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Googletest Mocking (gMock) Framework


Google's framework for writing and using C++ mock classes. It can help you derive better designs of your system and write better tests.

It is inspired by:

It is designed with C++'s specifics in mind.


  • Provides a declarative syntax for defining mocks.
  • Can define partial (hybrid) mocks, which are a cross of real and mock objects.
  • Handles functions of arbitrary types and overloaded functions.
  • Comes with a rich set of matchers for validating function arguments.
  • Uses an intuitive syntax for controlling the behavior of a mock.
  • Does automatic verification of expectations (no record-and-replay needed).
  • Allows arbitrary (partial) ordering constraints on function calls to be expressed.
  • Lets a user extend it by defining new matchers and actions.
  • Does not use exceptions.
  • Is easy to learn and use.

Details and examples can be found here:

Please note that code under scripts/generator/ is from the cppclean project and under the Apache License, which is different from GoogleMock's license.

GoogleMock is a part of GoogleTest C++ testing framework and a subject to the same requirements.