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# Run the alltypes test case, but compile it as C++ instead.
# In fact, compile the entire nanopb using C++ compiler.
# This is needed to get INT32_MIN etc. macros defined
env = env.Clone()
# Copy the files to .cxx extension in order to force C++ build.
c = Copy("$TARGET", "$SOURCE")
env.Command("pb_encode.cxx", "#../pb_encode.c", c)
env.Command("pb_decode.cxx", "#../pb_decode.c", c)
env.Command("pb_common.cxx", "#../pb_common.c", c)
env.Command("alltypes.pb.h", "$BUILD/alltypes/alltypes.pb.h", c)
env.Command("alltypes.pb.cxx", "$BUILD/alltypes/alltypes.pb.c", c)
env.Command("encode_alltypes.cxx", "$BUILD/alltypes/encode_alltypes.c", c)
env.Command("decode_alltypes.cxx", "$BUILD/alltypes/decode_alltypes.c", c)
# Now build and run the test normally.
enc = env.Program(["encode_alltypes.cxx", "alltypes.pb.cxx", "pb_encode.cxx", "pb_common.cxx"])
dec = env.Program(["decode_alltypes.cxx", "alltypes.pb.cxx", "pb_decode.cxx", "pb_common.cxx"])
env.RunTest([dec, "encode_alltypes.output"])