[LL][ADC] Cast both LL_ADC_REG_ReadConversionData6() and LL_ADC_REG_ReadConversionData8() returned values from uint16_t to uint8_t to be consistent with prototypes (overwritten by commit 8b23998ecf30b37bc20b8081245684a96d58ba84)
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STM32CubeF4 HAL Driver MCU Component

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STM32Cube is an STMicroelectronics original initiative to ease developers' life by reducing efforts, time and cost.

STM32Cube covers the overall STM32 products portfolio. It includes a comprehensive embedded software platform delivered for each STM32 series.

  • The CMSIS modules (core and device) corresponding to the ARM(tm) core implemented in this STM32 product.
  • The STM32 HAL-LL drivers, an abstraction layer offering a set of APIs ensuring maximized portability across the STM32 portfolio.
  • The BSP drivers of each evaluation, demonstration or nucleo board provided for this STM32 series.
  • A consistent set of middleware libraries such as RTOS, USB, FatFS, graphics, touch sensing library...
  • A full set of software projects (basic examples, applications, and demonstrations) for each board provided for this STM32 series.

Two models of publication are proposed for the STM32Cube embedded software:

  • The monolithic MCU Package: all STM32Cube software modules of one STM32 series are present (Drivers, Middleware, Projects, Utilities) in the repository (usual name STM32Cubexx, xx corresponding to the STM32 series).
  • The MCU component: each STM32Cube software module being part of the STM32Cube MCU Package, is delivered as an individual repository, allowing the user to select and get only the required software functions.


This stm32f4xx_hal_driver MCU component repository is one element of the STM32CubeF4 MCU embedded software package, providing the HAL-LL Drivers part.

Release note

Details about the content of this release are available in the release note here.

Compatibility information

It is crucial that you use a consistent set of versions for the CMSIS Core - CMSIS Device - HAL, as mentioned in this release note.

The full STM32CubeF4 MCU package is available here.


If you have any issue with the software content of this repository, you can file an issue here.

For any other question related to the product, the tools, the environment, you can submit a topic on the ST Community/STM32 MCUs forum.