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<head><title>lwIP - A Lightweight TCP/IP Stack</title></head>
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<h1>lwIP - A Lightweight TCP/IP Stack</h1>
The web page you are watching was served by a simple web
server running on top of the lightweight TCP/IP stack <a
lwIP is an open source implementation of the TCP/IP
protocol suite that was originally written by <a
href="">Adam Dunkels
of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science</a> but now is
being actively developed by a team of developers
distributed world-wide. Since it's release, lwIP has
spurred a lot of interest and has been ported to several
platforms and operating systems. lwIP can be used either
with or without an underlying OS.
The focus of the lwIP TCP/IP implementation is to reduce
the RAM usage while still having a full scale TCP. This
makes lwIP suitable for use in embedded systems with tens
of kilobytes of free RAM and room for around 40 kilobytes
of code ROM.
More information about lwIP can be found at the lwIP
homepage at <a
or at the lwIP wiki at <a