"select_waiting != 0"
2017-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* httpd: Fixed bug #50059 (httpd LWIP_HTTPD_SUPPORT_11_KEEPALIVE vs.
2017-02-08: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Rename "IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses" to their correct name from RFC4191:
"IPv4-mapped IPv6 address"
2017-02-08: Luc Revardel
* mld6.c: Fix bug #50220 (mld6_leavegroup does not send ICMP6_TYPE_MLD, even
if last reporter)
2017-02-08: David van Moolenbroek
* ip6.c: Patch #9250: fix source substitution in ip6_output_if()
2017-02-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #50090 (last_unsent-&gt;oversize_left can become wrong value
in tcp_write error path)
2017-02-02: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Fix bug #50206: UDP Netconn bind to IP6_ADDR_ANY fails
2017-01-18: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Fix zero-copy RX, see bug bug #50064. PBUF_REFs were not supported as ARP requests.
2017-01-15: Axel Lin, Dirk Ziegelmeier
* minor bug fixes in mqtt
2017-01-11: Knut Andre Tidemann
* sockets/netconn: fix broken default ICMPv6 handling of checksums
++ New features:
2016-12-31: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h/.c: added function tcp_listen_with_backlog_and_err() to get the error
reason when listening fails (bug #49861)
2016-12-20: Erik Andersen
* Add MQTT client
2016-12-14: Jan Breuer:
* opt.h, ndc.h/.c: add support for RDNSS option (as per RFC 6106)
2016-12-14: David van Moolenbroek
* opt.h, nd6.c: Added LWIP_HOOK_ND6_GET_GW()
2016-12-09: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* ip6_frag.c: Implemented support for LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF
2016-12-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: added one-shot multicast DNS queries
2016-11-24: Ambroz Bizjak, David van Moolenbroek
* tcp_out.c: Optimize passing contiguous nocopy buffers to tcp_write (bug #46290)
2016-11-16: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* sockets.c: added support for IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses
++ Bugfixes:
2016-12-16: Thomas Mueller
* api_lib.c: fixed race condition in return value of netconn_gethostbyname()
(and thus also lwip_gethostbyname/_r() and lwip_getaddrinfo())
2016-12-15: David van Moolenbroek
* opt.h, tcp: added LWIP_HOOK_TCP_ISN() to implement less predictable initial
sequence numbers (see contrib/addons/tcp_isn for an example implementation)
2016-12-05: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* fixed compiling with IPv4 disabled (IPv6 only case)
2016-11-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c: fixed bug #49725 (send-timeout: netconn_write() can return
ERR_OK without all bytes being written)
2016-11-28: Ambroz Bizjak
* tcpi_in.c: fixed bug #49717 (window size in received SYN and SYN-ACK
assumed scaled)
2016-11-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #49676 (Possible endless loop when parsing dhcp options)
2016-11-23: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* udp.c: fixed bug #49662: multicast traffic is now only received on a UDP PCB
(and therefore on a UDP socket/netconn) when the PCB is bound to IP_ADDR_ANY
2016-11-16: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* *: Fixed dual-stack behaviour, IPv6 mapped IPv4 support in socket API
2016-11-14: Joel Cunningham
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #49533 (start persist timer when unsent seg can't fit
in window)
2016-11-16: Roberto Barbieri Carrera
* autoip.c: fixed bug #49610 (sometimes AutoIP fails to reuse the same address)
2016-11-11: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* sockets.c: fixed bug #49578 (dropping multicast membership does not work
++ New features:
2016-07-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, timeouts.h/.c: added LWIP_TIMERS_CUSTOM to override the default
implementation of timeouts
2016-07-xx: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Large overhaul of doxygen documentation
2016-04-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* timers.h/.c: prepare for overriding current timeout implementation: all
stack-internal caclic timers are avaliable in the lwip_cyclic_timers array
2016-03-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: call accept-callback with ERR_MEM when allocating a pcb fails on
passive open to inform the application about this error
ATTENTION: applications have to handle NULL pcb in accept callback!
2016-02-22: Ivan Delamer
* Initial 6LoWPAN support
2016-02-XX to 2016-03-XX: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Cleanup TCPIP thread sync methods in a way that it is possibe to use them
in arbitrary code that needs things to be done in TCPIP thread. Used to
decouple netconn, netif, ppp and 6LoWPAN from LWIP core.
2016-02-XX: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Implement dual-stack support in RAW, UDP and TCP. Add new IP address
type IPADDR_ANY_TYPE for this. Netconn/Socket API: Dual-stack is
automatically supported when an IPv6 netconn/socket is created.
2015-12-26: Martin Hentschel and Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Rewrite SNMP agent. SNMPv2c + MIB compiler.
2015-11-12: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Decouple SNMP stack from lwIP core and move stack to apps/ directory.
Breaking change: Users have to call snmp_init() now!
2015-11-12: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* Implement possibility to declare private memory pools. This is useful to
decouple some apps from the core (SNMP stack) or make contrib app usage
simpler (httpserver_raw)
2015-10-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* started to move "private" header files containing implementation details to
"lwip/priv/" include directory to seperate the API from the implementation.
2015-10-07: Simon Goldschmidt
* added sntp client as first "supported" application layer protocol implementation
added 'apps' folder
2015-09-30: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* snmp_structs.h, mib_structs.c, mib2.c: snmp: fixed ugly inheritance
implementation by aggregating the "base class" (struct mib_node) in all
derived node classes to get more type-safe code
2015-09-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.h/.c, nd6.c: task #13729: Convert netif addresses (IPv4 &amp; IPv6) to
ip_addr_t (so they can be used without conversion/temporary storage)
2015-09-08: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* snmp: Separate mib2 counter/table callbacks from snmp agent. This both cleans
up the code and should allow integration of a 3rd party agent/mib2. Simple
counters are kept in MIB2_STATS, tree/table change function prototypes moved to
2015-09-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, dns.h/.c: DNS/IPv6: added support for AAAA records
2015-09-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* task #12178: hardware checksum capabilities can be configured per netif
(use NETIF_SET_CHECKSUM_CTRL() in your netif's init function)
2015-08-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* PBUF_REF with "custom" pbufs is now supported for RX pbufs (see pcapif in
contrib for an example, LWIP_SUPPORT_CUSTOM_PBUF is required)
2015-08-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* support IPv4 source based routing: define LWIP_HOOK_IP4_ROUTE_SRC to point
to a routing function
2015-08-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* many files: allow multicast socket options IP_MULTICAST_TTL, IP_MULTICAST_IF
and IP_MULTICAST_LOOP to be used without IGMP
2015-04-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.h/c, autoip.h/.c: added functions dhcp/autoip_supplied_address() to
check for the source of address assignment (replacement for NETIF_FLAG_DHCP)
2015-04-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* many files: task #13480: added LWIP_IPV4 define - IPv4 can be disabled,
leaving an IPv6-only stack
2015-04-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* nearly all files: task #12722 (improve IPv4/v6 address handling): renamed
ip_addr_t to ip4_addr_t, renamed ipX_addr_t to ip_addr_t and added IP
version; ip_addr_t is used for all generic IP addresses for the API,
ip(4/6)_addr_t are only used internally or when initializing netifs or when
calling version-related functions
2015-03-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, ip4_addr.h, ip4.c, ip6.c: loopif is not required for loopback traffic
any more but passed through any netif (ENABLE_LOOPBACK has to be enabled)
2015-03-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, etharp.c: with ETHARP_TABLE_MATCH_NETIF== 1, duplicate (Auto)-IP
addresses on multiple netifs should now be working correctly (if correctly
addressed by routing, that is)
2015-03-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: Stable etharp entries that are about to expire are now refreshed
using unicast to prevent unnecessary broadcast. Only if no answer is received
after 15 seconds, broadcast is used.
2015-03-06: Philip Gladstone
* netif.h/.c: patch #8359 (Provide utility function to add an IPv6 address to
an interface)
2015-03-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c, ip4.c, dhcp.c, autoip.c: fixed bug #37068 (netif up/down handling
is unclear): correclty separated administrative status of a netif (up/down)
from 'valid address' status
ATTENTION: netif_set_up() now always has to be called, even when dhcp/autoip
is used!
2015-02-26: patch by TabascoEye
* netif.c, udp.h/.c: fixed bug #40753 (re-bind UDP pcbs on change of IP address)
2015-02-22: chrysn, Simon Goldschmidt
* *.*: Changed nearly all functions taking 'ip(X)_addr_t' pointer to take
const pointers (changed user callbacks: raw_recv_fn, udp_recv_fn; changed
port callbacks: netif_output_fn, netif_igmp_mac_filter_fn)
2015-02-19: Ivan Delamer
* netif.h, dhcp.c: Removed unused netif flag for DHCP. The preferred way to evaluate
if DHCP is active is through netif-&gt;dhcp field.
2015-02-19: Ivan Delamer
* netif.h, slipif.c, ppp.c: Removed unused netif flag for point to point connections
2015-02-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c: fixed bug #37958 "netconn API doesn't handle correctly
connections half-closed by peer"
2015-02-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: tcp_alloc() prefers killing CLOSING/LAST_ACK over active connections
(see bug #39565)
2015-02-16: Claudius Zingerli, Sergio Caprile
* opt.h, dhcp.h/.c: patch #8361 "Add support for NTP option in DHCP"
2015-02-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, snmp*: added support for write-access community and dedicated
community for sending traps
2015-02-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, memp.c: added hook LWIP_HOOK_MEMP_AVAILABLE() to get informed when
a memp pool was empty and an item is now available
2015-02-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, pbuf.h/.c, etharp.c: Added the option PBUF_LINK_ENCAPSULATION_HLEN to
allocate additional header space for TX on netifs requiring additional headers
2015-02-12: chrysn
* timers.h/.c: introduce sys_timeouts_sleeptime (returns the time left before
the next timeout is due, for NO_SYS==1)
2015-02-11: Nick van Ijzendoorn
* opt.h, sockets.h/c: patch #7702 "Include ability to increase the socket number
with defined offset"
2015-02-11: Frederick Baksik
* opt.h, def.h, others: patch #8423 "arch/perf.h" should be made an optional item
2015-02-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c, opt.h: started to implement fullduplex sockets/netconns
(note that this is highly unstable yet!)
2015-01-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* api: allow enabling socket API without (public) netconn API - netconn API is
still used by sockets, but keeping it private (static) should allow better
compiler optimizations
2015-01-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #20506 "Initial congestion window is very small" again
by implementing the calculation formula from RFC3390
2014-12-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* api: added option LWIP_NETCONN_SEM_PER_THREAD to use a semaphore per thread
instead of using one per netconn and per select call
2014-12-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip6.h: fixed bug #43778: IPv6 header version not set on 16-bit platform
(macro IP6H_VTCFL_SET())
2014-12-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* icmp.c, ip4.c, pbuf.c, udp.c, pbuf.h: task #11472 Support PBUF_REF for RX
(IPv6 and IPv4/v6 reassembly might not work yet)
2014-11-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c/.h, init.c: lwip_socket_init() is not needed any more
-&gt; compatibility define
2014-09-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c, opt.h: reduced ram usage by parsing DNS responses in place
2014-09-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.h/.c: added pbuf_take_at() and pbuf_put_at()
2014-09-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: added source port randomization to make the DNS client more robust
(see bug #43144)
2013-09-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* arch.h and many other files: added optional macros PACK_STRUCT_FLD_8() and
PACK_STRUCT_FLD_S() to prevent gcc 4 from warning about struct members that
do not need packing
2013-08-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.h: bug #42998: made NETIF_MAX_HWADDR_LEN overridable for some special
2013-03-17: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Ghobad Emadi)
* opt.h, etharp.c: Added LWIP_HOOK_ETHARP_GET_GW to implement IPv4 routing with
multiple gateways
2013-04-20: Fatih Asici
* opt.h, etharp.h/.c: patch #7993: Added support for transmitting packets
with VLAN headers via hook function LWIP_HOOK_VLAN_SET and to check them
via hook function LWIP_HOOK_VLAN_CHECK
2014-02-20: Simon Goldschmidt (based on patch by Artem Pisarenko)
* patch #7885: modification of api modules to support FreeRTOS-MPU
(don't pass stack-pointers to other threads)
2014-02-05: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by "xtian" and "alex_ab")
* patch #6537/#7858: TCP window scaling support
2014-01-17: Jiri Engelthaler
* icmp, icmp6, opt.h: patch #8027: Completed HW checksuming for IPv4 and
2012-08-22: Sylvain Rochet
* New PPP stack for lwIP, developed in ppp-new branch.
Based from pppd 2.4.5, released 2009-11-17, with huge changes to match
code size and memory requirements for embedded devices, including:
- Gluing together the previous low-level PPP code in lwIP to pppd 2.4.5, which
is more or less what pppd sys-* files are, so that we get something working
using the unix port.
- Merged some patchs from lwIP Git repository which add interesting features
or fix bugs.
- Merged some patchs from Debian pppd package which add interesting features
or fix bugs.
- Ported PPP timeout handling to the lwIP timers system
- Disabled all the PPP code using filesystem access, replaced in necessary cases
to configuration variables.
- Disabled all the PPP code forking processes.
- Removed IPX support, lwIP does not support IPX.
- Ported and improved random module from the previous PPP port.
- Removed samba TDB (file-driven database) usage, because it needs a filesystem.
- MS-CHAP required a DES implementation, we added the latest PolarSSL DES
implementation which is under a BSD-ish license.
- Also switched to PolarSSL MD4,MD5,SHA1 implementations, which are meant to be
used in embedded devices with reduced memory footprint.
- Removed PPP configuration file parsing support.
- Added macro definition EAP_SUPPORT to make EAP support optional.
- Added macro definition CHAP_SUPPORT to make CHAP support optional.
- Added macro definition MSCHAP_SUPPORT to make MSCHAP support optional.
- Added macro definition PAP_SUPPORT to make PAP support optional.
- Cleared all Linux syscall calls.
- Disabled demand support using a macro, so that it can be ported later.
- Disabled ECP support using a macro, so that it can be ported later.
- Disabled CCP support using a macro, so that it can be ported later.
- Disabled CBCP support using a macro, so that it can be ported later.
- Disabled LQR support using a macro, so that it can be ported later.
- Print packet debug feature optional, through PRINTPKT_SUPPORT
- Removed POSIX signal usage.
- Fully ported PPPoS code from the previous port.
- Fully ported PPPoE code from the previous port.
- Fully ported VJ compression protocol code from the previous port.
- Removed all malloc()/free() use from PPP, replaced by stack usage or PBUF.
- Disabled PPP server support using a macro, so that it can be ported later.
- Switched all PPP debug to lwIP debug system.
- Created PPP Control Block (PPP PCB), removed PPP unit integer everywhere,
removed all global variables everywhere, did everything necessary for
the PPP stack to support more than one PPP session (pppd only support
one session per process).
- Removed the statically allocated output buffer, now using PBUF.
- Improved structure size of all PPP modules, deep analyze of code to reduce
variables size to the bare minimum. Switched all boolean type (char type in
most architecture) to compiler generated bitfields.
- Added PPP IPv6 support, glued lwIP IPv6 support to PPP.
- Now using a persistent netif interface which can then be used in lwIP
functions requiring a netif.
- Now initializing PPP in lwip_init() function.
- Reworked completely the PPP state machine, so that we don't end up in
anymore in inconsistent state, especially with PPPoE.
- Improved the way we handle PPP reconnection after disconnect, cleaning
everything required so that we start the PPP connection again from a
clean state.
- Added PPP holdoff support, allow the lwIP user to wait a little bit before
reconnecting, prevents connection flood, especially when using PPPoL2TP.
- Added PPPoL2TP LAC support (a.k.a. UDP tunnels), adding a VPN client
feature to lwIP, L2TP being a widely used tunnel protocol.
- Switched all used PPP types to lwIP types (u8t, u16t, u32t, ...)
- Added PPP API "sequential" thread-safe API, based from NETIFAPI.
2011-07-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c, opt.h: (bug #30185): added LWIP_FIONREAD_LINUXMODE that makes
ioctl/FIONREAD return the size of the next pending datagram.
2011-05-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* again nearly the whole stack, renamed ip.c to ip4.c, ip_addr.c to ip4_addr.c,
combined ipv4/ipv6 inet_chksum.c, added ip.h, ip_addr.h: Combined IPv4
and IPv6 code where possible, added defines to access IPv4/IPv6 in non-IP
code so that the code is more readable.
2011-05-17: Patch by Ivan Delamer (only checked in by Simon Goldschmidt)
* nearly the whole stack: Finally, we got decent IPv6 support, big thanks to
Ivan! (this is work in progress: we're just post release anyway :-)
++ Bugfixes:
2016-08-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp: removed ETHARP_TRUST_IP_MAC since it is insecure and we don't need
it any more after implementing unicast ARP renewal towards arp entry timeout
2016-07-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* memp.h/.c: fixed bug #48442 (memp stats don't work for MEMP_MEM_MALLOC)
2016-07-21: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Ambroz Bizjak)
* tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: fixed bug #48543 (TCP sent callback may prematurely
report sent data when only part of a segment is acked) and don't include
SYN/FIN in snd_buf counter
2016-07-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: fixed bug #48477 (ARP input packet might update static entry)
2016-07-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #48476 (TCP sent callback called wrongly due to picking
up old pcb-&gt;acked
2016-06-30: Simon Goldschmidt (original patch by Fabian Koch)
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #48170 (Vulnerable to TCP RST spoofing)
2016-05-20: Dirk Ziegelmeier
* sntp.h/.c: Fix return value of sntp_getserver() call to return a pointer
2016-04-05: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Philip Gladstone)
* udp.c: patch #8358: allow more combinations of listening PCB for IPv6
2016-04-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* netconn/socket API: fixed bug# 43739 (Accept not reporting errors about
aborted connections): netconn_accept() returns ERR_ABRT (sockets: ECONNABORTED)
for aborted connections, ERR_CLSD (sockets: EINVAL) if the listening netconn
is closed, which better seems to follow the standard.
2016-03-23: Florent Matignon
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #38203: DHCP options are not recorded in all DHCP ack messages
2016-03-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: changed accept handling to be done internally: the application does not
have to call tcp_accepted() any more. Instead, when delaying accept (e.g. sockets
do), call tcp_backlog_delayed()/tcp_backlog_accepted() (fixes bug #46696)
2016-03-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: ignore dns response parsing errors, only abort resolving for correct
responses or error responses from correct server (bug #47459)
2016-03-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #47448 (netconn/socket leak if RST is received during close)
2016-03-17: Joel Cunningham
* api_msg.c: don't fail closing a socket/netconn when failing to allocate the
FIN segment; blocking the calling thread for a while is better than risking
leaking a netconn/socket (see bug #46701)
2016-03-16: Joel Cunningham
* tcp_out.c: reset rto timer on fast retransmission
2016-03-16: Deomid Ryabkov
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #46384 Segment size calculation bug with MSS != TCP_MSS
2016-03-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h/.c, sockets.c: ERR_IF is not necessarily a fatal error
2015-11-19: fix by Kerem Hadimli
* sockets.c: fixed bug #46471: lwip_accept() leaks socket descriptors if new
netconn was already closed because of peer behavior
2015-11-12: fix by Valery Ushakov
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #46365 tcp_accept_null() should call tcp_abort()
2015-10-02: Dirk Ziegelmeier/Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp: cleaned up snmp structs API (fixed race conditions from bug #46089,
reduce ram/rom usage of tables): incompatible change for private MIBs
2015-09-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4_addr.c: fixed bug #46072: ip4addr_aton() does not check the number range
of all address parts
2015-08-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c: fixed bug #44023: TCP ssthresh value is unclear: ssthresh
is set to the full send window for active open, too, and is updated once
after SYN to ensure the correct send window is used
2015-08-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp: fixed bug #45559: Window scaling casts u32_t to u16_t without checks
2015-08-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip6_frag.h/.c: fixed bug bug #41009: IPv6 reassembly broken on 64-bit platforms:
define IPV6_FRAG_COPYHEADER==1 on these platforms to copy the IPv6 header
instead of referencing it, which gives more room for struct ip6_reass_helper
2015-08-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #45827: recvfrom: TCP window is updated with MSG_PEEK
2015-08-20: Manoj Kumar
* snmp_msg.h, msg_in.c: fixed bug #43790: Sending octet string of Length &gt;255
from SNMP agent
2015-08-19: Jens Nielsen
* icmp.c, ip4.c, tcp_in.c, udp.c, raw.c: fixed bug #45120: Broadcast &amp; multiple
interfaces handling
2015-08-19: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by "Sandra")
* dns.c: fixed bug #45004: dns response without answer might be discarded
2015-08-18: Chrysn
* timers.c: patch #8704 fix sys_timeouts_sleeptime function
2015-07-01: Erik Ekman
* puf.c: fixed bug #45454 (pbuf_take_at() skips write and returns OK if offset
is at start of pbuf in chain)
2015-05-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.h/.c: fixed bugs #45140 and #45141 (dhcp was not stopped correctly after
fixing bug #38204)
2015-03-21: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Homyak)
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #44766 (LWIP_WND_SCALE: tcphdr-&gt;wnd was not scaled in
two places)
2015-03-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c: fixed bug #41318 (Bad memory ref in tcp_input()
after tcp_close())
2015-03-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #38468 (tcp_sent() not called on half-open connection for
data ACKed with the same ack as FIN)
2015-03-21: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Christoffer Lind)
* dhcp.h/.c: fixed bug #38204 (DHCP lease time not handled correctly)
2015-03-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #38714 (Missing option and client address in DHCPRELEASE message)
2015-03-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, tcpip.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c: fixed race conditions in assigning
netconn-&gt;last_err (fixed bugs #38121 and #37676)
2015-03-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c: fixed the IPv4 part of bug #43904 (ip_route() must detect linkup status)
2015-03-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* nd6.c: fixed bug #43784 (a host should send at least one Router Solicitation)
2015-03-04: Valery Ushakov
* ip6.c: fixed bug #41094 (Byte-order bug in IPv6 fragmentation header test)
2015-03-04: Zach Smith
* nd6.c: fixed bug #38153 (nd6_input() byte order issues)
2015-02-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c, tcp.h/.c: fixed bug #44378 (TCP connections are not aborted on netif
2015-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c, etharp.c: fixed bug #40177 (System hangs when dealing with corrupted
packets), implemented task #12357 (Ensure that malicious packets don't
assert-fail): improved some pbuf_header calls to not assert-fail.
2015-02-25: patch by Joel Cunningham
* udp.h/.c, sockets.c: fixed bug #43028 (IP_MULTICAST_TTL affects unicast
2015-02-25: patch by Greg Renda
* ip4_frag.c: fixed bug #38210 (ip reassembly while remove oldest datagram)
2015-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #38165 (socket with mulicast): ensure igmp membership
are dropped when socket (not netconn!) is closed.
2015-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.h/.c, udp.c: fixed bug #38061 (wrong multicast routing in IPv4) by
adding an optional default netif for multicast routing
2015-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* netconn API: fixed that netconn_connect still used message passing for
2015-02-22: patch by Jens Nielsen
* icmp.c: fixed bug #38803 (Source address in broadcast ping reply)
2015-02-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.h, sockets.c: added proper accessor functions for pcb-&gt;multicast_ip
(previously used by get/setsockopt only)
2015-02-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed select not reporting received FIN as 'readable' in certain
rare cases (bug #43779: select(), close(), and TCP retransmission error)
2015-02-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h, sockets.c, api_msg.c: fixed bug #38853 "connect() use a wrong errno":
return ERR_ALREADY/EALRADY during connect, ERR_ISCONN/EISCONN when already
2015-02-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h, tcp_out.c, tcp.c, api_msg.c: fixed bug #37614 "Errors from
ipX_output are not processed". Now tcp_output(_segment) checks for the return
value of ipX_output and does not try to send more on error. A netif driver
can call tcp_txnow() (from tcpip_thread!) to try to send again if TX buffers
are available again.
2015-02-14: patches by Freddie Chopin
* snmp*: made community writable, fixed some const pointers
2015-02-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* msg_in.c: fixed bug #22070 "MIB_OBJECT_WRITE_ONLY not implemented in SNMP"
2015-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.h, ip4.c, ip6.c: fixed bug #36403 "ip4_input() and ip6_input() always pass
inp to higher layers": now the accepting netif is passed up, but the input
netif is available through ip_current_input_netif() if required.
2015-02-11: patch by hichard
* tcpip.c: fixed bug #43094 "The function tcpip_input() forget to handle IPv6"
2015-02-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* netconn API: fixed that netconn_close/netconn_delete still used message passing
2015-02-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* netconn/socket api: fixed bug #44225 "closing TCP socket should time out
eventually", implemented task #6930 "Implement SO_LINGER": closing TCP sockets
times out after 20 seconds or after the configured SND_TIMEOUT or depending
on the linger settings.
2015-01-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed that SHUT_RD followed by SHUT_WR was different to SHUT_RDWR,
fixed return value of lwip_netconn_do_close on unconnected netconns
2015-01-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #43361 select() crashes with stale FDs
2015-01-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c/.h, memp_std.h: fixed bug #40788 "lwip_setsockopt_internal() crashes"
by rewriting set/getsockopt functions to combine checks with the actual code
and add more NULL checks; this also fixes that CORE_LOCKING used message
passing for set/getsockopt.
2014-12-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, dhcp.h/.c: prevent dhcp from starting when netif link is down (only
when LWIP_DHCP_CHECK_LINK_UP==1, which is disabled by default for
compatibility reasons)
2014-12-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #43840 Checksum error for TCP_CHECKSUM_ON_COPY==1 for
no-copy data with odd length
2014-12-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c, tcp.c, others: fixed bug #43797 set/getsockopt: SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO
take int as option but should take timeval (LWIP_SO_SNDRCVTIMEO_STANDARD==0 can
be used to revert to the old 'winsock' style behaviour)
Fixed implementation of SO_ACCEPTCONN to just look at the pcb state
2014-12-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c: fixed bug #43596 IGMP queries from are discarded
2014-10-21: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Joel Cunningham and Albert Huitsing)
* sockts.c: fixed bugs #41495 Possible threading issue in select() and #43278
event_callback() handle context switch when calling sys_sem_signal()
2014-10-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #38219 Assert on TCP netconn_write with sndtimeout set
2014-09-16: Kevin Cernekee
* dns.c: patch #8480 Fix handling of dns_seqno wraparound
2014-09-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #43192 tcp_enqueue_flags() should not check TCP_SND_QUEUELEN
when sending FIN
2014-09-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* msg_in.c: fixed bug #39355 SNMP Memory Leak in case of error
2014-09-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h/.c, sockets.c, api_msg.c: fixed bug #43110 call getpeername() before
listen() will cause a error
2014-09-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #42117 lwip_fcntl does not set errno
2014-09-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #42299 tcp_abort() leaves freed pcb on tcp_bound_pcbs list
2014-08-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: fixed bug #42987 lwIP is vulnerable to DNS cache poisoning due to
non-randomized TXIDs
2014-06-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h, tcp_in.c: fixed bug #37969 SYN packet dropped as short packet in
tcp_input function
2014-05-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #37184 tcp_write problem for pcbs in the SYN_SENT state
2014-05-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* *.h: Fixed bug #35874 reserved identifier violation (removed leading underscores
from header include guards)
2014-04-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: Fixed bug #36167 tcp server crash when client closes (maximum window)
2014-04-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #36210 lwIP does not elicit an empty ACK when received
unacceptable ACK
2014-04-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c, ip4.c/.h, ip6.c/.h, udp.c/.h, ip.h: Fixed bug #41787 DHCP Discovery
is invalid when an IP is set to thet netif.
2014-03-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #36153 TCP Cheksum error if LWIP_CHECKSUM_ON_COPY=1
2014-03-11: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Mason)
* opt.h, sockets.c: fixed bug #35928 BSD sockets functions must set errno for
2014-02-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #40303 DHCP xid renewed when sending a DHCPREQUEST
2014-02-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* raw.c: fixed bug #41680 raw socket can not receive IPv6 packet when
2014-02-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c, sockets.c: fixed bug #38404 getpeeraddr returns success on
unconnected/listening TCP sockets
2014-02-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #41729 Some socket functions return Exyz instead of -1
2014-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c: fixed bug #39514 ip_route() may return an IPv6-only interface
2014-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt, patch by Fatih Asici
* pbuf.c: fixed bug #39356 Wrong increment in pbuf_memfind()
2014-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c/.h, udp.c: fixed bug #39225 udp.c uses netif_matches_ip6_addr() incorrectly;
renamed function netif_matches_ip6_addr() to netif_get_ip6_addr_match()
2014-02-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* igmp.c: fixed bug #39145 IGMP membership report for
2014-02-22: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Amir Shalem)
* etharp.c, opt.h: fixed bug #34681 Limit ARP queue length by ARP_QUEUE_LEN (=3)
2014-02-22: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Amir Shalem)
* etharp.h/.c: fixed bug #34682 Limit ARP request flood for unresolved entry
2014-02-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #39683 Assertion "seg-&gt;tcphdr not aligned" failed with
2014-02-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #39882 No function shall set errno to 0
2014-02-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* mib_structs.c: fixed bug #40050 SNMP problem with MIB arrays &gt; 255
2014-02-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, sockets.c: fixed bug #41499 netconn::recv_avail can overflow
2014-01-08: Stathis Voukelatos
* memp_std.h: patch #7928 Fixed size calculation in MALLOC memory pool
creation macro
2014-01-18: Brian Fahs
* tcp_out.c: patch #8237: tcp_rexmit_rto fails to update pcb-&gt;unsent_oversize
when necessary
2014-01-17: Grant Erickson, Jay Logue, Simon Goldschmidt
* ipv6.c, netif.c: patch #7913 Enable Support for IPv6 Loopback
2014-01-16: Stathis Voukelatos
* netif.c: patch #7902 Fixed netif_poll() operation when LWIP_LOOPBACK_MAX_PBUFS &gt; 0
2014-01-14: "Freddie Chopin"
* snmp.h, mib2.c: fixed constness and spelling of sysdescr
2014-01-14: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Thomas Faber)
* tcpip.c: patch #8241: Fix implicit declaration of ip_input with
2014-01-14: chrysn
* timers.c: patch #8244 make timeouts usable reliably from outside of the
timeout routine
2014-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_frag.c, ip6_frag.c: fixed bug #41041 Potential use-after-free in IPv6 reassembly
2014-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* memp.c: fixed bug #41188 Alignment error in memp_init() when MEMP_SEPARATE_POOLS==1
2014-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #39898 tcp_fasttmr() possible lock due to infinte queue process loop
2013-06-29: Simon Goldschmidt
* inet.h, sockets.h: partially fixed bug #37585: IPv6 compatibility (in socket structs)
2013-06-29: Simon Goldschmidt
* inet6.h: bug #37585/task #12600: fixed struct in6_addr.s6_addr to conform to spec
2013-04-24: patch by Liam &lt;morepork&gt;
* api_msg.c: patch #8008 Fix a potential null pointer dereference in assert
2013-04-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* igmp.c: fixed possible division by zero
2013-04-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip6.h, some ipv6 C files: fixed bug #38526 Coverity: Recursive Header Inclusion in ip6.h
2013-04-24: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Emil Ljungdahl):
* netif.c: fixed bug #38586 netif_loop_output() "deadlocks"
2013-01-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c: fixed bug #37665 ip_canforward operates on address in wrong byte order
2013-01-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.h: fixed bug #38097 pbuf_free_ooseq() warning
2013-01-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: fixed bug #37705 Possible memory corruption in DNS query
2013-01-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* raw.c: fixed bug #38066 Raw pcbs can alter packet without eating it
2012-08-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* memp.c: fixed bug #37166: memp_sanity check loops itself
2012-08-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #36645: Calling dhcp_release before dhcp_start
dereferences NULL
2012-08-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* msg_out.c: fixed bug #36840 snmp_send_trap() NULL de-reference if traps
configured but no interfaces available
2012-08-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: fixed bug #36899 DNS TTL 0 is cached for a long time
2012-05-11: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Marty)
* memp.c: fixed bug #36412: memp.c does not compile when
2012-05-03: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Sylvain Rochet)
* ppp.c: fixed bug #36283 (PPP struct used on header size computation and
not packed)
2012-05-03: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by David Empson)
* ppp.c: fixed bug #36388 (PPP: checksum-only in last pbuf leads to pbuf with
zero length)
2012-03-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: Fixed bug #35817: do_connect() invalidly signals op_completed
2012-03-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, netifapi.c: fixed bug #35931: Name space
pollution in api_msg.c and netifapi.c
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* inet6.h: fixed bug #34124 struct in6_addr does not conform to the standard
++ New features:
2012-03-25: Simon Goldschmidt (idea by Mason)
* posix/*: added posix-compatibility include files posix/netdb.h and posix/sys/socket.h
which are a simple wrapper to the correct lwIP include files.
2012-01-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, icmp.c: Added option CHECKSUM_GEN_ICMP
2011-12-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.h: implemented API functions to access so_options of IP pcbs (UDP, TCP, RAW)
(fixes bug #35061)
2011-09-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c: Implemented limiting data on ooseq queue (task #9989)
(define TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_BYTES / TCP_OOSEQ_MAX_PBUFS in lwipopts.h)
2011-09-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h/.c, sockets.c: Implemented timeout on
send (TCP only, bug #33820)
2011-09-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* init.c: Converted runtime-sanity-checks into compile-time checks that can
be disabled (since runtime checks can often not be seen on embedded targets)
2011-09-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.h, ppp_impl.h: splitted ppp.h to an internal and external header file
to get a clear separation of which functions an application or port may use
(task #11281)
2011-09-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, tcp_impl.h, tcp.c, udp.h/.c: Added a config option to randomize
initial local TCP/UDP ports (so that different port ranges are used after
a reboot; bug #33818; this one added tcp_init/udp_init functions again)
2011-09-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: DHCP uses LWIP_RAND() for xid's (bug #30302)
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, netif.h/.c: added netif remove callback (bug #32397)
2011-07-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: ETHARP_SUPPORT_VLAN: add support for an external VLAN filter
function instead of only checking for one VLAN (define ETHARP_VLAN_CHECK_FN)
2011-07-21: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by hanhui)
* ip4.c, etharp.c, pbuf.h: bug #33634 ip_forward() have a faulty behaviour:
Added pbuf flags to mark incoming packets as link-layer broadcast/multicast.
Also added code to allow ip_forward() to forward non-broadcast packets to
the input netif (set IP_FORWARD_ALLOW_TX_ON_RX_NETIF==1).
2011-06-26: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Cameron Gutman)
* tcp.c, tcp_out.c: bug #33604: added some more asserts to check that
pcb-&gt;state != LISTEN
2011-05-14: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Stéphane Lesage)
* tcpip.c/.h: patch #7449 allow tcpip callback from interrupt with static
memory message
++ Bugfixes:
2012-09-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #37405 'err_tcp()' uses already freed 'netconn' object
2012-09-26: patch by Henrik Persson
* dhcp.c: patch #7843 Fix corner case with dhcp timeouts
2012-09-26: patch by Henrik Persson
* dhcp.c: patch #7840 Segfault in dhcp_parse_reply if no end marker in dhcp packet
2012-08-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* memp.c: fixed bug #37166: memp_sanity check loops itself
2012-05-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug: #36380 unsent_oversize mismatch in 1.4.1RC1 (this was
a debug-check issue only)
2012-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* vj.c: fixed bug #35756 header length calculation problem in ppp/vj.c
2012-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Mason)
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #35945: SYN packet should provide the recv MSS not the
send MSS
2012-03-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c: fixed bug #35927: missing refragmentaion in ip_forward
2012-03-20: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Mason)
* netdb.c: fixed bug #35907: lwip_gethostbyname_r returns an invalid h_addr_list
2012-03-12: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Bostjan Meglic)
* ppp.c: fixed bug #35809: PPP GetMask(): Compiler warning on big endian,
possible bug on little endian system
2012-02-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: fixed bug #35595: Impossible to send broadcast without a gateway
(introduced when fixing bug# 33551)
2012-02-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: fixed pbuf leak when PPP session is aborted through pppSigHUP()
(bug #35541: PPP Memory Leak)
2012-02-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: fixed bug #35531: Impossible to send multicast without a gateway
(introduced when fixing bug# 33551)
2012-02-16: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Stéphane Lesage)
* msg_in.c, msg_out.c: fixed bug #35536 SNMP: error too big response is malformed
2012-02-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* init.c: fixed bug #35537: MEMP_NUM_* sanity checks should be disabled with
2012-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: partly fixed bug #25882: TCP hangs on
MSS &gt; pcb-&gt;snd_wnd (by not creating segments bigger than half the window)
2012-02-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #35435: No pcb state check before adding it to time-wait
queue while closing
2012-01-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c: fixed bug #35305: pcb may be freed too early on shutdown(WR)
2012-01-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #34636: FIN_WAIT_2 - Incorrect shutdown of TCP pcb
2012-01-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #35151: DHCP asserts on incoming option lengths
2012-01-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.c: fixed bug #35291: NULL pointer in pbuf_copy
2011-11-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h/.c, tcp_impl.h, tcp_in.c: fixed bug #31177: tcp timers can corrupt
tcp_active_pcbs in some cases
2011-11-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* sys.c: fixed bug #34884: sys_msleep() body needs to be surrounded with
'#ifndef sys_msleep'
2011-11-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c, etharp.h/.c: fixed bug #34684: Clear the arp table cache when
netif is brought down
2011-10-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #34638: Dead code in tcp_receive - pcb-&gt;dupacks
2011-10-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c: fixed bug #34429: possible memory corruption with
2011-10-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* arch.h, netdb.c: fixed bug #34592: lwip_gethostbyname_r uses nonstandard
error value
2011-10-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h: fixed default values of TCP_SNDLOWAT and TCP_SNDQUEUELOWAT for small
windows (bug #34176 select after non-blocking send times out)
2011-10-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h, tcp_out.c: fixed bug #34587: TCP_BUILD_MSS_OPTION doesn't
consider netif-&gt;mtu, causes slow network
2011-10-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #34581 missing parentheses in udplite sockets code
2011-10-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.h: fixed bug #34580 fcntl() is missing in LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS
2011-10-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #34569: shutdown(SHUT_WR) crashes netconn/socket api
2011-10-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: fixed bug #34517 (persist timer is started although no
zero window is received) by starting the persist timer when a zero window is
received, not when we have more data queued for sending than fits into the
2011-10-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* def.h, timers.c: fixed bug #34541: LWIP_U32_DIFF is unnecessarily complex
2011-10-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c, api_lib.c: fixed bug #34540: compiler error when CORE_LOCKING is
used and not all protocols are enabled
2011-10-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.c: fixed bug #34534: Error in sending fragmented IP if MEM_ALIGNMENT &gt; 4
2011-10-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #34426: tcp_zero_window_probe() transmits incorrect
byte value when pcb-&gt;unacked != NULL
2011-10-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip4.c: fixed bug #34447 LWIP_IP_ACCEPT_UDP_PORT(dst_port) wrong
2011-09-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: Reset pcb-&gt;unsent_oversize in 2 more places...
2011-09-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #28288: Data after FIN in oos queue
2011-09-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #34406 dhcp_option_hostname() can overflow the pbuf
2011-09-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.h: fixed bug #34377 MEM_SIZE_F is not defined if MEM_LIBC_MALLOC==1
2011-09-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c: fixed bug #33871: rejecting TCP_EVENT_RECV() for
the last packet including FIN can lose data
2011-09-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h: fixed bug #34355: nagle does not take snd_buf/snd_queuelen into
2011-09-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h: fixed default value of TCP_SND_BUF to not violate the sanity checks
in init.c
2011-09-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* timers.c: fixed bug #34337 (possible NULL pointer in sys_check_timeouts)
2011-09-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: use pcb-&gt;mss instead of TCP_MSS for preallocate mss-sized pbufs
(bug #34019)
2011-09-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.c: fixed bug #34072: UDP broadcast is received from wrong UDP pcb if
udp port matches
2011-09-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #33952 PUSH flag in incoming packet is lost when packet
is aggregated and sent to application
2011-09-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h: fixed bug #31809 LWIP_EVENT_API in opts.h is inconsistent compared
to other options
2011-09-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug #34111 RST for ACK to listening pcb has wrong seqno
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c, sockets.c: fixed bug #33956 Wrong error returned when calling
accept() on UDP connections
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.h: fixed bug #34057 socklen_t should be a typedef
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.c: fixed bug #34112 Odd check in pbuf_alloced_custom (typo)
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #34122 dhcp: hostname can overflow
2011-08-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c: fixed bug #34121 netif_add/netif_set_ipaddr fail on NULL ipaddr
2011-08-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: fixed bug #33962 TF_FIN not always set after FIN is sent. (This
merely prevents nagle from not transmitting fast after closing.)
2011-07-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c, api.h: fixed bug #31084 (socket API returns
always EMSGSIZE on non-blocking sockets if data size &gt; send buffers) -&gt; now
lwip_send() sends as much as possible for non-blocking sockets
2011-07-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.c/.h, timers.c: freeing ooseq pbufs when the pbuf pool is empty implemented
for NO_SYS==1: when not using sys_check_timeouts(), call PBUF_CHECK_FREE_OOSEQ()
at regular intervals from main level.
2011-07-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: fixed bug #33551 (ARP entries may time out although in use) by
sending an ARP request when an ARP entry is used in the last minute before
it would time out.
2011-07-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* sys_arch.txt: Fixed documentation after changing sys arch prototypes for 1.4.0.
2011-06-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #31723 (tcp_kill_prio() kills pcbs with the same prio) by
updating its documentation only.
2011-06-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c: fixed bug #33545: With MEM_USE_POOLS==1, mem_malloc can return an
unaligned pointer.
2011-06-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c: fixed bug #33544 "warning in mem.c in lwip 1.4.0 with NO_SYS=1"
2011-05-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #33398 (pointless conversion when checking TCP port range)
++ New features:
2011-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: Removed 'dataptr' from 'struct tcp_seg' and
calculate it in tcp_zero_window_probe (the only place where it was used).
2010-11-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c/.h: Added a function to deallocate the struct dhcp from a netif
(fixes bug #31525).
2010-07-12: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Stephane Lesage)
* ip.c, udp.c/.h, pbuf.h, sockets.c: task #10495: Added support for
IP_MULTICAST_LOOP at socket- and raw-API level.
2010-06-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: Added an optional define (LWIP_IP_ACCEPT_UDP_PORT) that can allow
link-layer-addressed UDP traffic to be received while a netif is down (just
like DHCP during configuration)
2010-05-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* many many files: bug #27352: removed packing from ip_addr_t, the packed
version is now only used in protocol headers. Added global storage for
current src/dest IP address while in input functions.
2010-05-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* def.h: task #10391: Add preprocessor-macros for compile-time htonl
calculation (and use them throughout the stack where applicable)
2010-05-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, memp_std.h, memp.c, ppp_oe.h/.c: PPPoE now uses its own MEMP pool
instead of the heap (moved struct pppoe_softc from ppp_oe.c to ppp_oe.h)
2010-05-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, memp_std.h, dns.h/.c: DNS_LOCAL_HOSTLIST_IS_DYNAMIC uses its own
MEMP pool instead of the heap
2010-05-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, udp.c: task #6995: Implement SO_REUSEADDR (correctly), added
new option SO_REUSE_RXTOALL to pass received UDP broadcast/multicast
packets to more than one pcb.
2010-05-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* netbuf.h/.c, sockets.c, api_msg.c: use checksum-on-copy for sending
2010-04-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.h/.c, pbuf.h/.c: task #6849: added udp_send(_to/_if) functions that
take a precalculated checksum, added pbuf_fill_chksum() to copy data
into a pbuf and at the same time calculating the checksum for that data
2010-04-29: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_addr.h, etharp.h/.c, autoip.c: Create overridable macros for copying
2-byte-aligned IP addresses and MAC addresses
2010-04-28: Patch by Bill Auerbach
* ip.c: Inline generating IP checksum to save a function call
2010-04-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcpip.h/.c, timers.c: Added an overridable define to get informed when the
tcpip_thread processes messages or timeouts to implement a watchdog.
2010-03-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_frag.c: create a new (contiguous) PBUF_RAM for every outgoing
2010-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: Speedup TX by moving code from find_entry to etharp_output/
etharp_query to prevent unnecessary function calls (inspired by
patch #7135).
2010-03-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, tcpip.c/.h: Added an option to disable tcpip_(un)timeout code
since the linker cannot do this automatically to save space.
2010-03-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, etharp.c/.h: Added support for static ARP table entries
2010-03-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_impl.h, tcp_out.c, inet_chksum.h/.c: task #6849: Calculate checksum
when creating TCP segments, not when (re-)transmitting them.
2010-03-07: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: bug #28775 (select/event_callback: only check select_cb_list
on change) plus use SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT to protect the select code.
This should speed up receiving data on sockets as the select code in
event_callback is only executed when select is waiting.
2010-03-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: task #7013 (Create option to have all packets delivered to
netif-&gt;output in one piece): Always copy to try to create single pbufs
in tcp_write.
2010-03-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_lib.c, sockets.c: task #10167 (sockets: speed up TCP recv
by not allocating a netbuf): added function netconn_recv_tcp_pbuf()
for tcp netconns to receive pbufs, not netbufs; use that function
for tcp sockets.
2010-03-05: Jakob Ole Stoklundsen / Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, tcp.h, tcp_impl.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: task #7040:
Work on tcp_enqueue: Don't waste memory when chaining segments,
added option TCP_OVERSIZE to prevent creating many small pbufs when
calling tcp_write with many small blocks of data. Instead, pbufs are
allocated larger than needed and the space is used for later calls to
2010-02-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* stats.c/.h: Added const char* name to mem- and memp-stats for easier
2010-02-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h (and usages), added tcp_impl.h: Splitted API and internal
implementation of tcp to make API usage cleare to application programmers
2010-02-14: Simon Goldschmidt/Stephane Lesage
* ip_addr.h: Improved some defines working on ip addresses, added faster
macro to copy addresses that cannot be NULL
2010-02-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: task #7865 (implement non-
blocking send operation)
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c/.h: Added a minimal version of posix fctl() to have a
standardised way to set O_NONBLOCK for nonblocking sockets.
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c/.h, autoip.c/.h: task #10139 (Prefer statically allocated
memory): added autoip_set_struct() and dhcp_set_struct() to let autoip
and dhcp work with user-allocated structs instead of callin mem_malloc
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt/Jeff Barber
* tcp.c/h: patch #6865 (SO_REUSEADDR for TCP): if pcb.so_options has
SOF_REUSEADDR set, allow binding to endpoint in TIME_WAIT
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* sys layer: task #10139 (Prefer statically allocated memory): converted
mbox and semaphore functions to take pointers to sys_mbox_t/sys_sem_t;
converted sys_mbox_new/sys_sem_new to take pointers and return err_t;
task #7212: Add Mutex concept in sys_arch (define LWIP_COMPAT_MUTEX
to let sys.h use binary semaphores instead of mutexes - as before)
2010-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt (Simon Kallweit)
* timers.c/.h: Added function sys_restart_timeouts() from patch #7085
(Restart system timeout handling)
2010-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c/.h, removed loopif.c/.h: task #10153 (Integrate loopif into
netif.c) - loopif does not have to be created by the port any more,
just define LWIP_HAVE_LOOPIF to 1.
2010-02-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* inet.h, ip_addr.c/.h: Added reentrant versions of inet_ntoa/ipaddr_ntoa
2010-02-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.h: Added netif_s/get_igmp_mac_filter() macros
2010-02-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.h: Added function-like macros to get/set the hostname on a netif
2010-02-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* nearly every file: Replaced struct ip_addr by typedef ip_addr_t to
make changing the actual implementation behind the typedef easier.
2010-02-01: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, memp_std.h, dns.h, netdb.c, memp.c: Let netdb use a memp pool
for allocating memory when getaddrinfo() is called.
2010-01-31: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.h, dhcp.c: Reworked the code that parses DHCP options: parse
them once instead of parsing for every option. This also removes
the need for mem_malloc from dhcp_recv and makes it possible to
correctly retrieve the BOOTP file.
2010-01-30: simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Use SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT instead of a semaphore to protect
the sockets array.
2010-01-29: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Laura Garrett)
* api.h, api_msg.c, sockets.c: Added except set support in select
(patch #6860)
2010-01-29: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Laura Garrett)
* api.h, sockets.h, err.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c, err.c:
Add non-blocking support for connect (partly from patch #6860),
plus many cleanups in socket &amp; netconn API.
2010-01-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, tcp.h, init.c, api_msg.c: Added TCP_SNDQUEUELOWAT corresponding
to TCP_SNDLOWAT and added tcp_sndqueuelen() - this fixes bug #28605
2010-01-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp: Use memp pools for snmp instead of the heap; added 4 new pools.
2010-01-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c/.h: Fixed bug #27856: PPP: Set netif link- and status-callback
by adding ppp_set_netif_statuscallback()/ppp_set_netif_linkcallback()
2010-01-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c: The heap now may be moved to user-defined memory by defining
LWIP_RAM_HEAP_POINTER as a void pointer to that memory's address
(patch #6966 and bug #26133)
2010-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt (Bill Auerbach)
* opt.h, memp.c: patch #6822 (Add option to place memory pools in
separate arrays)
2010-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* init.c, igmp.c: patch #6463 (IGMP - Adding Random Delay): added define
LWIP_RAND() for lwip-wide randomization (to be defined in cc.h)
2009-12-31: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcpip.c, init.c, memp.c, sys.c, memp_std.h, sys.h, tcpip.h
added timers.c/.h: Separated timer implementation from semaphore/mbox
implementation, moved timer implementation to timers.c/.h, timers are
now only called from tcpip_thread or by explicitly checking them.
2009-12-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, etharp.h/.c, init.c, tcpip.c: Added an additional option
LWIP_ETHERNET to support ethernet without ARP (necessary for pure PPPoE)
++ Bugfixes:
2011-04-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* sys_arch.txt: sys_arch_timeouts() is not needed any more.
2011-04-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, udp.c: Fixed bug #33048 (Bad range for IP source port numbers) by
using ports in the IANA private/dynamic range (49152 through 65535).
2011-03-29: Simon Goldschmidt, patch by Emil Lhungdahl:
* etharp.h/.c: Fixed broken VLAN support.
2011-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: Fixed bug #32926 (TCP_RMV(&amp;tcp_bound_pcbs) is called on unbound tcp
pcbs) by checking if the pcb was bound (local_port != 0).
2011-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: Fixed bug #32280 (ppp: a pbuf is freed twice)
2011-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #32906: lwip_connect+lwip_send did not work for udp and
raw pcbs with LWIP_TCPIP_CORE_LOCKING==1.
2011-03-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #32820 (Outgoing TCP connections created before route
is present never times out) by starting retransmission timer before checking
2011-03-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: Fixed bug #32648 (PPP code crashes when terminating a link) by only
calling sio_read_abort() if the file descriptor is valid.
2011-03-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h/.c, sockets.c, api_msg.c: fixed bug #31748 (Calling non-blocking connect
more than once can render a socket useless) since it mainly involves changing
"FATAL" classification of error codes: ERR_USE and ERR_ISCONN just aren't fatal.
2011-03-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: fixed bug #32769 (ESHUTDOWN is linux-specific) by fixing
err_to_errno_table (ERR_CLSD: ENOTCONN instead of ESHUTDOWN), ERR_ISCONN:
use EALRADY instead of -1
2011-03-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c: netconn_accept: return ERR_ABRT instead of ERR_CLSD if the
connection has been aborted by err_tcp (since this is not a normal closing
2011-03-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: tcp_bind: return ERR_VAL instead of ERR_ISCONN when trying to bind
with pcb-&gt;state != CLOSED
2011-02-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* rawapi.txt: Fixed bug #32561 tcp_poll argument definition out-of-order in
2011-02-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* many files: Added missing U/UL modifiers to fix 16-bit-arch portability.
2011-01-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #31741: lwip_select seems to have threading problems
2010-12-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h: Fixed ERR_IS_FATAL so that ERR_WOULDBLOCK is not fatal.
2010-11-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: netconn.recv_avail is only used for
2010-11-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: Fixed bug #31720: ARP-queueing: RFC 1122 recommends to queue at
least 1 packet -&gt; ARP_QUEUEING==0 now queues the most recent packet.
2010-11-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #30577: tcp_input: don't discard ACK-only packets after
refusing 'refused_data' again.
2010-11-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #31590: getsockopt(... SO_ERROR ...) gives EINPROGRESS
after a successful nonblocking connection.
2010-11-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: Fixed bug #31722: IP packets sent with an AutoIP source addr
must be sent link-local
2010-11-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* timers.c: patch #7329: tcp_timer_needed prototype was ifdef'ed out for
2010-11-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #31170: lwip_setsockopt() does not set socket number
2010-11-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.h: Fixed bug #31304: Changed SHUT_RD, SHUT_WR and SHUT_RDWR to
resemble other stacks.
2010-11-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: Fixed bug #31535: TCP_SND_QUEUELEN must be at least 2 or else
no-copy TCP writes will never succeed.
2010-11-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: Fixed bug #31701: Error return value from dns_gethostbyname() does
not match documentation: return ERR_ARG instead of ERR_VAL if not
initialized or wrong argument.
2010-10-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.h: Fixed bug #31385: sizeof(struct sockaddr) is 30 but should be 16
2010-10-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: Once again fixed #30038: DHCP/AutoIP cooperation failed when
replugging the network cable after an AutoIP address was assigned.
2010-08-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: Fixed bug #30728: tcp_new_port() did not check listen pcbs
2010-08-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.c, raw.c: Don't chain empty pbufs when sending them (fixes bug #30625)
2010-08-01: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Greg Renda)
* ppp.c: Applied patch #7264 (PPP protocols are rejected incorrectly on big
endian architectures)
2010-07-28: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c, mib2.c: Fixed compilation with TCP or UDP
2010-07-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: Fixed bug #30565 (tcp_connect() check bound list): that check did no
harm but never did anything
2010-07-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: Fixed invalid fix for bug #30402 (CHECKSUM_GEN_IP_INLINE does not
add IP options)
2010-07-16: Kieran Mansley
* msg_in.c: Fixed SNMP ASN constant defines to not use ! operator
2010-07-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: Fixed bug #30402: CHECKSUM_GEN_IP_INLINE does not add IP options
2010-06-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #30300 (shutdown parameter was not initialized in
2010-06-28: Kieran Mansley
* timers.c remove unportable printing of C function pointers
2010-06-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* init.c, timers.c/.h, opt.h, memp_std.h: From patch #7221: added flag
NO_SYS_NO_TIMERS to drop timer support for NO_SYS==1 for easier upgrading
2010-06-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* api(_lib).c/.h, api_msg.c/.h, sockets.c/.h: Fixed bug #10088: Correctly
implemented shutdown at socket level.
2010-06-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.c/.h, ip_frag.c/.h, opt.h, memp_std.h: Fixed bug #29361 (ip_frag has
problems with zero-copy DMA MACs) by adding custom pbufs and implementing
custom pbufs that reference other (original) pbufs. Additionally set
IP_FRAG_USES_STATIC_BUF=0 as default to be on the safe side.
2010-06-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: Fixed bug #29970: DHCP endian issue parsing option responses
2010-06-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* autoip.c: Fixed bug #30039: AutoIP does not reuse previous addresses
2010-06-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: Fixed bug #30038: dhcp_network_changed doesn't reset AUTOIP coop
2010-05-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* netdb.c: Correctly NULL-terminate h_addr_list
2010-05-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* def.h/.c: changed the semantics of LWIP_PREFIX_BYTEORDER_FUNCS to prevent
"symbol already defined" i.e. when linking to winsock
2010-05-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* def.h, timers.c: Fixed bug #29769 (sys_check_timeouts: sys_now() may
2010-04-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: Fixed bug #29617 (sometime cause stall on delete listening
2010-03-28: Luca Ceresoli
* ip_addr.c/.h: patch #7143: Add a few missing const qualifiers
2010-03-27: Luca Ceresoli
* mib2.c: patch #7130: remove meaningless const qualifiers
2010-03-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Make LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF work for TCP, too
2010-03-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* various files: Fixed compiling with different options disabled (TCP/UDP),
triggered by bug #29345; don't allocate acceptmbox if LWIP_TCP is disabled
2010-03-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #29332: lwip_select() processes readset incorrectly
2010-03-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c, test_tcp_oos.c: Fixed bug #29080: Correctly handle remote side
overrunning our rcv_wnd in ooseq case.
2010-03-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: tcp_listen() did not copy the pcb's prio.
2010-03-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp_msg.c: Fixed bug #29256: SNMP Trap address was not correctly set
2010-03-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, etharp.h: Fixed bug #29148 (Incorrect PBUF_POOL_BUFSIZE for ports
where ETH_PAD_SIZE &gt; 0) by moving definition of ETH_PAD_SIZE to opt.h
and basing PBUF_LINK_HLEN on it.
2010-03-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c, ipv4/ip.c: task #10241 (AutoIP: don't break existing connections
when assiging routable address): when checking incoming packets and
aborting existing connection on address change, filter out link-local
2010-03-06: Simon Goldschmidt
2010-03-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* ipv4/ip.c: Don't try to forward link-local addresses
2010-03-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: Fixed bug #29087: etharp: don't send packets for LinkLocal-
addresses to gw
2010-03-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: Fixed bug #29072: Correctly set ciaddr based on message-type
and state.
2010-03-05: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: Correctly set TCP_WRITE_FLAG_MORE when netconn_write is split
into multiple calls to tcp_write.
2010-02-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, mem.h, dns.c: task #10140: Remove DNS_USES_STATIC_BUF (keep
the implementation of DNS_USES_STATIC_BUF==1)
2010-02-20: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: Task #10088: Correctly implement
close() vs. shutdown(). Now the application does not get any more
recv callbacks after calling tcp_close(). Added tcp_shutdown().
2010-02-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c/.h, pbuf.c: Renamed mem_realloc() to mem_trim() to prevent
confusion with realloc()
2010-02-15: Simon Goldschmidt/Stephane Lesage
* netif.c/.h: Link status does not depend on LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK
(fixes bug #28899)
2010-02-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c: Fixed bug #28877 (Duplicate ARP gratuitous packet with
LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK set on) by only sending if both link- and
admin-status of a netif are up
2010-02-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h: Disable ETHARP_TRUST_IP_MAC by default since it slows down packet
reception and is not really necessary
2010-02-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c/.h: Fixed ARP input processing: only add a new entry if a
request was directed as us (RFC 826, Packet Reception), otherwise
only update existing entries; internalized some functions
2010-02-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.h, etharp.c, tcpip.c: Fixed bug #28183 (ARP and TCP/IP cannot be
disabled on netif used for PPPoE) by adding a new netif flag
(NETIF_FLAG_ETHERNET) that tells the stack the device is an ethernet
device but prevents usage of ARP (so that ethernet_input can be used
for PPPoE).
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c: netif_set_link_up/down: only do something if the link state
actually changes
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt/Stephane Lesage
* api_msg.c: Fixed bug #28865 (Cannot close socket/netconn in non-blocking
2010-02-12: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.h: Fixed bug #28866 (mem_realloc function defined in mem.h)
2010-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c, api.h, api_msg.h: Fixed bug #22110
(recv() makes receive window update for data that wasn't received by
2010-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt/Stephane Lesage
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #28853 (lwip_recvfrom() returns 0 on receive time-out
or any netconn_recv() error)
2010-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: task #10154 (PPP: Update snmp in/out counters for tx/rx packets)
2010-02-09: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c: For loopback packets, adjust the stats- and snmp-counters
for the loopback netif.
2010-02-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* igmp.c/.h, ip.h: Moved most defines from igmp.h to igmp.c for clarity
since they are not used anywhere else.
2010-02-08: Simon Goldschmidt (Stéphane Lesage)
* igmp.c, igmp.h, stats.c, stats.h: Improved IGMP stats
(patch from bug #28798)
2010-02-08: Simon Goldschmidt (Stéphane Lesage)
* igmp.c: Fixed bug #28798 (Error in "Max Response Time" processing) and
another bug when LWIP_RAND() returns zero.
2010-02-04: Simon Goldschmidt
* nearly every file: Use macros defined in ip_addr.h (some of them new)
to work with IP addresses (preparation for bug #27352 - Change ip_addr
from struct to typedef (u32_t) - and better code).
2010-01-31: Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.c: Don't call the link-callback from netif_set_up/down() since
this invalidly retriggers DHCP.
2010-01-29: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_addr.h, inet.h, def.h, inet.c, def.c, more: Cleanly separate the
portability file inet.h and its contents from the stack: moved htonX-
functions to def.h (and the new def.c - they are not ipv4 dependent),
let inet.h depend on ip_addr.h and not the other way round.
This fixes bug #28732.
2010-01-28: Kieran Mansley
* tcp.c: Ensure ssthresh &gt;= 2*MSS
2010-01-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #27871: Calling tcp_abort() in recv
callback can lead to accessing unallocated memory. As a consequence,
ERR_ABRT means the application has called tcp_abort()!
2010-01-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp_structs.h, msg_in.c: Partly fixed bug #22070 (MIB_OBJECT_WRITE_ONLY
not implemented in SNMP): write-only or not-accessible are still
returned by getnext (though not by get)
2010-01-24: Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp: Renamed the private mib node from 'private' to 'mib_private' to
not use reserved C/C++ keywords
2010-01-23: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #28716: select() returns 0 after waiting for less
than 1 ms
2010-01-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, api_msg.c: Fixed bug #28651 (tcp_connect: no callbacks called
if tcp_enqueue fails) both in raw- and netconn-API
2010-01-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: Fixed bug #27316: netconn: Possible deadlock in err_tcp
2010-01-18: Iordan Neshev/Simon Goldschmidt
* src/netif/ppp: reorganised PPP sourcecode to 2.3.11 including some
bugfix backports from 2.4.x.
2010-01-18: Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c: Fixed bug #28679: mem_realloc calculates mem_stats wrong
2010-01-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c, api_msg.c, (api_msg.h, api.h, sockets.c, tcpip.c):
task #10102: "netconn: clean up conn-&gt;err threading issues" by adding
error return value to struct api_msg_msg
2010-01-17: Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_lib.c, sockets.c: Changed netconn_recv() and netconn_accept()
to return err_t (bugs #27709 and #28087)
2010-01-14: Simon Goldschmidt
* ...: Use typedef for function prototypes throughout the stack.
2010-01-13: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.h/.c, api_lib.c: Fixed bug #26672 (close connection when receive
window = 0) by correctly draining recvmbox/acceptmbox
2010-01-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* pap.c: Fixed bug #13315 (PPP PAP authentication can result in
erroneous callbacks) by copying the code from recent pppd
2010-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* raw.c: Fixed bug #28506 (raw_bind should filter received packets)
2010-01-10: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h/.c: bug #28127 (remove call to tcp_output() from tcp_ack(_now)())
2010-01-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #28519 (lwip_recvfrom bug with len &gt; 65535)
2010-01-08: Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c: Copy hostname for DNS_LOCAL_HOSTLIST_IS_DYNAMIC==1 since string
passed to dns_local_addhost() might be volatile
2010-01-07: Simon Goldschmidt
* timers.c, tcp.h: Call tcp_timer_needed() with NO_SYS==1, too
2010-01-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* netdb.h: Fixed bug #28496: missing include guards in netdb.h
2009-12-31: Simon Goldschmidt
* many ppp files: Reorganised PPP source code from ucip structure to pppd
structure to easily compare our code against the pppd code (around v2.3.1)
2009-12-27: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Another fix for bug #28241 (ooseq processing) and adapted
unit test
++ New features:
2009-10-27 Simon Goldschmidt/Stephan Lesage
* netifapi.c/.h: Added netifapi_netif_set_addr()
2009-10-07 Simon Goldschmidt/Fabian Koch
* api_msg.c, netbuf.c/.h, opt.h: patch #6888: Patch for UDP Netbufs to
support dest-addr and dest-port (optional: LWIP_NETBUF_RECVINFO)
2009-08-26 Simon Goldschmidt/Simon Kallweit
* slipif.c/.h: bug #26397: SLIP polling support
2009-08-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, etharp.h/.c: task #9033: Support IEEE 802.1q tagged frame (VLAN),
New configuration options ETHARP_SUPPORT_VLAN and ETHARP_VLAN_CHECK.
2009-08-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_addr.h, netdb.c: patch #6900: added define ip_ntoa(struct ip_addr*)
2009-08-24 Jakob Stoklund Olesen
* autoip.c, dhcp.c, netif.c: patch #6725: Teach AutoIP and DHCP to respond
to netif_set_link_up().
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h/.c: Added function tcp_debug_state_str() to convert a tcp state
to a human-readable string.
++ Bugfixes:
2009-12-24: Kieran Mansley
* tcp_in.c Apply patches from Oleg Tyshev to improve OOS processing
2009-12-06: Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.h/.c: Fixed bug #27079 (Yet another leak in PPP): outpacket_buf can
be statically allocated (like in ucip)
2009-12-04: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Ioardan Neshev)
* pap.c: patch #6969: PPP: missing PAP authentication UNTIMEOUT
2009-12-03: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #28106: dup ack for fast retransmit
could have non-zero length
2009-12-02: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #27904: TCP sends too many ACKs: delay resetting
tcp_input_pcb until after calling the pcb's callbacks
2009-11-29: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #28054: Two segments with FIN flag on the out-of-
sequence queue, also fixed PBUF_POOL leak in the out-of-sequence code
2009-11-29: Simon Goldschmidt
* pbuf.c: Fixed bug #28064: pbuf_alloc(PBUF_POOL) is not thread-safe by
queueing a call into tcpip_thread to free ooseq-bufs if the pool is empty
2009-11-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h: Fixed bug #28098: Nagle can prevent fast retransmit from sending
2009-11-26: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, sockets.c: Fixed bug #28099: API required to disable Nagle
algorithm at PCB level
2009-11-22: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #27905: FIN isn't combined with data on unsent
2009-11-22: Simon Goldschmidt (suggested by Bill Auerbach)
* tcp.c: tcp_alloc: prevent increasing stats.err for MEMP_TCP_PCB when
reusing time-wait pcb
2009-11-20: Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Albert Bartel)
* sockets.c: Fixed bug #28062: Data received directly after accepting
does not wake up select
2009-11-11: Simon Goldschmidt
* netdb.h: Fixed bug #27994: incorrect define for freeaddrinfo(addrinfo)
2009-10-30: Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h: Increased default value for TCP_MSS to 536, updated default
value for TCP_WND to 4*TCP_MSS to keep delayed ACK working.
2009-10-28: Kieran Mansley
* tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c, tcp.h: re-work the fast retransmission code
to follow algorithm from TCP/IP Illustrated
2009-10-27: Kieran Mansley
* tcp_in.c: fix BUG#27445: grow cwnd with every duplicate ACK
2009-10-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h: bug-fix in the TCP_EVENT_RECV macro (has to call tcp_recved if
pcb-&gt;recv is NULL to keep rcv_wnd correct)
2009-10-25: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #26251: RST process in TIME_WAIT TCP state
2009-10-23: Simon Goldschmidt (David Empson)
* tcp.c: Fixed bug #27783: Silly window avoidance for small window sizes
2009-10-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #27215: TCP sent() callback gives leading and
trailing 1 byte len (SYN/FIN)
2009-10-21: Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #27315: zero window probe and FIN
2009-10-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c/.h: Minor code simplification (don't store received pbuf, change
conditional code to assert where applicable), check pbuf length before
testing for valid reply
2009-10-19: Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: Removed most calls to udp_connect since they aren't necessary
when using udp_sendto_if() - always stay connected to IP_ADDR_ANY.
2009-10-16: Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: Fixed bug #27390: Source IP check in ip_input() causes it to drop
valid DHCP packets -&gt; allow as source address when LWIP_DHCP is
2009-10-15: Simon Goldschmidt (Oleg Tyshev)
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #27329: dupacks by unidirectional data transmit
2009-10-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c: Fixed bug #27709: conn-&gt;err race condition on netconn_recv()
2009-10-15: Simon Goldschmidt
* autoip.c: Fixed bug #27704: autoip starts with wrong address
LWIP_AUTOIP_CREATE_SEED_ADDR() returned address in host byte order instead
of network byte order
2009-10-11 Simon Goldschmidt (Jörg Kesten)
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #27504: tcp_enqueue wrongly concatenates segments
which are not consecutive when retransmitting unacked segments
2009-10-09 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h: Fixed default values of some stats to only be enabled if used
Fixes bug #27338: sys_stats is defined when NO_SYS = 1
2009-08-30 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: Fixed bug bug #27345: "ip_frag() does not use the LWIP_NETIF_LOOPBACK
function" by checking for loopback before calling ip_frag
2009-08-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed invalid dependency to etharp_query if DHCP_DOES_ARP_CHECK==0
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: bug #27078: Possible memory leak in pppInit()
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* netdb.c, dns.c: bug #26657: DNS, if host name is "localhost", result
is error.
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, init.c: bug #26649: TCP fails when TCP_MSS &gt; TCP_SND_BUF
Fixed wrong parenthesis, added check in init.c
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: bug #27266: wait-state debug message in pppMain occurs every ms
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* many ppp files: bug #27267: Added include to string.h where needed
2009-08-23 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h: patch #6843: tcp.h macro optimization patch (for little endian)
++ New features:
2009-05-10 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, sockets.c, pbuf.c, netbuf.h, pbuf.h: task #7013: Added option
LWIP_NETIF_TX_SINGLE_PBUF to try to create transmit packets from only
one pbuf to help MACs that don't support scatter-gather DMA.
2009-05-09 Simon Goldschmidt
* icmp.h, icmp.c: Shrinked ICMP code, added option to NOT check icoming
ECHO pbuf for size (just use it): LWIP_ICMP_ECHO_CHECK_INPUT_PBUF_LEN
2009-05-05 Simon Goldschmidt, Jakob Stoklund Olesen
* ip.h, ip.c: Added ip_current_netif() &amp; ip_current_header() to receive
extended info about the currently received packet.
2009-04-27 Simon Goldschmidt
* sys.h: Made SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT and sys_now() work with NO_SYS=1
2009-04-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c, opt.h: Added option MEM_USE_POOLS_TRY_BIGGER_POOL to try the next
bigger malloc pool if one is empty (only usable with MEM_USE_POOLS).
2009-04-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* dns.c, init.c, dns.h, opt.h: task #7507, patch #6786: DNS supports static
hosts table. New configuration options DNS_LOCAL_HOSTLIST and
as an external function for lookup.
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: patch #6763: Global DHCP XID can be redefined to something more unique
2009-03-31 Kieran Mansley
* tcp.c, tcp_out.c, tcp_in.c, sys.h, tcp.h, opts.h: add support for
TCP timestamp options, off by default. Rework tcp_enqueue() to
take option flags rather than specified option data
2009-02-18 Simon Goldschmidt
* cc.h: Added printf formatter for size_t: SZT_F
2009-02-16 Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Rishi Khan)
* icmp.c, opt.h: patch #6539: (configurable) response to broadcast- and multicast
2009-02-12 Simon Goldschmidt
* init.h: Added LWIP_VERSION to get the current version of the stack
2009-02-11 Simon Goldschmidt (suggested by Gottfried Spitaler)
* opt.h, memp.h/.c: added MEMP_MEM_MALLOC to use mem_malloc/mem_free instead
of the pool allocator (can save code size with MEM_LIBC_MALLOC if libc-malloc
is otherwise used)
2009-01-28 Jonathan Larmour (suggested by Bill Bauerbach)
* ipv4/inet_chksum.c, ipv4/lwip/inet_chksum.h: inet_chksum_pseudo_partial()
is only used by UDPLITE at present, so conditionalise it.
2008-12-03 Simon Goldschmidt (base on patch from Luca Ceresoli)
* autoip.c: checked in (slightly modified) patch #6683: Customizable AUTOIP
"seed" address. This should reduce AUTOIP conflicts if
2008-10-02 Jonathan Larmour and Rishi Khan
* sockets.c (lwip_accept): Return EWOULDBLOCK if would block on non-blocking
2008-06-30 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c, opt.h, stats.h: fixed bug #21433: Calling mem_free/pbuf_free from
interrupt context isn't safe: LWIP_ALLOW_MEM_FREE_FROM_OTHER_CONTEXT allows
mem_free to run between mem_malloc iterations. Added illegal counter for
mem stats.
2008-06-27 Simon Goldschmidt
* stats.h/.c, some other files: patch #6483: stats module improvement:
Added defines to display each module's statistic individually, added stats
defines for MEM, MEMP and SYS modules, removed (unused) rexmit counter.
2008-06-17 Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h: patch #6459: Made err_t overridable to use a more efficient type
(define LWIP_ERR_T in cc.h)
2008-06-17 Simon Goldschmidt
* slipif.c: patch #6480: Added a configuration option for slipif for symmetry
to loopif
2008-06-17 Simon Goldschmidt (patch by Luca Ceresoli)
* netif.c, loopif.c, ip.c, netif.h, loopif.h, opt.h: Checked in slightly
modified version of patch # 6370: Moved loopif code to netif.c so that
loopback traffic is supported on all netifs (all local IPs).
Added option to limit loopback packets for each netifs.
++ Bugfixes:
2009-08-12 Kieran Mansley
* tcp_in.c, tcp.c: Fix bug #27209: handle trimming of segments when
out of window or out of order properly
2009-08-12 Kieran Mansley
* tcp_in.c: Fix bug #27199: use snd_wl2 instead of snd_wl1
2009-07-28 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.h: Fixed bug #27105: "realloc() cannot replace mem_realloc()"s
2009-07-27 Kieran Mansley
* api.h api_msg.h netdb.h sockets.h: add missing #include directives
2009-07-09 Kieran Mansley
* api_msg.c, sockets.c, api.h: BUG23240 use signed counters for
recv_avail and don't increment counters until message successfully
sent to mbox
2009-06-25 Kieran Mansley
* api_msg.c api.h: BUG26722: initialise netconn write variables
in netconn_alloc
2009-06-25 Kieran Mansley
* tcp.h: BUG26879: set ret value in TCP_EVENT macros when function is not set
2009-06-25 Kieran Mansley
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c, tcp.h: BUG26301 and BUG26267: correct
simultaneous close behaviour, and make snd_nxt have the same meaning
as in the RFCs.
2009-05-12 Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.h, etharp.c, netif.c: fixed bug #26507: "Gratuitous ARP depends on
arp_table / uses etharp_query" by adding etharp_gratuitous()
2009-05-12 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.h, ip.c, igmp.c: bug #26487: Added ip_output_if_opt that can add IP options
to the IP header (used by igmp_ip_output_if)
2009-05-06 Simon Goldschmidt
* inet_chksum.c: On little endian architectures, use LWIP_PLATFORM_HTONS (if
defined) for SWAP_BYTES_IN_WORD to speed up checksumming.
2009-05-05 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: bug #26405: Prematurely released semaphore causes lwip_select()
to crash
2009-05-04 Simon Goldschmidt
* init.c: snmp was not initialized in lwip_init()
2009-05-04 Frédéric Bernon
* dhcp.c, netbios.c: Changes if IP_SOF_BROADCAST is enabled.
2009-05-03 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h: bug #26349: Nagle algorithm doesn't send although segment is full
(and unsent-&gt;next == NULL)
2009-05-02 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcpip.h, tcpip.c: fixed tcpip_untimeout (does not need the time, broken after
1.3.0 in CVS only) - fixes compilation of ppp_oe.c
2009-05-02 Simon Goldschmidt
* msg_in.c: fixed bug #25636: SNMPSET value is ignored for integer fields
2009-05-01 Simon Goldschmidt
* pap.c: bug #21680: PPP upap_rauthnak() drops legal NAK packets
2009-05-01 Simon Goldschmidt
* ppp.c: bug #24228: Memory corruption with PPP and DHCP
2009-04-29 Frédéric Bernon
* raw.c, udp.c, init.c, opt.h, ip.h, sockets.h: bug #26309: Implement the
SO(F)_BROADCAST filter for all API layers. Avoid the unindented reception
of broadcast packets even when this option wasn't set. Port maintainers
which want to enable this filter have to set IP_SOF_BROADCAST=1 in opt.h.
If you want this option also filter broadcast on recv operations, you also
have to set IP_SOF_BROADCAST_RECV=1 in opt.h.
2009-04-28 Simon Goldschmidt, Jakob Stoklund Olesen
* dhcp.c: patch #6721, bugs #25575, #25576: Some small fixes to DHCP and
DHCP/AUTOIP cooperation
2009-04-25 Simon Goldschmidt, Oleg Tyshev
* tcp_out.c: bug #24212: Deadlocked tcp_retransmit due to exceeded pcb-&gt;cwnd
Fixed by sorting the unsent and unacked queues (segments are inserted at the
right place in tcp_output and tcp_rexmit).
2009-04-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* memp.c, mem.c, memp.h, mem_std.h: bug #26213 "Problem with memory allocation
when debugging": memp_sizes contained the wrong sizes (including sanity
regions); memp pools for MEM_USE_POOLS were too small
2009-04-24 Simon Goldschmidt, Frédéric Bernon
* inet.c: patch #6765: Fix a small problem with the last changes (incorrect
behavior, with with ip address string not ended by a '\0', a space or a
end of line)
2009-04-19 Simon Goldschmidt
* rawapi.txt: Fixed bug #26069: Corrected documentation: if tcp_connect fails,
pcb-&gt;err is called, not pcb-&gt;connected (with an error code).
2009-04-19 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #26236: "TCP options (timestamp) don't work with
no-copy-tcpwrite": deallocate option data, only concat segments with same flags
2009-04-19 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: Fixed bug #25094: "Zero-length pbuf" (options are now allocated
in the header pbuf, not the data pbuf)
2009-04-18 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #25695: Segmentation fault in do_writemore()
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: tried to fix bug #23559: lwip_recvfrom problem with tcp
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: task #9192: mem_free of dhcp-&gt;options_in and dhcp-&gt;msg_in
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c, ip6.c, tcp_out.c, ip.h: patch #6808: Add a utility function
ip_hinted_output() (for smaller code mainly)
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* inet.c: patch #6765: Supporting new line characters in inet_aton()
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: patch #6764: DHCP rebind and renew did not send hostnam option;
Converted constant OPTION_MAX_MSG_SIZE to netif-&gt;mtu, check if netif-&gt;mtu
is big enough in dhcp_start
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* netbuf.c: bug #26027: netbuf_chain resulted in pbuf memory leak
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c, ppp.c: bug #25763: corrected 4 occurrences of SMEMCPY to MEMCPY
2009-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c: bug #26121: set_errno can be overridden
2009-04-09 Kieran Mansley (patch from Luca Ceresoli &lt;lucaceresoli&gt;)
* init.c, opt.h: Patch#6774 TCP_QUEUE_OOSEQ breaks compilation when
2009-04-09 Kieran Mansley (patch from Roy Lee &lt;roylee17&gt;)
* tcp.h: Patch#6802 Add do-while-clauses to those function like
macros in tcp.h
2009-03-31 Kieran Mansley
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c, tcp.h, opt.h: Rework the way window
updates are calculated and sent (BUG20515)
* tcp_in.c: cope with SYN packets received during established states,
and retransmission of initial SYN.
* tcp_out.c: set push bit correctly when tcp segments are merged
2009-03-27 Kieran Mansley
* tcp_out.c set window correctly on probes (correcting change made
2009-03-26 Kieran Mansley
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp.h: add tcp_abandon() to cope with dropping
connections where no reset required (bug #25622)
* tcp_out.c: set TCP_ACK flag on keepalive and zero window probes
(bug #20779)
2009-02-18 Simon Goldschmidt (Jonathan Larmour and Bill Auerbach)
* ip_frag.c: patch #6528: the buffer used for IP_FRAG_USES_STATIC_BUF could be
too small depending on MEM_ALIGNMENT
2009-02-16 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.h/.c, api_*.h/.c: fixed arguments of socket functions to match the standard;
converted size argument of netconn_write to 'size_t'
2009-02-16 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp.c: fixed bug #24440: TCP connection close problem on 64-bit host
by moving accept callback function pointer to TCP_PCB_COMMON
2009-02-12 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #25345 (DHCPDECLINE is sent with "Maximum message size"
2009-02-11 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #24480 (releasing old udp_pdb and pbuf in dhcp_start)
2009-02-11 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, api_msg.c: added configurable default valud for netconn-&gt;recv_bufsize:
RECV_BUFSIZE_DEFAULT (fixes bug #23726: pbuf pool exhaustion on slow recv())
2009-02-10 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: fixed bug #25467: Listen backlog is not reset on timeout in SYN_RCVD:
Accepts_pending is decrease on a corresponding listen pcb when a connection
in state SYN_RCVD is close.
2009-01-28 Jonathan Larmour
* pbuf.c: reclaim pbufs from TCP out-of-sequence segments if we run
out of pool pbufs.
2008-12-19 Simon Goldschmidt
* many files: patch #6699: fixed some warnings on platform where sizeof(int) == 2
2008-12-10 Tamas Somogyi, Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c: fixed bug #25051: lwip_recvfrom problem with udp: fromaddr and
port uses deleted netbuf.
2008-10-18 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: fixed bug ##24596: Vulnerability on faulty TCP options length
in tcp_parseopt
2008-10-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_frag.c: fixed bug #24517: IP reassembly crashes on unaligned IP headers
by packing the struct ip_reass_helper.
2008-10-03 David Woodhouse, Jonathan Larmour
* etharp.c (etharp_arp_input): Fix type aliasing problem copying ip address.
2008-10-02 Jonathan Larmour
* dns.c: Hard-code structure sizes, to avoid issues on some compilers where
padding is included.
2008-09-30 Jonathan Larmour
* sockets.c (lwip_accept): check addr isn't NULL. If it's valid, do an
assertion check that addrlen isn't NULL.
2008-09-30 Jonathan Larmour
* tcp.c: Fix bug #24227, wrong error message in tcp_bind.
2008-08-26 Simon Goldschmidt
* inet.h, ip_addr.h: fixed bug #24132: Cross-dependency between ip_addr.h and
inet.h -&gt; moved declaration of struct in_addr from ip_addr.h to inet.h
2008-08-14 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c: fixed bug #23847: do_close_internal references freed memory (when
tcp_close returns != ERR_OK)
2008-07-08 Frédéric Bernon
* stats.h: Fix some build bugs introduced with patch #6483 (missing some parameters
in macros, mainly if MEM_STATS=0 and MEMP_STATS=0).
2008-06-24 Jonathan Larmour
* tcp_in.c: Fix for bug #23693 as suggested by Art R. Ensure cseg is unused
if tcp_seg_copy fails.
2008-06-17 Simon Goldschmidt
* inet_chksum.c: Checked in some ideas of patch #6460 (loop optimizations)
and created defines for swapping bytes and folding u32 to u16.
2008-05-30 Kieran Mansley
* tcp_in.c Remove redundant "if" statement, and use real rcv_wnd
rather than rcv_ann_wnd when deciding if packets are in-window.
Contributed by &lt;;
2008-05-30 Kieran Mansley
* mem.h: Fix BUG#23254. Change macro definition of mem_* to allow
passing as function pointers when MEM_LIBC_MALLOC is defined.
2008-05-09 Jonathan Larmour
* err.h, err.c, sockets.c: Fix bug #23119: Reorder timeout error code to
stop it being treated as a fatal error.
2008-04-15 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: fixed bug #22804: dhcp_stop doesn't clear NETIF_FLAG_DHCP
(flag now cleared)
2008-03-27 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c, tcpip.c, tcpip.h, opt.h: fixed bug #21433 (Calling mem_free/pbuf_free
from interrupt context isn't safe): set LWIP_USE_HEAP_FROM_INTERRUPT to 1
in lwipopts.h or use pbuf_free_callback(p)/mem_free_callback(m) to free pbufs
or heap memory from interrupt context
2008-03-26 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c, tcp.c: fixed bug #22249: division by zero could occur if a remote
host sent a zero mss as TCP option.
++ New features:
2008-03-10 Jonathan Larmour
* inet_chksum.c: Allow choice of one of the sample algorithms to be
made from lwipopts.h. Fix comment on how to override LWIP_CHKSUM.
2008-01-22 Frédéric Bernon
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp.h, opt.h: Rename LWIP_CALCULATE_EFF_SEND_MSS in
TCP_CALCULATE_EFF_SEND_MSS to have coherent TCP options names.
2008-01-14 Frédéric Bernon
* rawapi.txt, api_msg.c, tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp.h: changes for task #7675 "Enable
to refuse data on a TCP_EVENT_RECV call". Important, behavior changes for the
tcp_recv callback (see rawapi.txt).
2008-01-14 Frédéric Bernon, Marc Chaland
* ip.c: Integrate patch #6369" ip_input : checking before realloc".
2008-01-12 Frédéric Bernon
* tcpip.h, tcpip.c, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: replace the field
netconn::sem per netconn::op_completed like suggested for the task #7490
"Add return value to sys_mbox_post".
2008-01-12 Frédéric Bernon
sizes), like suggested for the task #7490 "Add return value to sys_mbox_post".
2008-01-10 Frédéric Bernon
* tcpip.h, tcpip.c: add tcpip_callback_with_block function for the task #7490
"Add return value to sys_mbox_post". tcpip_callback is always defined as
"blocking" ("block" parameter = 1).
2008-01-10 Frédéric Bernon
* tcpip.h, tcpip.c, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: replace the field
netconn::mbox (sys_mbox_t) per netconn::sem (sys_sem_t) for the task #7490
"Add return value to sys_mbox_post".
2008-01-05 Frédéric Bernon
* sys_arch.txt, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c, tcpip.c, sys.h, opt.h:
Introduce changes for task #7490 "Add return value to sys_mbox_post" with some
modifications in the sys_mbox api: sys_mbox_new take a "size" parameters which
indicate the number of pointers query by the mailbox. There is three defines
in opt.h to indicate sizes for tcpip::mbox, netconn::recvmbox, and for the
netconn::acceptmbox. Port maintainers, you can decide to just add this new
parameter in your implementation, but to ignore it to keep the previous behavior.
The new sys_mbox_trypost function return a value to know if the mailbox is
full or if the message is posted. Take a look to sys_arch.txt for more details.
This new function is used in tcpip_input (so, can be called in an interrupt
context since the function is not blocking), and in recv_udp and recv_raw.
2008-01-04 Frédéric Bernon, Simon Goldschmidt, Jonathan Larmour
* rawapi.txt, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c, sockets.c, tcp.h, tcp.c,
tcp_in.c, init.c, opt.h: rename backlog options with TCP_ prefix, limit the
"backlog" parameter in an u8_t, 0 is interpreted as "smallest queue", add
documentation in the rawapi.txt file.
2007-12-31 Kieran Mansley (based on patch from Per-Henrik Lundbolm)
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c, tcp.h: Add TCP persist timer
2007-12-31 Frédéric Bernon, Luca Ceresoli
* autoip.c, etharp.c: ip_addr.h: Integrate patch #6348: "Broadcast ARP packets
in autoip". The change in etharp_raw could be removed, since all calls to
etharp_raw use ethbroadcast for the "ethdst_addr" parameter. But it could be
wrong in the future.
2007-12-30 Frédéric Bernon, Tom Evans
* ip.c: Fix bug #21846 "LwIP doesn't appear to perform any IP Source Address
Filtering" reported by Tom Evans.
2007-12-21 Frédéric Bernon, Simon Goldschmidt, Jonathan Larmour
* tcp.h, opt.h, api.h, api_msg.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c, api_lib.c, api_msg.c,
sockets.c, init.c: task #7252: Implement TCP listen backlog: Warning: raw API
applications have to call 'tcp_accepted(pcb)' in their accept callback to
keep accepting new connections.
2007-12-13 Frédéric Bernon
* api_msg.c, err.h, err.c, sockets.c, dns.c, dns.h: replace "enum dns_result"
by err_t type. Add a new err_t code "ERR_INPROGRESS".
2007-12-12 Frédéric Bernon
* dns.h, dns.c, opt.h: move DNS options to the "right" place. Most visibles
are the one which have ram usage.
2007-12-05 Frédéric Bernon
* netdb.c: add a LWIP_DNS_API_HOSTENT_STORAGE option to decide to use a static
set of variables (=0) or a local one (=1). In this last case, your port should
provide a function "struct hostent* sys_thread_hostent( struct hostent* h)"
which have to do a copy of "h" and return a pointer ont the "per-thread" copy.
2007-12-03 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: ip_input: check if a packet is for inp first before checking all other
netifs on netif_list (speeds up packet receiving in most cases)
2007-11-30 Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.c, raw.c: task #7497: Sort lists (pcb, netif, ...) for faster access
UDP: move a (connected) pcb selected for input to the front of the list of
pcbs so that it is found faster next time. Same for RAW pcbs that have eaten
a packet.
2007-11-28 Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c, stats.c, stats.h, opt.h: Introduced ETHARP_STATS
2007-11-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* dhcp.c: dhcp_unfold_reply() uses pbuf_copy_partial instead of its own copy
2007-11-24 Simon Goldschmidt
* netdb.h, netdb.c, sockets.h/.c: Moved lwip_gethostbyname from sockets.c
to the new file netdb.c; included lwip_getaddrinfo.
2007-11-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, opt.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c: implemented calculating the effective send-mss
based on the MTU of the netif used to send. Enabled by default. Disable by
setting LWIP_CALCULATE_EFF_SEND_MSS to 0. This fixes bug #21492.
2007-11-19 Frédéric Bernon
* api_msg.c, dns.h, dns.c: Implement DNS_DOES_NAME_CHECK option (check if name
received match the name query), implement DNS_USES_STATIC_BUF (the place where
copy dns payload to parse the response), return an error if there is no place
for a new query, and fix some minor problems.
2007-11-16 Simon Goldschmidt
* new files: ipv4/inet.c, ipv4/inet_chksum.c, ipv6/inet6.c
removed files: core/inet.c, core/inet6.c
Moved inet files into ipv4/ipv6 directory; splitted inet.c/inet.h into
inet and chksum part; changed includes in all lwIP files as appropriate
2007-11-16 Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_msg.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, socket.h, socket.c: Added sequential
dns resolver function for netconn api (netconn_gethostbyname) and socket api
2007-11-15 Jim Pettinato, Frédéric Bernon
* opt.h, init.c, tcpip.c, dhcp.c, dns.h, dns.c: add DNS client for simple name
requests with RAW api interface. Initialization is done in lwip_init() with
build time options. DNS timer is added in tcpip_thread context. DHCP can set
DNS server ip addresses when options are received. You need to set LWIP_DNS=1
in your lwipopts.h file (LWIP_DNS=0 in opt.h). DNS_DEBUG can be set to get
some traces with LWIP_DEBUGF. Sanity check have been added. There is a "todo"
list with points to improve.
2007-11-06 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, mib2.c: Patch #6215: added ifAdminStatus write support (if explicitly
enabled by defining SNMP_SAFE_REQUESTS to 0); added code to check link status
for ifOperStatus if LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK is defined.
2007-11-06 Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_msg.h and dependent files: Task #7410: Removed the need to include
core header files in api.h (ip/tcp/udp/raw.h) to hide the internal
implementation from netconn api applications.
2007-11-03 Frédéric Bernon
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c, opt.h: add SO_RCVBUF option for UDP &amp;
RAW netconn. You need to set LWIP_SO_RCVBUF=1 in your lwipopts.h (it's disabled
by default). Netconn API users can use the netconn_recv_bufsize macro to access
it. This is a first release which have to be improve for TCP. Note it used the
netconn::recv_avail which need to be more "thread-safe" (note there is already
the problem for FIONREAD with lwip_ioctl/ioctlsocket).
2007-11-01 Frédéric Bernon, Marc Chaland
* sockets.h, sockets.c, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c, tcp.h, tcp_out.c:
Integrate "patch #6250 : MSG_MORE flag for send". MSG_MORE is used at socket api
layer, NETCONN_MORE at netconn api layer, and TCP_WRITE_FLAG_MORE at raw api
layer. This option enable to delayed TCP PUSH flag on multiple "write" calls.
Note that previous "copy" parameter for "write" APIs is now called "apiflags".
2007-10-24 Frédéric Bernon
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c: Add macro API_EVENT in the same spirit than
TCP_EVENT_xxx macros to get a code more readable. It could also help to remove
some code (like we have talk in "patch #5919 : Create compile switch to remove
select code"), but it could be done later.
2007-10-08 Simon Goldschmidt
* many files: Changed initialization: many init functions are not needed any
more since we now rely on the compiler initializing global and static
variables to zero!
2007-10-06 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_frag.c, memp.c, mib2.c, ip_frag.h, memp_std.h, opt.h: Changed IP_REASSEMBLY
to enqueue the received pbufs so that multiple packets can be reassembled
simultaneously and no static reassembly buffer is needed.
2007-10-05 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcpip.c, etharp.h, etharp.c: moved ethernet_input from tcpip.c to etharp.c so
all netifs (or ports) can use it.
2007-10-05 Frédéric Bernon
* netifapi.h, netifapi.c: add function netifapi_netif_set_default. Change the
common function to reduce a little bit the footprint (for all functions using
only the "netif" parameter).
2007-10-03 Frédéric Bernon
* netifapi.h, netifapi.c: add functions netifapi_netif_set_up, netifapi_netif_set_down,
netifapi_autoip_start and netifapi_autoip_stop. Use a common function to reduce
a little bit the footprint (for all functions using only the "netif" parameter).
2007-09-15 Frédéric Bernon
* udp.h, udp.c, sockets.c: Changes for "#20503 IGMP Improvement". Add IP_MULTICAST_IF
option in socket API, and a new field "multicast_ip" in "struct udp_pcb" (for
netconn and raw API users), only if LWIP_IGMP=1. Add getsockopt processing for
2007-09-10 Frédéric Bernon
* snmp.h, mib2.c: enable to remove SNMP timer (which consumne several cycles
even when it's not necessary). snmp_agent.txt tell to call snmp_inc_sysuptime()
each 10ms (but, it's intrusive if you use sys_timeout feature). Now, you can
decide to call snmp_add_sysuptime(100) each 1000ms (which is bigger "step", but
call to a lower frequency). Or, you can decide to not call snmp_inc_sysuptime()
or snmp_add_sysuptime(), and to define the SNMP_GET_SYSUPTIME(sysuptime) macro.
This one is undefined by default in mib2.c. SNMP_GET_SYSUPTIME is called inside
snmp_get_sysuptime(u32_t *value), and enable to change "sysuptime" value only
when it's queried (any direct call to "sysuptime" is changed by a call to
2007-09-09 Frédéric Bernon, Bill Florac
* igmp.h, igmp.c, netif.h, netif.c, ip.c: To enable to have interfaces with IGMP,
and others without it, there is a new NETIF_FLAG_IGMP flag to set in netif-&gt;flags
if you want IGMP on an interface. igmp_stop() is now called inside netif_remove().
igmp_report_groups() is now called inside netif_set_link_up() (need to have
LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK=1) to resend reports once the link is up (avoid to wait
the next query message to receive the matching multicast streams).
2007-09-08 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c, ip.h, api.h, tcp.h: declare a "struct ip_pcb" which only contains
IP_PCB. Add in the netconn's "pcb" union a "struct ip_pcb *ip;" (no size change).
Use this new field to access to common pcb fields (ttl, tos, so_options, etc...).
Enable to access to these fields with LWIP_TCP=0.
2007-09-05 Frédéric Bernon
* udp.c, ipv4/icmp.c, ipv4/ip.c, ipv6/icmp.c, ipv6/ip6.c, ipv4/icmp.h,
ipv6/icmp.h, opt.h: Integrate "task #7272 : LWIP_ICMP option". The new option
LWIP_ICMP enable/disable ICMP module inside the IP stack (enable per default).
Be careful, disabling ICMP make your product non-compliant to RFC1122, but
help to reduce footprint, and to reduce "visibility" on the Internet.
2007-09-05 Frédéric Bernon, Bill Florac
* opt.h, sys.h, tcpip.c, slipif.c, ppp.c, sys_arch.txt: Change parameters list
for sys_thread_new (see "task #7252 : Create sys_thread_new_ex()"). Two new
parameters have to be provided: a task name, and a task stack size. For this
one, since it's platform dependant, you could define the best one for you in
your lwipopts.h. For port maintainers, you can just add these new parameters
in your sys_arch.c file, and but it's not mandatory, use them in your OS
specific functions.
2007-09-05 Frédéric Bernon
* inet.c, autoip.c, msg_in.c, msg_out.c, init.c: Move some build time checkings
inside init.c for task #7142 "Sanity check user-configurable values".
2007-09-04 Frédéric Bernon, Bill Florac
* igmp.h, igmp.c, memp_std.h, memp.c, init.c, opt.h: Replace mem_malloc call by
memp_malloc, and use a new MEMP_NUM_IGMP_GROUP option (see opt.h to define the
value). It will avoid potential fragmentation problems, use a counter to know
how many times a group is used on an netif, and free it when all applications
leave it. MEMP_NUM_IGMP_GROUP got 8 as default value (and init.c got a sanity
check if LWIP_IGMP!=0).
2007-09-03 Frédéric Bernon
* igmp.h, igmp.c, sockets.c, api_msg.c: Changes for "#20503 IGMP Improvement".
Initialize igmp_mac_filter to NULL in netif_add (this field should be set in
the netif's "init" function). Use the "imr_interface" field (for socket layer)
and/or the "interface" field (for netconn layer), for join/leave operations.
The igmp_join/leavegroup first parameter change from a netif to an ipaddr.
This field could be a netif's ipaddr, or "any" (same meaning than ip_addr_isany).
2007-08-30 Frédéric Bernon
* Add netbuf.h, netbuf.c, Change api.h, api_lib.c: #7249 "Split netbuf functions
from api/api_lib". Now netbuf API is independant of netconn, and can be used
with other API (application based on raw API, or future "socket2" API). Ports
maintainers just have to add src/api/netbuf.c in their makefile/projects.
2007-08-30 Frédéric Bernon, Jonathan Larmour
* init.c: Add first version of lwip_sanity_check for task #7142 "Sanity check
user-configurable values".
2007-08-29 Frédéric Bernon
* igmp.h, igmp.c, tcpip.c, init.c, netif.c: change igmp_init and add igmp_start.
igmp_start is call inside netif_add. Now, igmp initialization is in the same
spirit than the others modules. Modify some IGMP debug traces.
2007-08-29 Frédéric Bernon
* Add init.h, init.c, Change opt.h, tcpip.c: Task #7213 "Add a lwip_init function"
Add lwip_init function to regroup all modules initializations, and to provide
a place to add code for task #7142 "Sanity check user-configurable values".
Ports maintainers should remove direct initializations calls from their code,
and add init.c in their makefiles. Note that lwip_init() function is called
inside tcpip_init, but can also be used by raw api users since all calls are
disabled when matching options are disabled. Also note that their is new options
in opt.h, you should configure in your lwipopts.h (they are enabled per default).
2007-08-26 Marc Boucher
* api_msg.c: do_close_internal(): Reset the callbacks and arg (conn) to NULL
since they can under certain circumstances be called with an invalid conn
pointer after the connection has been closed (and conn has been freed).
2007-08-25 Frédéric Bernon (Artem Migaev's Patch)
* netif.h, netif.c: Integrate "patch #6163 : Function to check if link layer is up".
Add a netif_is_link_up() function if LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK option is set.
2007-08-22 Frédéric Bernon
* netif.h, netif.c, opt.h: Rename LWIP_NETIF_CALLBACK in LWIP_NETIF_STATUS_CALLBACK
to be coherent with new LWIP_NETIF_LINK_CALLBACK option before next release.
2007-08-22 Frédéric Bernon
* tcpip.h, tcpip.c, ethernetif.c, opt.h: remove options ETHARP_TCPIP_INPUT &amp;
ETHARP_TCPIP_ETHINPUT, now, only "ethinput" code is supported, even if the
name is tcpip_input (we keep the name of 1.2.0 function).
2007-08-17 Jared Grubb
* memp_std.h, memp.h, memp.c, mem.c, stats.c: (Task #7136) Centralize mempool
settings into new memp_std.h and optional user file lwippools.h. This adds
more dynamic mempools, and allows the user to create an arbitrary number of
mempools for mem_malloc.
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* api_msg.c: Initialize newconn-&gt;state to NETCONN_NONE in accept_function;
otherwise it was left to NETCONN_CLOSE and sent_tcp() could prematurely
close the connection.
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* sockets.c: lwip_accept(): check netconn_peer() error return.
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* mem.c, mem.h: Added mem_calloc().
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* tcpip.c, tcpip.h memp.c, memp.h: Added distinct memp (MEMP_TCPIP_MSG_INPKT)
for input packets to prevent floods from consuming all of MEMP_TCPIP_MSG
and starving other message types.
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* pbuf.c, pbuf.h, etharp.c, tcp_in.c, sockets.c: Split pbuf flags in pbuf
type and flgs (later renamed to flags).
Use enum pbuf_flag as pbuf_type. Renumber PBUF_FLAG_*.
Improved lwip_recvfrom(). TCP push now propagated.
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* ethernetif.c, contrib/ports/various: ethbroadcast now a shared global
provided by etharp.
2007-08-16 Marc Boucher
* ppp_oe.c ppp_oe.h, auth.c chap.c fsm.c lcp.c ppp.c ppp.h,
etharp.c ethernetif.c, etharp.h, opt.h tcpip.h, tcpip.c:
Added PPPoE support and various PPP improvements.
2007-07-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c, ip_frag.c, pbuf.c, api.h, pbuf.h: Introduced pbuf_copy_partial,
making netbuf_copy_partial use this function.
2007-07-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fix bug #20506: Slow start / initial congestion window starts with
2 * mss (instead of 1 * mss previously) to comply with some newer RFCs and
other stacks.
2007-07-13 Jared Grubb (integrated by Frédéric Bernon)
* opt.h, netif.h, netif.c, ethernetif.c: Add new configuration option to add
a link callback in the netif struct, and functions to handle it. Be carefull
for port maintainers to add the NETIF_FLAG_LINK_UP flag (like in ethernetif.c)
if you want to be sure to be compatible with future changes...
2007-06-30 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.h, sockets.c: Implement MSG_PEEK flag for recv/recvfrom functions.
2007-06-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.h, etharp.c: Combined etharp_request with etharp_raw for both
LWIP_AUTOIP =0 and =1 to remove redundant code.
2007-06-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c, memp.c, mem.h, memp.h, opt.h: task #6863: Introduced the option
MEM_USE_POOLS to use 4 pools with different sized elements instead of a
heap. This both prevents memory fragmentation and gives a higher speed
at the cost of more memory consumption. Turned off by default.
2007-06-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_lib.c, api_msg.c, api.h, api_msg.h: Converted the length argument of
netconn_write (and therefore also api_msg_msg.msg.w.len) from u16_t into
int to be able to send a bigger buffer than 64K with one time (mainly
used from lwip_send).
2007-06-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, api_msg.c: Moved the nagle algorithm from netconn_write/do_write
into a define (tcp_output_nagle) in tcp.h to provide it to raw api users, too.
2007-06-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c: Fixed bug #20021: Moved sendbuf-processing in
netconn_write from api_lib.c to api_msg.c to also prevent multiple context-
changes on low memory or empty send-buffer.
2007-06-18 Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c, etharp.h: Changed etharp to use a defined hardware address length
of 6 to avoid loading netif-&gt;hwaddr_len every time (since this file is only
used for ethernet and struct eth_addr already had a defined length of 6).
2007-06-17 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c, sockets.h: Implemented socket options SO_NO_CHECK for UDP sockets
to disable UDP checksum generation on transmit.
2007-06-13 Frédéric Bernon, Simon Goldschmidt
* debug.h, api_msg.c: change LWIP_ERROR to use it to check errors like invalid
pointers or parameters, and let the possibility to redefined it in cc.h. Use
this macro to check "conn" parameter in api_msg.c functions.
2007-06-11 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.c, sockets.h: Added UDP lite support for sockets
2007-06-10 Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.h, opt.h, api_msg.c, ip.c, udp.c: Included switch LWIP_UDPLITE (enabled
by default) to switch off UDP-Lite support if not needed (reduces udp.c code
2007-06-09 Dominik Spies (integrated by Frédéric Bernon)
* autoip.h, autoip.c, dhcp.h, dhcp.c, netif.h, netif.c, etharp.h, etharp.c, opt.h:
AutoIP implementation available for IPv4, with new options LWIP_AUTOIP and
LWIP_DHCP_AUTOIP_COOP if you want to cooperate with DHCP. Some tips to adapt
(see TODO mark in the source code).
2007-06-09 Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.h, etharp.c, ethernetif.c: Modified order of parameters for
etharp_output() to match netif-&gt;output so etharp_output() can be used
directly as netif-&gt;output to save one function call.
2007-06-08 Simon Goldschmidt
* netif.h, ethernetif.c, slipif.c, loopif.c: Added define
NETIF_INIT_SNMP(netif, type, speed) to initialize per-netif snmp variables,
added initialization of those to ethernetif, slipif and loopif.
2007-05-18 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, ip_frag.c, ip_frag.h, ip.c: Added option IP_FRAG_USES_STATIC_BUF
(defaulting to off for now) that can be set to 0 to send fragmented
packets by passing PBUF_REFs down the stack.
2007-05-23 Frédéric Bernon
* api_lib.c: Implement SO_RCVTIMEO for accept and recv on TCP
connections, such present in patch #5959.
2007-05-23 Frédéric Bernon
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: group the different NETCONN_UDPxxx
code in only one part...
2007-05-18 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, memp.h, memp.c: Added option MEMP_OVERFLOW_CHECK to check for memp
elements to overflow. This is achieved by adding some bytes before and after
each pool element (increasing their size, of course), filling them with a
prominent value and checking them on freeing the element.
Set it to 2 to also check every element in every pool each time memp_malloc()
or memp_free() is called (slower but more helpful).
2007-05-10 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, memp.h, memp.c, pbuf.c (see task #6831): use a new memp pool for
PBUF_POOL pbufs instead of the old pool implementation in pbuf.c to reduce
code size.
2007-05-11 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c, netifapi.h, netifapi.c, tcpip.c:
Include a function pointer instead of a table index in the message to reduce
footprint. Disable some part of lwip_send and lwip_sendto if some options are
2007-05-10 Simon Goldschmidt
* *.h (except netif/ppp/*.h): Included patch #5448: include '#ifdef __cplusplus
\ extern "C" {' in all header files. Now you can write your application using
the lwIP stack in C++ and simply #include the core files. Note I have left
out the netif/ppp/*h header files for now, since I don't know which files are
included by applications and which are for internal use only.
2007-05-09 Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, *.c/*.h: Included patch #5920: Create define to override C-library
memcpy. 2 Defines are created: MEMCPY() for normal memcpy, SMEMCPY() for
situations where some compilers might inline the copy and save a function
call. Also replaced all calls to memcpy() with calls to (S)MEMCPY().
2007-05-08 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.h: If MEM_LIBC_MALLOC==1, allow the defines (e.g. mem_malloc() -&gt; malloc())
to be overriden in case the C-library malloc implementation is not protected
against concurrent access.
2007-05-04 Simon Goldschmidt (Atte Kojo)
* etharp.c: Introduced fast one-entry-cache to speed up ARP lookup when sending
multiple packets to the same host.
2007-05-04 Frédéric Bernon, Jonathan Larmour
* sockets.c, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c: Fix bug #19162 "lwip_sento: a possible
to corrupt remote addr/port connection state". Reduce problems "not enought memory" with
netbuf (if we receive lot of datagrams). Improve lwip_sendto (only one exchange between
sockets api and api_msg which run in tcpip_thread context). Add netconn_sento function.
Warning, if you directly access to "fromaddr" &amp; "fromport" field from netbuf struct,
these fields are now renamed "addr" &amp; "port".
2007-04-11 Jonathan Larmour
* sys.h, api_lib.c: Provide new sys_mbox_tryfetch function. Require ports to provide new
sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch function to get a message if one is there, otherwise return
with SYS_MBOX_EMPTY. sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch can be implemented as a function-like macro
by the port in sys_arch.h if desired.
2007-04-06 Frédéric Bernon, Simon Goldschmidt
* opt.h, tcpip.h, tcpip.c, netifapi.h, netifapi.c: New configuration option LWIP_NETIF_API
allow to use thread-safe functions to add/remove netif in list, and to start/stop dhcp
clients, using new functions from netifapi.h. Disable as default (no port change to do).
2007-04-05 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c: remplace ENOBUFS errors on alloc_socket by ENFILE to be more BSD compliant.
2007-04-04 Simon Goldschmidt
* arch.h, api_msg.c, dhcp.c, msg_in.c, sockets.c: Introduced #define LWIP_UNUSED_ARG(x)
use this for and architecture-independent form to tell the compiler you intentionally
are not using this variable. Can be overriden in cc.h.
2007-03-28 Frédéric Bernon
* opt.h, netif.h, dhcp.h, dhcp.c: New configuration option LWIP_NETIF_HOSTNAME allow to
define a hostname in netif struct (this is just a pointer, so, you can use a hardcoded
string, point on one of your's ethernetif field, or alloc a string you will free yourself).
It will be used by DHCP to register a client hostname, but can also be use when you call
2007-03-28 Frédéric Bernon
* netif.h, netif.c: A new NETIF_FLAG_ETHARP flag is defined in netif.h, to allow to
initialize a network interface's flag with. It tell this interface is an ethernet
device, and we can use ARP with it to do a "gratuitous ARP" (RFC 3220 "IP Mobility
Support for IPv4" section 4.6) when interface is "up" with netif_set_up().
2007-03-26 Frédéric Bernon, Jonathan Larmour
* opt.h, tcpip.c: New configuration option LWIP_ARP allow to disable ARP init at build
time if you only use PPP or SLIP. The default is enable. Note we don't have to call
etharp_init in your port's initilization sequence if you use tcpip.c, because this call
is done in tcpip_init function.
2007-03-22 Frédéric Bernon
* stats.h, stats.c, msg_in.c: Stats counters can be change to u32_t if necessary with the
new option LWIP_STATS_LARGE. If you need this option, define LWIP_STATS_LARGE to 1 in
your lwipopts.h. More, unused counters are not defined in the stats structs, and not
display by stats_display(). Note that some options (SYS_STATS and RAW_STATS) are defined
but never used. Fix msg_in.c with the correct #if test for a stat display.
2007-03-21 Kieran Mansley
* netif.c, netif.h: Apply patch#4197 with some changes (originator:
Provides callback on netif up/down state change.
2007-03-11 Frédéric Bernon, Mace Gael, Steve Reynolds
* sockets.h, sockets.c, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c, igmp.h, igmp.c,
ip.c, netif.h, tcpip.c, opt.h:
New configuration option LWIP_IGMP to enable IGMP processing. Based on only one
filter per all network interfaces. Declare a new function in netif to enable to
control the MAC filter (to reduce lwIP traffic processing).
2007-03-11 Frédéric Bernon
* tcp.h, tcp.c, sockets.c, tcp_out.c, tcp_in.c, opt.h: Keepalive values can
be configured at run time with LWIP_TCP_KEEPALIVE, but don't change this
unless you know what you're doing (default are RFC1122 compliant). Note
that TCP_KEEPIDLE and TCP_KEEPINTVL have to be set in seconds.
2007-03-08 Frédéric Bernon
* tcp.h: Keepalive values can be configured at compile time, but don't change
this unless you know what you're doing (default are RFC1122 compliant).
2007-03-08 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c, api.h, api_lib.c, tcpip.c, sys.h, sys.c, err.c, opt.h:
Implement LWIP_SO_RCVTIMEO configuration option to enable/disable SO_RCVTIMEO
on UDP sockets/netconn.
2007-03-08 Simon Goldschmidt
* snmp_msg.h, msg_in.c: SNMP UDP ports can be configured at compile time.
2007-03-06 Frédéric Bernon
* api.h, api_lib.c, sockets.h, sockets.c, tcpip.c, sys.h, sys.c, err.h:
Implement SO_RCVTIMEO on UDP sockets/netconn.
2007-02-28 Kieran Mansley (based on patch from Simon Goldschmidt)
* api_lib.c, tcpip.c, memp.c, memp.h: make API msg structs allocated
on the stack and remove the API msg type from memp
2007-02-26 Jonathan Larmour (based on patch from Simon Goldschmidt)
* sockets.h, sockets.c: Move socket initialization to new
lwip_socket_init() function.
NOTE: this changes the API with ports. Ports will have to be
updated to call lwip_socket_init() now.
2007-02-26 Jonathan Larmour (based on patch from Simon Goldschmidt)
* api_lib.c: Use memcpy in netbuf_copy_partial.
++ Bug fixes:
2008-03-17 Frédéric Bernon, Ed Kerekes
* igmp.h, igmp.c: Fix bug #22613 "IGMP iphdr problem" (could have
some problems to fill the IP header on some targets, use now the
ip.h macros to do it).
2008-03-13 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c: Fix bug #22435 "lwip_recvfrom with TCP break;". Using
(lwip_)recvfrom with valid "from" and "fromlen" parameters, on a
TCP connection caused a crash. Note that using (lwip_)recvfrom
like this is a bit slow and that using (lwip)getpeername is the
good lwip way to do it (so, using recv is faster on tcp sockets).
2008-03-12 Frédéric Bernon, Jonathan Larmour
* api_msg.c, contrib/apps/ping.c: Fix bug #22530 "api_msg.c's
recv_raw() does not consume data", and the ping sample (with
LWIP_SOCKET=1, the code did the wrong supposition that lwip_recvfrom
returned the IP payload, without the IP header).
2008-03-04 Jonathan Larmour
* mem.c, stats.c, mem.h: apply patch #6414 to avoid compiler errors
and/or warnings on some systems where mem_size_t and size_t differ.
* pbuf.c, ppp.c: Fix warnings on some systems with mem_malloc.
2008-03-04 Kieran Mansley (contributions by others)
* Numerous small compiler error/warning fixes from contributions to
mailing list after 1.3.0 release candidate made.
2008-01-25 Cui hengbin (integrated by Frédéric Bernon)
* dns.c: Fix bug #22108 "DNS problem" caused by unaligned structures.
2008-01-15 Kieran Mansley
* tcp_out.c: BUG20511. Modify persist timer to start when we are
prevented from sending by a small send window, not just a zero
send window.
2008-01-09 Jonathan Larmour
* opt.h, ip.c: Rename IP_OPTIONS define to IP_OPTIONS_ALLOWED to avoid
conflict with Linux system headers.
2008-01-06 Jonathan Larmour
* dhcp.c: fix bug #19927: "DHCP NACK problem" by clearing any existing set IP
address entirely on receiving a DHCPNAK, and restarting discovery.
2007-12-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* sys.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: fix bug #21698: "netconn-&gt;recv_avail
is not protected" by using new macros for interlocked access to modify/test
2007-12-20 Kieran Mansley (based on patch from Oleg Tyshev)
* tcp_in.c: fix bug# 21535 (nrtx not reset correctly in SYN_SENT state)
2007-12-20 Kieran Mansley (based on patch from Per-Henrik Lundbolm)
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c, tcp_out.c, tcp.h: fix bug #20199 (better handling
of silly window avoidance and prevent lwIP from shrinking the window)
2007-12-04 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c: fix bug #21699 (segment leak in ooseq processing when last
data packet was lost): add assert that all segment lists are empty in
tcp_pcb_remove before setting pcb to CLOSED state; don't directly set CLOSED
state from LAST_ACK in tcp_process
2007-12-02 Simon Goldschmidt
* sockets.h: fix bug #21654: exclude definition of struct timeval from #ifndef FD_SET
If including &lt;sys/time.h&gt; for system-struct timeval, LWIP_TIMEVAL_PRIVATE now
has to be set to 0 in lwipopts.h
2007-12-02 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c, api_lib.c: fix bug #21656 (recvmbox problem in netconn API): always
allocate a recvmbox in netconn_new_with_proto_and_callback. For a tcp-listen
netconn, this recvmbox is later freed and a new mbox is allocated for acceptmbox.
This is a fix for thread-safety and allocates all items needed for a netconn
when the netconn is created.
2007-11-30 Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.c: first attempt to fix bug #21655 (DHCP doesn't work reliably with multiple
netifs): if LWIP_DHCP is enabled, UDP packets to DHCP_CLIENT_PORT are passed
to netif-&gt;dhcp-&gt;pcb only (if that exists) and not to any other pcb for the same
port (only solution to let UDP pcbs 'bind' to a netif instead of an IP address)
2007-11-27 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip.c: fixed bug #21643 (udp_send/raw_send don't fail if netif is down) by
letting ip_route only use netifs that are up.
2007-11-27 Simon Goldschmidt
* err.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c, sockets.c: Changed error handling: ERR_MEM, ERR_BUF
and ERR_RTE are seen as non-fatal, all other errors are fatal. netconns and
sockets block most operations once they have seen a fatal error.
2007-11-27 Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.h, udp.c, dhcp.c: Implemented new function udp_sendto_if which takes the
netif to send as an argument (to be able to send on netifs that are down).
2007-11-26 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #21582: pcb-&gt;acked accounting can be wrong when ACKs
arrive out-of-order
2007-11-21 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp_out.c, api_msg.c: Fixed bug #20287: tcp_output_nagle sends too early
Fixed the nagle algorithm; nagle now also works for all raw API applications
and has to be explicitly disabled with 'tcp_pcb-&gt;flags |= TF_NODELAY'
2007-11-12 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c, api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.h, api_msg.c: Fixed bug #20900. Now, most
of the netconn_peer and netconn_addr processing is done inside tcpip_thread
context in do_getaddr.
2007-11-10 Simon Goldschmidt
* etharp.c: Fixed bug: assert fired when MEMP_ARP_QUEUE was empty (which can
happen any time). Now the packet simply isn't enqueued when out of memory.
2007-11-01 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c, tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #21494: The send mss (pcb-&gt;mss) is set to 536 (or
TCP_MSS if that is smaller) as long as no MSS option is received from the
remote host.
2007-11-01 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.h, tcp.c, tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #21491: The MSS option sent (with SYN)
is now based on TCP_MSS instead of pcb-&gt;mss (on passive open now effectively
sending our configured TCP_MSS instead of the one received).
2007-11-01 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_in.c: Fixed bug #21181: On active open, the initial congestion window was
calculated based on the configured TCP_MSS, not on the MSS option received
with SYN+ACK.
2007-10-09 Simon Goldschmidt
* udp.c, inet.c, inet.h: Fixed UDPLite: send: Checksum was always generated too
short and also was generated wrong if checksum coverage != tot_len;
receive: checksum was calculated wrong if checksum coverage != tot_len
2007-10-08 Simon Goldschmidt
* mem.c: lfree was not updated in mem_realloc!
2007-10-07 Frédéric Bernon
* sockets.c, api.h, api_lib.c: First step to fix "bug #20900 : Potential
crash error problem with netconn_peer &amp; netconn_addr". VERY IMPORTANT:
this change cause an API breakage for netconn_addr, since a parameter
type change. Any compiler should cause an error without any changes in
yours netconn_peer calls (so, it can't be a "silent change"). It also
reduce a little bit the footprint for socket layer (lwip_getpeername &amp;
lwip_getsockname use now a common lwip_getaddrname function since
netconn_peer &amp; netconn_addr have the same parameters).
2007-09-20 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp.c: Fixed bug #21080 (tcp_bind without check pcbs in TIME_WAIT state)
by checking tcp_tw_pcbs also
2007-09-19 Simon Goldschmidt
* icmp.c: Fixed bug #21107 (didn't reset IP TTL in ICMP echo replies)
2007-09-15 Mike Kleshov
* mem.c: Fixed bug #21077 (inaccuracy in calculation of lwip_stat.mem.used)
2007-09-06 Frédéric Bernon
* several-files: replace some #include "arch/cc.h" by "lwip/arch.h", or simply remove
it as long as "lwip/opt.h" is included before (this one include "lwip/debug.h" which
already include "lwip/arch.h"). Like that, default defines are provided by "lwip/arch.h"
if they are not defined in cc.h, in the same spirit than "lwip/opt.h" for lwipopts.h.
2007-08-30 Frédéric Bernon
* igmp.h, igmp.c: Some changes to remove some redundant code, add some traces,
and fix some coding style.
2007-08-28 Frédéric Bernon
* tcpip.c: Fix TCPIP_MSG_INPKT processing: now, tcpip_input can be used for any
kind of packets. These packets are considered like Ethernet packets (payload
pointing to ethhdr) if the netif got the NETIF_FLAG_ETHARP flag. Else, packets
are considered like IP packets (payload pointing to iphdr).
2007-08-27 Frédéric Bernon
* api.h, api_lib.c, api_msg.c: First fix for "bug #20900 : Potential crash error
problem with netconn_peer &amp; netconn_addr". Introduce NETCONN_LISTEN netconn_state
and remove obsolete ones (NETCONN_RECV &amp; NETCONN_ACCEPT).
2007-08-24 Kieran Mansley
* inet.c Modify (acc &gt;&gt; 16) test to ((acc &gt;&gt; 16) != 0) to help buggy
compiler (Paradigm C++)
2007-08-09 Frédéric Bernon, Bill Florac
* stats.h, stats.c, igmp.h, igmp.c, opt.h: Fix for bug #20503 : IGMP Improvement.
Introduce IGMP_STATS to centralize statistics management.
2007-08-09 Frédéric Bernon, Bill Florac
* udp.c: Fix for bug #20503 : IGMP Improvement. Enable to receive a multicast
packet on a udp pcb binded on an netif's IP address, and not on "any".
2007-08-09 Frédéric Bernon, Bill Florac
* igmp.h, igmp.c, ip.c: Fix minor changes from bug #20503 : IGMP Improvement.
This is mainly on using lookup/lookfor, and some coding styles...
2007-07-26 Frédéric Bernon (and "thedoctor")
* igmp.c: Fix bug #20595 to accept IGMPv3 "Query" messages.
2007-07-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c, tcp.c: Another fix for bug #20021: by not returning an error if
tcp_output fails in tcp_close, the code in do_close_internal gets simpler
(tcp_output is called again later from tcp timers).
2007-07-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* ip_frag.c: Fixed bug #20429: use the new pbuf_copy_partial instead of the old
copy_from_pbuf, which illegally modified the given pbuf.
2007-07-25 Simon Goldschmidt
* tcp_out.c: tcp_enqueue: pcb-&gt;snd_queuelen didn't work for chaine PBUF_RAMs:
changed snd_queuelen++ to snd_queuelen += pbuf_clen(p).
2007-07-24 Simon Goldschmidt
* api_msg.c, tcp.c: Fix bug #20480: Check the pcb passed to tcp_listen() for the