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# Run this script in the top nanopb directory to create a binary package
# for Windows users. This script is designed to run under MingW/MSYS bash
# and requires the following tools: git, make, zip, unix2dos
set -e
set -x
VERSION=`git describe --always`-windows-x86
rm -rf $DEST
mkdir -p $DEST
# Export the files from newest commit
git archive HEAD | tar x -C $DEST
# Rebuild the Python .proto files and .pyc
( cd $DEST/generator; python3 ||: )
# Package the Python libraries
( cd $DEST/generator; python3 -m PyInstaller )
( cd $DEST/generator; python3 -m PyInstaller protoc )
mv $DEST/generator/dist/nanopb_generator $DEST/generator-bin
cp $DEST/generator/dist/protoc/protoc.exe $DEST/generator-bin
# Include Google's descriptor.proto and nanopb.proto
cp -pr $(python3 -c 'import grpc_tools, os.path; print(os.path.dirname(grpc_tools.__file__))')/_proto $DEST/generator-bin/grpc_tools/
cp -pr $DEST/generator/proto $DEST/generator-bin/proto
# Remove temp files
rm -rf $DEST/generator/dist $DEST/generator/build $DEST/generator/*.spec
# Make the nanopb generator available as a protoc plugin
cp $DEST/generator-bin/nanopb_generator.exe $DEST/generator-bin/protoc-gen-nanopb.exe
# Convert line breaks for convenience
find $DEST -name '*.c' -o -name '*.h' -o -name '*.txt' \
-o -name '*.proto' -o -name '*.py' -o -name '*.options' \
-exec sed -i 's/$/\r/' '{}' \;
# Zip it all up
( cd dist; rm -f $; powershell "Compress-Archive $VERSION $" )