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COSE-C Implementation

This project is a C implementation of the IETF CBOR Encoded Mesage Syntax (COSE). There are currently two versions of the COSE document that can be read. The most current work in progress draft can be found on github in the cose-wg/cose-spec project. The IETF also keeps a copy of the spec in the COSE WG.

The project is using the CN-CBOR project to provide an implemenetation of the Concise Binary Object Representation or CBOR.

The project is using OpenSSL for the cryptographic primatives.


Go ahead, file issues, make pull requests.


The project is setup to build using CMake. The way that the CMake files are setup, itrequires that version 3.0 or higher is used.

The project requires the use of cn-cbor( in order to build. The CMake configuration files will automatically pull down the correct version when run.

Memory Model

The memory model used in this library is a mess. This is in large part because the memory model of cn-cbor is still poorly understood.

This needs to get figured out in the near future.