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# Copyright (c) 2021 Project CHIP Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import json
import os
import subprocess
from dataclasses import dataclass
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Iterator, Set
from . import linux, runner
from .test_definition import ApplicationPaths, TestDefinition, TestTarget
_DEFAULT_CHIP_ROOT = os.path.abspath(
os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "..", "..", ".."))
_YAML_TEST_SUITE_PATH = os.path.abspath(
os.path.join(_DEFAULT_CHIP_ROOT, "src/app/tests/suites"))
@dataclass(eq=True, frozen=True)
class ManualTest:
yaml: str
reason: str
"tests.yaml", # certification/tests.yaml is not a real test
"PICS.yaml", # certification/PICS.yaml is not a real test
def _LoadManualTestsJson(json_file_path: str) -> Iterator[ManualTest]:
with open(json_file_path, 'rt') as f:
data = json.load(f)
for c in data["collection"]:
for name in data[c]:
yield ManualTest(yaml="%s.yaml" % name, reason=json_file_path)
def _GetManualTests() -> Set[ManualTest]:
manualtests = set()
# These are NOT manual tests, but rather "tests that fail in yaml and
# for this reason are marked as manual".
# We are working to get this list down to 0.
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_ACL_2_10.yaml", reason="TODO Event Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_ACL_2_7.yaml", reason="TODO Event Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_ACL_2_8.yaml", reason="TODO Event Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_ACL_2_9.yaml", reason="TODO Event Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="TestEvents.yaml", reason="TODO Event Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_ACE_1_1.yaml", reason="TODO GetCommissionerNodeId Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_ACE_1_5.yaml", reason="TODO GetCommissionerNodeId Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_SC_5_1.yaml", reason="TODO GetCommissionerNodeId Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_SC_5_2.yaml", reason="TODO GetCommissionerNodeId Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="TestCommissionerNodeId.yaml", reason="TODO GetCommissionerNodeId Not Supported Yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="TestClusterMultiFabric.yaml", reason="TODO Enum Mismatch"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="TestGroupMessaging.yaml", reason="TODO Group Message Not Supported in chip-repl yet"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="TestMultiAdmin.yaml", reason="TODO chip-repl hangs on command expected to fail"))
# Failing, unclear why. Likely repl specific, used to pass however first
# failure point seems unrelated. Historically this seems (very?) flaky
# in repl.
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_TC_OO_2_4.yaml", reason="Flaky"))
# Examples:
# Currently these are not in ciTests.json, however yaml logic currently
# does NOT use allowlist json but rather finds all yaml files.
# This is on purpose for now to make it harder to orphan files, however
# we can reconsider as things evolve.
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Config_Example.yaml", reason="Example"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Config_Variables_Example.yaml", reason="Example"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="PICS_Example.yaml", reason="Example"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Response_Example.yaml", reason="Example"))
manualtests.add(ManualTest(yaml="Test_Example.yaml", reason="Example"))
# Flagged as manual from: src/app/tests/suites/manualTests.json
for item in _LoadManualTestsJson(os.path.join(_YAML_TEST_SUITE_PATH, "manualTests.json")):
return manualtests
def _AllYamlTests():
yaml_test_suite_path = Path(_YAML_TEST_SUITE_PATH)
if not yaml_test_suite_path.exists():
raise FileNotFoundError(
f"Expected directory {_YAML_TEST_SUITE_PATH} to exist")
for path in yaml_test_suite_path.rglob("*.yaml"):
if not path.is_file():
# Simulated tests are not runnable by repl tests, need
# separate infrastructure. Exclude theml completely (they are
# not even manual)
yield path
def target_for_name(name: str):
if name.startswith("TV_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_MC_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_LOWPOWER_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_KEYPADINPUT_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_APPLAUNCHER_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_MEDIAINPUT_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_WAKEONLAN_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_CHANNEL_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_MEDIAPLAYBACK_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_AUDIOOUTPUT_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_TGTNAV_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_APBSC_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_CONTENTLAUNCHER_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_ALOGIN_"):
return TestTarget.TV
if name.startswith("DL_") or name.startswith("Test_TC_DRLK_"):
return TestTarget.LOCK
if name.startswith("OTA_"):
return TestTarget.OTA
if name.startswith("Test_TC_BRBINFO_"):
return TestTarget.BRIDGE
return TestTarget.ALL_CLUSTERS
def tests_with_command(chip_tool: str, is_manual: bool):
"""Executes `chip_tool` binary to see what tests are available, using cmd
to get the list.
cmd = "list"
if is_manual:
cmd += "-manual"
result =[chip_tool, "tests", cmd], capture_output=True)
for name in result.stdout.decode("utf8").split("\n"):
if not name:
target = target_for_name(name)
yield TestDefinition(
run_name=name, name=name, target=target, is_manual=is_manual
# TODO We will move away from hardcoded list of yamltests to run all file when yamltests
# parser/runner reaches parity with the code gen version.
def _hardcoded_python_yaml_tests():
manual_tests = set([b.yaml for b in _GetManualTests()])
for path in _AllYamlTests():
yield TestDefinition(
name=path.stem, # `path.stem` converts "some/path/Test_ABC_1.2.yaml" to "Test_ABC.1.2"
target=target_for_name(, in manual_tests,
def AllTests(chip_tool: str, run_yamltests_with_chip_repl: bool):
if run_yamltests_with_chip_repl:
for test in _hardcoded_python_yaml_tests():
yield test
for test in tests_with_command(chip_tool, is_manual=False):
yield test
for test in tests_with_command(chip_tool, is_manual=True):
yield test
__all__ = [